Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 4- a habit I wish I didn't have.. hmm... theres a few!

Day 4, a habit I wish I didn't have...

I bite my nails. Hate that.

I have a habit of NOT hanging up my clothes after they are clean. Hate that too.. haha

I have a habit of turning off the lights in every single room when I am not in it. I like that one, saves us $

I have a habit of forgetting to turn down the music in the car after I get out (and have been singing with blaring music) so that when we get back in the car, we cover our ears because it's SOO loud! Kevin hates that one hahah!!

I have a habit of calling my mom every day. like that one.

I have a habit of taking my ring off every night when I go to bed. Like that one because if you keep it on, the sheets wear your diamond and prongs.

Well, thats basically all I got for you today. I have way too much to do today . Sorry! Happy Halloween!!!!!


Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Happy Halloween!!! Hope you have a great & spooky weekend!

chelsey said...

Treat yourself to a great manicure and maybe that will make you stop biting those nails. You won't want to mess up the pretty polish! And manicures are too expensive to have to keep doing over and over.


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