Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home... the candle melt in my scentsy right now... and it brings fall RIGHT into my home! I just love it!

Here are some projects I have been working on as of late. Have I told you all that I LOVE The dollar store? Yea. Well, I do.

Fall is my all time favorite season. Do you remember this post?

Fall Wreath- dollar store style
I spent prob 10 dollars on it. (including the spray paint.)

I started with this. Found at the dollar store.

Bought this at home depot. I just wanted a plain brown and this was the cheapest. It ended up drying really really shiny. 

It dried pretty fast too. So, just spray paint it. You will have to spray it a few times since there are some spots that are hard to get. 

I bought like 5 little lengths of leaves and a few little bunches to add in. I just twirled them around the wreath and hot glue gunned them into place. I like the way it looks. very festive.

I took this idea from Inspiring Creations. She is really cute and does a lot of cute stuff. the pumpkin is from the dollar store.

I started with a plain frame. 

painted it. After it dried, I sanded it a little to take off some of the shinyness. 

I didn't take pictures of any of the other steps, but here is what I did. I cut a tree out on the cricket machine. My work did it for me. Then, I bought a yard of burlap. You really dont need even close to that much. But I love burlap and can use it on other things. The frame came with cardboard so I covered the cardboard backing with burlap- using the glue gun. Then, I glue gunned the trees on, and some fall colored buttons on. And then, put the glass inside and wala!

Got this at big lots. There is a candle in it. I know this isnt really the best spot for it, but I dont know where to put it.

I made this one last year... but I love it! 

Got the flower thing at big lots. I love big lots!

Eliza and Kilee came over so I could make their blogs. Eliza's blog (idea thought up by her, designed by me) is and kilee's is  We were up till midnight laughing and blogging! It was fun. Maybe someday we will all start up a craft blog... and yes, I know, I look homeless in this picture. It was late ok!

Kilee spent her time making magnets while we blogged!

Some of her cute magnets!
Overall, it was a good day yesterday. I made tortellini and garlic bread and a salad for dinner... so that was yummy. So, check out my friends blogs I made! Hope you like them. 

Actually, what do you think of my new blog makeover? I am still not sure about it.... I am so picky. And I have blog ADD... always changing the appearance of it! 

Kevin is at school tonight. Till 9 PM. I went on Facebook and wrote him this message:

I wish you could quit school and we could become millionaires so we could just travel the world and bum around. 

what a life.

until then, I will be bored. Bored while you do your homework and bored while you are at school. Bummer.

I will be waiting for you to come home from school at 9:30 PM tonight and eat dinner with me. yup. 

thanks for doing boring school so we can live like no one else later in life.

your wife.

So anyway. That's me tonight. Just waiting for him to come eat dinner with me! 

Well, thanks for stopping by! I hope you all had a good day. 


Eliza Durrant said...

k, i'm loving the new blog layout. yours and mine :)

and we are the cutest!

Dave and Tana said...

Cute decorations!

The Duke said...

You fogot to stop by today, kiddo. I had to forge your name.
Cute new fall things. I'll have to come and visit soon so I can catch up on all you are doing.

Jess and Jen said...

I bought that same wreath at the dollar store!

Kira And James Morris said...

I LOVE all the crafts, but in particular...The reaf! I want to copy cat it, however could i just pay you to do it.. Im not as talented. ha ha. Just kidding. I love your new blog, and i love how you are REAL, and write whats on your mind. I try to do that too. I kind of use it as a journal. I admire all your talents. I look forward to new posts.


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