Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 3- A Picture of me and my friends

Well, it's day 3 in this 30 day challenge, and I am going strong! This one actually was hard to do though because I couldn't just choose one picture.  It says to put a picture of my friends and I. 

Well, I consider myself to have millions of friends because if you are nice to me and we get a long, we are friends! It doesn't mean we have to hang out all the time, but it means we are friends. Most of the people in all these pictures really are super close friends to me- but I never hang out with like any of them. Doing this post made me realize that! It's kinda sad! I just had so many groups of friends. I never had one "group" that I hung out with or anything. I had the choir nerds, the dancers, the boy crazy girls, the down to earth people, yea, the groups were all very different!

I think we are all just in such different places in our lives that it's hard to get together with most of them. But thats ok. If I missed putting a picture of you, please know that you are still my friend and I still love you :)

 This one is with all my siblings (except for one who is lindsey, she couldn't be here.) I love all of them. They are all my best friends. This was taken at my brother Dave's wedding.

Here is at my wedding with ALL the siblings and my parents. Without my family I would have never made it through this life so far!

Kev's family. Love them. Haha, they all have such fun personalities. This is with all the kids too

My Elk Ridge Gang. The 'Inner City Beauties' Eliza, Me, Kilee, Camilla, and Courtney. We all grew up on the same culdasac and hung out pretty much every day from the time we were in 4th grade till now. There is only two left to get married now! Hurry up liza and court! Haha (Court is still in high school... so I guess don't hurry up court lol) Kilee lives in Salem with her hubby, Camilla moved to Michigan with her hubby for Law School, and Liza is going to hair school. Court is still in high school. 

My best friends.

Haha, we used to go get pictures taken of us at Walmart every year. We were sooo nerdy. I love it! We would surprise our moms with the pictures and give them something cool with them. Haha.. we were like in 9th or 10th grade right here.. hahahaha

My Choir buddies. Jena, Brittany, Me, Lizzy, Elizabeth, and Rebecca. I made so many good friends in Choir. I havent seen half of these girls in months, but I still love them!

My Encore group. We all sang together. We are missing 3 boys in this picture, but ALL of them are home now, so we all want to start singing together again. We have seen it all in this group. Underwear, bras, spankies, crying, laughing, lying, being sick, fighting, loving, the gospel.. basically everything. 

Us again in our photoshoot for our 70's show. These guys were my closest friends when I was a senior in high school.

Hair school buddies. If I didn't have these girls, I would have NEVER made it through hair school. Whitney, Sadie, Makelle, and Jentrie. Love you guys! (this picture was halloween 2008)

More hair school friends. These girls all graduated not too long after I started hair school, but I loved all of them and see some of them often.

Spanish fork friends. Since I lived in Elk Ridge, I was technically supposed to go to Payson High. Well, my parents didnt want me to, so I went to Spanish Fork. Because of that, I had friends from both schools because everyone in my ward was from Payson. It was nice to hang out with either groups of friends. This was at Lizzys bridal shower.

Singles ward friends! Yay! All these people took me to dinner on my 20th birthday- including my husband. (whom I was just dating at the time.)

More spanish fork friends.

Dance friends!! Chelsea and I danced together since we were 10. She is the friend that no matter how much time goes between us, we can always catch right back up to where we left off. I love her so much. I wouldn't have made it through life without her! She has been such a good friend and someone who I truly care about and trust. I miss seeing her every day, and farting at the ballet bar in dance so that we got kicked out... Hahaha... we were good partners in crime. (Thats her hubby Eric in the pic, he is awesome too.)

Nicole, our ballet instructor at dance camp, me, and chels. We were the trio of ALL Time! we thought we were so good until we went to this camp and saw dancers who had been dancing 25 hours a week... ugh... yea, we werent so good anymore.

My Logandale Nevada friends! Mandy, Duane, Trish, me and ally. I have stayed with Duane and Trish many times. I love them! They are so giving and kind. I would call them my own second parents, but I dont think they are old enough ;) They are Ally's Aunt and Uncle. We found out after Kev and I got married that he is related to them! Crazy life.

At Trish and Duanes house with the dog Sophie! 

My springville friends! Met all of them from my husband since he went to school in springville. 

Kevins best friends, now my other best friends. They are so awesome.

My BEST friends in the world! Ally, Alyssa, and Britt. Ally just got married, Alyssa is going to school at UVU, and Britt just left on a mission. Their nicknames are Allister, Smissa, and B. They have been there for me through thick and thin. I don't know what I would have done with out them. Ive been friends with Ally since 6th grade. Alyssa since 9th, and B since 9th. Long time!

Becca and Alex Evans. We LOVE them. They are in our ward right now and Becca and I are visiting teaching comp. Her hubby is our home teacher! We dont even do a lesson when they come to see us because we are always catching eachother up on life and laughing the night away. We have hung out with them a few times and love them so much.

 my very very best friend is my husband. I love him more than anyone or anything in the world. I'm so fortunate to have him. He has been the best thing that has EVER happened to me! I love you babe!

But most importantly, my savior is my friend. I don't have a picture with him yet, but someday, I will. This picture is drawn by my great grandmother, Minerva Teichert. I know the Savior loves me and wants to be my best friend. I hope I never forget that even when I am going through hard times. Like yesterday for instance, I was able to pray for some comfort and he comforted me and helped lighten my burden. Oh how he must have loved me to bleed so much for me and die for me. How I hope someday to only be as kind and forgiving as him. 

So, even though I don't hang out with really any of these people, I love them all lots. And think about them all often. I worry about them. I pray for them. I hope the best for all of them. Even though I don't hang out with them, they all impacted my life in many ways and for that, I will always call them a friend. 


B said...

Hey girl! I hardly ever leave comments on your blog, but I read it :) I'm loving this blog challenge, I think I'll do it too! And I love that picture of us from the Festival of Colors. Good times! :)
Your blog is so cute!

The Colemans said...

Ok, wait a second. Your great grandmother was Minerva Teichert??????? Holy smokes. That is some sweet lineage.

chelsey said...

With me sitting in the sibling photo, I suddenly look very matronly. Not sure I like that. Hmmm...I'm not THAT old am I??

Alex and Becca said...

woooooo we madeeee it! haha love ya.


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