Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm in love with DI and Tai Pan.

Well, I have been sick all day. Still. Sick. 
Stupid colds. They last forever. 

So, I layed in bed most of the day. I did get the dishes done. And scrapbooked a little. And made a few bows. But ya know. Nothing super productive. Later on in the day, my friend Kilee wanted to go check out DI and Tai Pan so off we went! Here are a few pictures of my Halloween decor. BTW- I need your help. I cant seem to figure out how to make my front table look good. Tell me what one you like the best. 

Someone said they couldn't read the newly webs on the last picture I posted of this. So I reposted this with a better picture. This is the cutest thing ever. I love it. 

I bought this little spider candle holder at Tai Pan for like 3 dollars. I put my newly webs thing on it, along with an orange candle I had. 

This was 3 or 4 dollars I think. Just a decorative Plate

mm. Candy. Did you know that Caramel Apple Suckers and Nerds are my favorite candy? (not in the chocolate category, thats a whole other ballpark)

I bought each of these little pumpkins (real) seperate and glued them together to make a little pumpkin tree. I then wrapped some ribbon I got at the dollar store around it. 

Here is option 1. 

Option 2. I don't like this one.

Option 2 from another view

Option 3. Changed it up with a new flower arrangement I got at big lots a while ago

Decided to put the pumpkins over on the TV with the other stuff. Not sure what my husband was watching

Option 4. This is where it's currently at. I just feel like its empty.  But I think I like this one the best

I got this plate at Tai Pan too. I might put goodies on it.  My kitchen is soon to be black, white, and red. I already got a red rug for it. 

I bought two of these, and will prob buy more. They were 3.95 or something at Tai Pan. They are heavy duty too! I am putting my flour and sugar and stuff in those things. 

I have big plans for this little candle holder. It was a dollar at DI. I will be gluing it to a cute pretty plate to make a cake platter. Pics to come

Kinda like that, for example. But I wont be using that plate on there

Got this for a dollar too. Its ceramic and kinda heavy. Its pretty though. 

Candle holder. Maybe I can use it for something? It was like 50 cents.

Each of these frames were a dollar or less I think. I plan to paint the plain wood ones black or white and make a photo collage in our room with them. 

I like this lay out the best.

Basically, Tai Pan Trading is my FAVORITE STORE EVER! It's not even that expensive either! It's awesome. I want everything in that store. You know you have become a wife when you enjoy buying crafts and decorations more than clothes. Sad really. Maybe I should buy clothes for myself so I look a little nicer most of the time??

Anyway. What option should I do with the table??? I really have been begging Kevin to let me paint that table white or brown. I really want to do it. He thinks natural wood is pretty. I beg to differ. I do NOT like the look of plain wood. I think it looks unfinished. No offense to any of you that like it. Someday though, I plan to take over our house and re finish ALL our furniture! I will be the queen of it! 

Did any of you find any goods at thrift stores this week?

BTW. Today, I am feeling truly grateful and loved. I have received lots of emails from readers telling me that they can relate to me and they love my blog. Really, that means a lot to me! From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful for the blogging community. I have been touched by others blogs through their words, and hopefully I am touching your life by my writing. (Somehow....??) But really, I love reading your emails and comments. It really makes me have a good day. 

And, I know I have more than 46 people (how many are following this blog) read this blog because I have google analytics that tells me how many people come to my blog each day. I think it's such a cool tool for your blog!! But I am getting SO close to my goal of 50 followers. 4 more people and I can do a giveaway! Exciting.... :) What do you want me to giveaway? If you read my blog but I don't know you, don't be shy, I would love to read your blog too! I can only relate to you if I can read about you.. leave a comment with your blog address.  :)

Thanks again all. I feel loved. G'night.

P.s. If you are reading this, Please go to my brother Ammon's blog: Leave him a happy birthday comment! His birthday is October 5th (tomorrow) and last year he was in the hospital. We had over a hundred people leave comments on his blog. He is amazing, and I want him to have the best birthday ever. He was born with spina bifida, and has endured many many trials. We are lucky to have him here in our lives today. Also, if you have a minute, please take the time to watch this little video below. Happy birthday Ammon, I love you!

Ammon's Journey from Jess and Jen Clark on Vimeo.


chelsey said...

I like #3. You table needs the heighth, so use something to bring your eye upward, where you have that wall hanging. Then it looks more like a vingette of sorts. Just my opinion, though.

I miss Tai Pan terribly. You have no idea how badly...I wish I could shop Tai Pan online, but they don't sell online. How stupid.

The Duke said...

I like option 2. I agree with Chelsey that you need the height. I think I like the green plant because it's not all orange on the table. Ammon would love option 3. (I'm not crazy about orange.)
I like the wood table. I agree with Kevin there.
Cute things -- when are you going to come and help me figure out my room and my bathroom?? Huh??

Loveridge said...

I definitely like Option 3 the best, but with the pumpkins left on the tv. Super cute!! I already put all my new stuff out too, I was so excited. :)

Jess and Jen said...

I was going to say the same thing about needing height that Chelsey and your mom said. I love the black sticks in the vase on this blog (she spray painted them black). I love having a few neutral colored candles that you can put on tall candlesticks and just change the ribbon or whatever to make it match the season!

I agree with you on the table. I am a fan of painted wood!

Erin said...

I like Option 2. I also think you need the heighth, plus I think every table needs some greenery. :)

Then I'd keep the orange pumpkin where it is, but I'm move the little candy jar and put the cute spiders there. Think groups of 3 or odd numbers.

And since you moved the stack of pumpkins, I'd put the jar where they were and wallah! (Is that spelled right? Is it even really a word? LOL)

Keep a little breathing room in the middle and you have 2 vignettes. :)

Erin said...

Oh, and you have a couple books, you could put them under the lamp to give it a bit of height too. :)

Sorry...this is the stuff I LOVE to do! :)

Kira And James Morris said...

Give away a cute Door hanging! and Pick me! oh please come help me with my new house! i need ideas! i love all the cute stuff!


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