Sunday, September 19, 2010


If some of you didn't know,

I hurt my back while at lake powell on the tube last week. I thought it was just a sore muscle so I have just been taking it kinda easy this last week. Well, it got so bad today that I honestly could not breath. It kept getting worse and I couldn't sleep. If I would take a deep breath, it felt like my rib was about to break. I made it through the first two hours of church today, and then had to leave. I was literally having a panic attack.  I would get so frustrated at night because there was no comfortable way for me to sleep. not standing, sitting up, laying down, twisted, in a ball, nothing would make the pain go away. I probably cried my self to sleep every night this last week. Then, embarrassed myself when I fell apart crying on the phone to my sister, and then at my moms house today. Joy. I hate crying in front of people almost more than anything, yet, I do it all the time. I got a blessing from my husband and after that, I briefly was able to calm down and stop crying from the pain.

I decided to have my husband take me to instacare today. We have no insurance. So, after paying a 75 dollar copay, we find out that it's not a kidney infection, and no broken rib, just a back that is very out of alignment. It could also very well be something more serious, so they are sending me to a specialist this week. The doctor today made me hold my arms crossed around me while he turned me weird ways and popped my back about 5 times. he was pushing SOOO hard to pop my back that he was shaking. I was just crying away while my husband was staring in awe at how hard he had to push to get my back to do anything. The doc said he could feel my back out of wack from the outside and see it, but he also said he wanted to send me to the back specialist if the pain doesnt subside this week. How did this even happen is the question I have been asking myself all week. My body is not cut out for anything crazy.

I am on muscle relaxers, loratab, and naproxyn. Yuck.

So, I am laying in bed with a heating pad on my back, sweating, and waiting for the meds to knock me out. If the meds do the job, tonight will be my first night of good sleep in a week. (please do the job meds, sincerely, me.)

As I was just finishing up a scrapbook I am working on, I sneezed.

Oh the pain it brought my back.

Dear body,
PLEASE don't sneeze or cough again until this pain has subsided. Thanks.
without love,

Can't I just go ONE year without having something happen to my body?


Lokodi said...

From one bad back to another...I'm sincerely sorry. It really affects so much of your life huh? Hope it feels better soon. Good luck!


Jess and Jen said...

Sorry Gilly! Hope it gets better soon and the meds make it so you can sleep! -Jen

Kira And James Morris said...

I. am. SO. sorry! I feel your paid, I had a kidney infection/kidney stones, and They put me on lorotab and all the meds for the pain! I hope they find out whats wrong soon! I will keep you in my prayers!

Michelle said...

You may have a lot of swelling in your back, so I've been told to ice for 24-48 hours. Every hour in 15-20 minute increments to reduce all swelling, then when the pain is almost gone, then use the heating pad. This is what I've been told for the many times I've thrown out my back. Maybe you already did that, not sure, just a suggestion since I've been through many back injuries through some car wrecks and being dropped from a lift in show choir.

I hope you feel tons better soon, back pain is the worst.

Eliza Durrant said...

boo! jill i'm sorry! let me know if you need anything this week :(

Gillion said...

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