Monday, October 25, 2010

True Love Blocks Tutorial

 So the other day Kevin surprised me and brought me home 6 4x4 blocks from work. He gets free wood from his work because they just throw away extra scraps, and most of the time there are tons of perfectly good wood. So anyway, I got an idea to make something for one of our shelves on our dresser. (our dresser has two shelves that attach to a mirror, its hard to explain.) Here's a tutorial on how to make these super easy blocks. 

I used these two paints from roberts crafts.

Sorry it's blurry, but here is the 4x4 block

I printed this off of google images somewhere, I can't remember where.. but I'm sure if you googled it, you will find it. I found it on the first page I think. I printed it off on white cardstock. I cut it to be a little smaller than 4 inches by 4 inches. 

I got this heart at roberts crafts a long time ago for like 70 cents I think.. maybe cheaper?

Since I don't have a cricut, I got on Microsoft word and wrote "true" with the font smiley monster from I printed it on white cardstock, and carefully cut it out. Don't look too close, I didn't do that good of a job hahaha. 

Here are all the supplies you need again (I forgot to add modpodge in this picture, but you need that as well.)

I then painted the heart red, and the block black. I didn't paint the back of them because I knew they wouldn't be seen. 

Ater a few minutes, I took some sandpaper and distressed them. 

I then modpodged the scrapbook paper on the block. Be careful not to put too much modpodge on there because it will make the paper get bubbles in it if you get too much. I mostly just put the most modpodge on the corners. I put a thin layer on top after it was glued on too. 

I then put a good layer of modpodge on the back of the heart, and stuck it on the block. 

I was going to keep the letters white, but I decided on painting them black. I should have just printed them out black because the paint kinda made them a little soggy. I then modpodged them to the heart, and took a thin layer of modpodge to the whole block once more. The red paint got on the brush and mixed with the modpodge so it kind of made the whole block have a pinkish/redish/vintage look, but I liked it so I kept going. 

After it dried, I put it in our room with a picture frame on the shelf. I will probably put a different picture of my husband and I in there, I couldn't find a black and white one that I had printed besides that one.

How do you like it? I love how it turned out! Super easy and fun. 

I decided I wanted to make one more. I painted this block pink, and brushed a little brown on it. I then distressed it a lot to make the brown not stand out as much.

I had a scrapbook page from the brand pebbles that had all these cute little punch out cards on it. I loooove that brand. It's by far my favorite scrapbook brand. Anyway, this was my inspiration, and why I chose pink and brown for the block. I took a thin layer of modpodge to it, and that was it! Super easy. I will probably add some buttons or ribbon later. 

So, that's it! All ya'll get craftin! Go make some cute blocks. :)


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Jess and Jen said...

Totally cute!

kaites said...

Love it!! That is so awesome that Kev brings you wood! It's so cute!

Michelle and Landon said...

I love both of these, they are sooo cute! I am totally going to have to make these. Great ideas Gillian!

Jana said...

Love this! It is so very cute!

Laura said...

This is so cute! I have some wood scraps...I should try this!

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