Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lake Powell

i love lake powell.

ok, dont laugh at the picture of myself. BUT, i got a spray tan before I went because they do them at my salon so I got it for dirt cheap. kevin thought it looked super fake, but most tans do. a lot of this washed off after i showered so then it looked really natural, but in this picture, it was right after I got it. what do you think?

After I jumped in the lake powell water for the first time. I jumped in at "Hole in  the rock" while some of the others hiked to the top. this is my sister in law lisa and me. 
hole in the rock. pretty amazing stuff. 

on the ride to rainbow bridge from our houseboat. it was about an hour ride. 
kevin trying to climp up to jump. it was too steep right there though
i painted my toes before we went. dont look too close. i was in a hurry. haha

at rainbow bridge. sooo cool
(this is not a good picture of me but oh well.)
kevin making an arch. such a cutie bum. :)
the second day. we got some sun! he really doesnt like pictures
my babe hunting for a lizard.
my babe surfing off the boat. he eventually let go of the rope and was just surfing on the water! soo cool.
on the back of the houseboat. my brother in law was helping me get courage to do a backflip off the deck! scary! but I did it. that swimsuit was 5 dollars for the top and 5 for the bottom at mod bod. lucky me. the bottoms are white with paisly brown and pink and teal stuff on it.
my babe doing his stuff off the boat
me floatin in the water! just havin a good ol dandy time in the 78 degrees water. also, notice the slide? SO fun.
my brother in law washing up!
my dream house boat. oh. my. gosh.
this is the top deck of the house boat as we were on our way to take it back. kevin and I slept up there under the stars. it was really pretty.
me and my lover boy just takin a pic as we were getting off the boat. i'm lucky. he is so dang cute and sweet.. i just looove him.

the houseboat. 70 footer. they have a time share with a few people.

Thanks Kev's family for the FUN trip to Lake Powell! Wish we would have been able to stay longer than Friday Sat and Sun, but next year we will stay all week with you! 


Dave and Tana said...

Fun fun trip! Going to the lake is my #1 favorite thing to do in the summer! I am sure you have been able to tell that already with all of my posts about it...Dave actually has told me to stop blogging about going to the lake because we do it so much. Lake Powell looks amazing of course. One day, one day. I am so glad you guys were able to go down and finish off the summer an awesome way. Did you try to wake board or anything?

Lokodi said...

I love lake powell. It's been such a long time since I've been there. I'm glad you had a good time. Rainbow bridge is pretty awesome huh?!


Jess and Jen said...

Lake Powell has a special place in my heart because that's where Jen and I finally became "Jess n Jen." We weren't dating at all -- in fact, we'd tried and it had gone nowhere -- when she invited me to go with her family to camp on the beach at Bullfrog. I went and she couldn't resist my chiseled abs and natural abilities on the water. Wait, both those were lies. She just couldn't resist me anymore and we hooked up. We've been together ever since! -Jess

Jess and Jen said...

I've been going to Lake Powell since I was little baby and I love it there! We've only been once since we've been married though...so sad! Maybe next year! I'm glad you got to go and have so much fun...gotta love that warm water! -Jen

Cameron and Camilla Bendixsen said...

YaY I love it there!!! So glad you got to go! What a fun trip for you guys :) so your dream house boat.. That's the one I stayed on when I went with all those friends- it seriously is a dream house boat! But with or without that, lake Powell is THEE best!! Love you.

Michelle said...

Great pictures of you both. I like what you did with your toes, very cute.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Camilla! Shut up! No way. I am so jealous! That houseboat... oh my. Is it like luxurious inside?! I bet. Yea it was a fun trip. Someday when we all have babies running around, we can all share a timeshare in a houseboat down there. :)

Jess- cute story. It made my lips smile.

Tana, no way, don't stop blogging about your fun lake trips! I wish I could go boating more often! I do get kind of sick though, so I have to be careful where I sit and stuff.

Michelle- thanks. You cant really tell from the pic but the red polish is actually super super sparkly! So cute.

Jen, if you do next year, please invite me!

Linds, didnt you go with Alisha Houghten or something?

Mike and Adrianne said...

I went once in college and it was such a blast. One time though, I flew off this tube we had and when I came up from the water this dead fish was right in front of my face. What a disgusting surprise!


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