Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Bows and Headbands

It's late so I don't want to write a lot, but here are the headbands and bows I'm sending my sister in law Tana who is having a baby girl on October 9th! Can't WAIT! (BTW The baby model is my neighbor upstairs little baby that was born on Sept. 7th.She is TINY!)

Zipper headband 

Blessing dress headband

Satin flower headband on stretchy lace

the blessing headband- strechy

made out of nylons! stretchy baby headband that bows can clip on to

a bow attached to the nylon headband. Halloween!

found this cute fabric and had to get it for halloween. 

made this a long time ago. a clip- sending it to Tana as well

a clip I made forever ago

another clip I made a long time ago. 

the very first bow I ever made- sending it to baby A

brand newborn headband. simple

That's it! I hope baby A looks stylin in all these cute headbands! Can't WAIT till I have a baby girl to dress up someday!


Dave and Tana said...

I am so so so exicted about all of these! They are so cute! I am glad you are super creative because there is no way I could do all this and make it look nearly as cute. Thanks a ton! I cant wait to put them on her and send you a bunch of pics of her supporting them.

Loveridge said...

LOVE LOVE the blessing day one. It is soo cute!! Good job Jilly!

Jess said...

Have you always been amazingly crafty, or is this something that started from being married? If the latter, then I'm jealous that I missed that boat! :)

Nick & Erica said...

Cute headbands! I found your blog through a friends, and couldn't help but comment.. so impressive! Let me know if you ever want product photos (ie. your headbands on models).. those would be fun!

syd.chris said...

i love your bows and head bands! soooo cute!!


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