Thursday, October 21, 2010

I've been workin on the railroad...

well, not really. just new bow/headband designs. :) But I guess you could say that since we hear the train horn about 10 times during the middle of the night, and if they don't stop, I WILL be working on the railroad.... 

anyway. this one is made of felt. Its just a few mis-shaped flowers cut and put together in a few layers. This one I kept as a bow. 

I made this a while ago, from some left over sweatpants fabric. I hot glue gunned it to my stretchy headband. cute!

this one is my favorite. So pretty and elegant. Its made by cutting out a bunch of circles and bunching them together to make a ruffle effect. 

here is a halloween bow. I don't love it. But I made it in like two minutes and it didnt turn out how I hoped it would.

I'm throwing a birthday party for my friend Jen and so I have started getting together some fun party decorations! I went to my sister in law Sharese's house and had her teach me how to make one of these birthday banners. It was my first sewing project I have done since junior high! I love how it turned out. Jen's favorite colors are red orange and yellow, so I kept with the color scheme. It works nicely for fall too!

Here is the invite I made! Do you like?

This is basically the only time I have had for crafting as of late. I have been a busy girl. But, my husband did cut me out some wood blocks, so something fun will be coming in the future! What have you been working on?

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Christene said...

Hey I promise I haven't forgotten about your headbands!I have been uber busy, but I have one done and have like three more in mind for you! Oh and I would love it if you did a blog review. :] The ones you made look awesome.


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