Sunday, October 31, 2010

we loooove halloween

the mohlman family halloween party was held on friday, the 29th. It was as Chris and Lisas house. It's always so much fun and everyone goes all out in outfits. The food was great, and we got to vote on who had the silliest costume, cheesiest (ours was that one), the funniest, the scariest... etc. Love the annual family party

Last year kevin and I were white trash pregnant people. Our costumes were so awesome. BUT, this year, we decided on babies! We wanted to think of something super cool, but then Kevin was SET on being babies. Back in August (I know, we think of our costumes way in advance! I love halloween!)  we decided we would be babies, because he wanted to own a pair of footie pajamas. 

So, off we went to target, to get us some footies. They were XL in kids, and super tight, but we had fun with it. Kevin stuffed a pair of my hot shorts (spankies) with newspapers so it looked like he had a diaper on. We looked for bibs, but didn't find any our size. I should have just made some :)

On Saturday, we decided to throw our own party. Last year, we had the lamest halloween because no one threw any cool parties and so we party hopped all night... only to find out that all the parties we went to were LAME! So, we wanted to throw one of our own. Well, I guess all our friends had the same ideas, and threw parties that night as well. I had sent out an invite a month in advance to see if people would come, and almost everyone we asked said they would be interested. Well.. so happens that almost everyone flaked out on us and didn't come. lame. We had like 15 people come, which is still a good amount, but we were surprised that that was all that came since we invited so many people- only half our super close friends came. Oh well. We still had a BLAST with the people who came! Those of you that skipped out, you missed out. We listened to music, ate and ate, played games, laughed till we cried, watched some funny videos, and had a good ol time!!!! Seriously though, we had so much fun. I loved having people over!

I made homemade cinnamon rolls... mmmm

reach for the sky woody! (our friend Alex!)

my baby :) 

our neighbors nick and lisa! I love the wigs! Wish I had some!

DeAnna and Tiffany! Kaitlins roomates. Love these girls

oh, idk, my bff becca. hahaha she cracks me UP!

cutest couple award for sure

my flapper girl sista!

the goods. I didnt take pictures of the drinks. but they were on the other side of the kitchen. yuummm... veggies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, pumpkin dip with apples and graham crackers to dip in it (thanks soo much autumn!) chips, pumpkin rice krispies! looots of good food. Thanks mom for helping me out with the cooking today!

roomates :)

someone decided to be so rude and throw our pumpkins at our door while we were all playing a game! so sad. :(

haha, this is my lame attempt at making mummy pizzas. they tasted good though.

party people


loved these little guys.
Loved having a party. It was so fun. There were some people I didn't get pictures of, so sorry! I kinda forgot to capture all the fun moments. Got too busy having fun!

The only bad thing is we woke up with a terrible cold- again! blah. Hopefully our party people didn't get sick.

Anyway, hope you all had a fabulous halloween! Today we watched "cry wolf" and I just about peed my pants. Scary movie. probably not the best sunday movie....

Happy Halloween!


Michelle said...

Isn't that soooo frustrating when you've given people plenty of time to plan for a party and they still flake?! It sucks. Oh well. Glad you guys still had fun. :)

Kyka and Ev said...

<3 <3 <3 Halloween! Cute baby outfit!


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