Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are the times you just smile and laugh

Oh my heavens. 

This week was insane. 

The FUNNIEST thing happened. 

Let me just tell you, I will never forget it. And I mean never

I went to the temple with 3 other friends on Friday. (2 times in one week! awesome!) Well, one of my friends (we will name her L, and the other two B, and A) drove. We all met at A's house and then L drove us all to the provo temple. We all left our phones, and purses in the trunk and just took our temple bags. We started our session at 10AM. We got right in and didnt have to wait at all. We had a great session, and on our way out of the temple two hours later, we were all STARVING. We all decided we would go out to lunch together. We got back to L's car to leave, and L realizes that she locked her keys in the car. Great. Fantastic. We all just burst out laughing. On any normal day, I would be like 

%@&*#(# Really?

 Haha, but I had no where to go that day and so I just laughed. 

L goes on to say "Oh, well let me just call my husband." 

Then, she says "Shoot. I don't have my phone. It's in the trunk."

I got an idea, and saw someone driving by, so I flagged them down and said "HEY! she locked her keys in the car. Can we use your phone?" He said yes. I give the phone to L and she says...

"Um, guys, don't laugh, but I don't know my husbands phone number....."

....(cricket noise right here)....


"Guys! It's on my speed dial! I never have to see it! Don't laugh!"

So we give the phone back. We all sit here and think, and think. I decide I can call my mom, who works on BYU Campus, and that she could pick us up and take us to L's husbands work or at least get us to a phone book where we could look up L's husband's work number hahah. 

Well, my mom didn't answer. 

So, we walked to her work from the temple. In our church shoes and clothes. And it was pretty hot too. Its ok though, we needed the exercise. We are all just busting up laughing. 

We get to my moms work, and she isn't at her desk. By this time, it's 12:45 PM. (We got out of the temple at noon.) So, we find a phone book there, and L calls her hubby. Conversation:

"Um, Hi, I locked my keys in my car and don't have my phone. I need to get a hold of my husband. Can you get me to him?" the lady tells her that it's lunch but she will try to buz his desk. Well, he wasn't at his desk. So, L said:

"Oh, well can you like page him or something?" They paged him, and no answer. So the receptionist says well, why dont you just call his cell?

"....actually, I don't know his cell because it's on my speed dial....." the receptionist says she will connect her to his cell phone.

He answers his phone, and L busts up laughing. 

"Um, honey, don't laugh but......" 

She goes on to tell him the story, and he laughs and she says 

"Honey, stop laughing! I am going to cry! I'm only laughing to keep me from crying!" (as tears are rolling down her face from laughing so hard). He tells her to call the cops and see if they will unlock it, because he doesnt have a spare with him to unlock her car. If they wont do it, to call him back and we could come get his car, drive it down to payson where they live to get their other spare key in their house. 

So we call the cops. 

She tells them the situation, and they tell her they dont unlock cars unless there are babies in the car. She hangs up. 

"$%$U&(@&$( stupid cops. I Will just hurry and shove B in the back so they think I have a child"

So, we decide we would take my moms van. But, my mom was no where to be found. I saw that her van's windows were down, so I thought maybe she left the keys in there. I ran out there, and she was sleeping in there! I laughed so hard. I was looking for her FOREVER!! 

We taker her van to L's husbands work, get his car, and follow through our plan of going to Payson to get the other keys. Then, by the time we got back to Provo, it was 3:15PM. I had to teach dance in 45 minutes, so I had to have her take me to A's place so I could get my car and leave. So, we still have  L's husbands car, and now we have hers because we got her spare keys. A drives L's car, and L drives her hubbys car to A's house. Well, we all laughed about it, and L felt stupid, but it was no big deal. None of us had eaten yet, (I hadn't eaten breakfast that morning either so I was dying) but it was fun, and good to laugh about something. Ironic that it happened after we went through a session....

Later that night, I get a text from A saying: So, uh, L couldn't find her keys in her purse after we dropped off her hubbys car. don't worry, they were in her temple bag the WHOLE TIME. Holy Cow! All we can do is laugh.. :)


Hahahahahahah It was awesome.
It might not be as funny now that you are reading it.
Guess you had to be there. 


Jess and Jen said...

That is a funny story! At least you were hanging out with friends, huh? -Jen

chelsey said...

That is funny. I'm glad it was all you guys and not me though!! Wish I had friends out here to go to the temple with!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Oh man, that's funny. I'm glad you didn't have anything else going on that day or that could have been bad.

Kent said...

That was a pretty funny story! One that you will remember forever! Good times Good times!

Kent said...

The last comment was from your wonderful cousin. Just in case you were wondering :) Charlene

Gillian Mohlman said...

Haha, I was wondering! I was like, who is Kent?? Haha. Do you guys have a blog Charlene? How are you? I miss you! I dont even remember when the last time was we saw eachother!


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