Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm not a fan of earthquake birthday cakes

My little brother celebrated his 15th birthday earlier this week. None of us kids were able to make it back home until this weekend to celebrate, so he celebrated it with my mom and dad on his birthday, and again yesterday with the rest of the siblings who live in UT. My mom was not feeling well, and asked me to make a cake. Well, my little brother doesnt eat out of his mouth, so I thought I would make a cake that I liked. (selfish, I know.) Confetti Cake is my favorite. Well, you see, I am NOT an expert at making cakes. At all. I made this cake and it turned into a faulty earthquake cake. Wonderful. I was embarrassed to say the least. But hey, now I can laugh about it. At least you all know now not to ask me to make the cake. Bad idea. But let me tell you what, it tasted divine, and it was gone in 10 minutes.

Here I am lighting the candles for my cutie brother. HE turned 15, but we didnt have that many candles. 

Look how happy he is! I got him the movie Heavyweights. Haha. I love that movie

It was Gracie's 1st birthday too! (she is my niece.)

Here are all the nieces and nephews left in utah on my side. Not many compared to like the 25 we have

After we left, we went up Payson Canyon real quick because I have been begging husband to take me up there to see the leaves. unfortunately, we went a little too late in the season, so the reds werent too red anymore. But, It was fun! I love payson canyon!!!! I had to take a picture of my shoes. I got them at DI for $8. They are Gravis shoes, which is a brand off of burton. They are literally BRAND new. I LOVE THEM SOOO  much!!!! Normally these cost about 50 dollars! I cant believe the steal of a deal I got. They are so comfortable.

 We drove about half way up the canyon and stopped to take some pics. So pretty. My pictures don't do it justice. 

I love my husband so much. Can I just say, I am so lucky. He makes me happy every single day, and I could have never asked for anything better. He is the most kind, loving, patient, and hard working person I have ever met in my life. And somehow, he loves me. 


The husband likes the backside... ;) haha jk.

We saw tons of deer. This picture is not zoomed up. I could have touched it.

mmmm pure love.

haha, my husband attempting to look GQ. And can I say, uh, yea. hot. 

I love Sundays. We taught sunbeams yesterday. We taught about Honesty. One of the little girls said "I love my Jesus." hahahaha. Love it. My sister Kaitlin then came and sang with me in sacrament meeting. We sang Come Thou Fount. I was getting a little choked up half way through when I sang the words

"Jesus sought me when a stranger,
Wandering from the fold of God;
He, to rescue me from danger,
Interposed His precious blood"

It hit me that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are always in our best interest and looking out for us and warning us when we are to enter danger or do something wrong. I am grateful I have the knowledge of a living Christ and a gospel that makes me so happy. I do feel as though Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father save me from danger and rescue me from trials many many times, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

The song was sang beautifuly with my sister. I will admit, I feel that we had the spirit with us and we did a good job. I love singing in public. I love sharing my talents. It makes me feel good. I love singing with my sister because when we sing together we have such a great blend. We got a lot of comments saying how that sounded like an EFY recording, and that we needed to record and make CD's. I started to feel not humble because of all the nice compliments we got! Haha. But I am grateful for my talents!! Thanks Kaitlin for singing with me. :) Love you lots sista. 

Anyway, That was my day yesterday. It was great. 

Today, I cleaned, went grocery shopping, scrapbooked, and now made home made chili!! I cant wait to eat it... it smells divine. We invited some friends over for dinner and FHE so it should be a great night. 

For the giveaway, I will announce all the details tomorrow. I am giving away 5 headbands! Yep, 5! I may also throw in a gift certificate to get a free haircut by me, but that would mean that only the people who live in Utah would be able to do that... So maybe I will do that one later. But for sure I am giving away 5 headbands. So, be watching for the post tomorrow!! 

I really love your comments. It makes my day. 


PaigeE said...

So sweet! I missed the prime fall colors too. Shoot. You are so talented in every way!
I wish I were like that. Someday.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Of course he loves you--you are easy to love.

I wish I could ahve heard you sing.

We can make cakes together some day if I ever live close again.

Dave and Tana said...

I would have loved to hear you two sing and the earthquake cake makes me want one now! Yum!

Jess and Jen said...

Earthquake cakes are YUMMY! -Jen

The Dayleys said...

I'm jealous of your trip up the canyon! I always feel like I miss the fall leaves... but I always get plenty of harvest in at my work :) Vineyard is the best place for pumpkins!!

Way to go on your cake too! Practice makes perfect :)


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