Thursday, October 21, 2010

we looove pumpkins!!

warning, lots of pictures. And, lots of posts coming today. Sorry, I have been slacking on blogging as of late! 

Well our October has been filled with fun festivities. We stayed at my old dance instructors house to watch their dogs over fall break while they were gone, and we got kinda bored on sat night, so we invited two friends over to carve pumpkins with us! Just so you know, Kev and I are NOT good at carving pumpkins. We always do something lame because we never can do anything cool. 

This picture below is freaking funny. Kevin wanted to put the pumpkin on his head and balance it (who knows why?) and was afraid it would fall and break on the nice carpet, so his face is like "concentrate!!". Funny. 

my baby hard at work :)

k if you havent noticed yet, Kevin doesnt know how to be normal in pictures. SERIOUSLY. 

we saved the seeds and cooked them and they were yummmmmy. 

our friend that is the pumpkin princess at thanksgiving point, drew herself in her dress on their pumpkin. freehanded it. seriously?! she is amazing

yea, we just did our name and a spider. 

self timer is awesome!

hahaha, the dogs just jumped in and got a picture with them. 

THEN, the other night we went to our very very good friends Becca and Alex house for pizza, carving pumpkins, and youtube videos! it was seriously such a fun night. we love hanging out with them! She and I have a lot of similarities in personality and its nice to finally have some one my age (and girl) to relate to!! I am grateful for my ward, I have made so many good friends. 

anyway, here is me, kev, and alex!


this time we tried a little harder to get a cool pumpkin. hahaha

I like theirs 

this is what they look like at night now. 

pretty darn cool. 

well, thats it for pumpkin carving. We love it. We have carved pumpkins with our friends Jon and Kenna for 3 years in a row now! Better make it a tradition :)

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