Tuesday, September 7, 2010


My parents left last Wednesday to visit my sister in New Jersey, so Kevin and I watched Ammon till today. 

It was quite the experience. Many responsibilities with this little boy but it was so worth it. He continues to just make me so happy! This little boy is such a sweet spirit. 

Here was our schedule every day. 

Wake up at 6 AM. 
Feed and cath him, get him dressed, do his hair, brush his teeth, send him off to the bus at 7:10. 
Then, I would get ready, be to work by 9:45 at Roberts. I would work till 2:30. 
Then, I would rush home, get Ammon off the bus at 3 PM. 
Play with my little buddy or do homework till 6 PM. 
Feed and cath him, and put him on the potty to get his bowls flushed after that. 
Put him to bed at 8:30 PM. 

He is pretty heavy so my back is really sore and my hand is a little sore too, but I had so much fun with him! He is so funny. He is always saying the funniest thing. We were talking one night when I went on a walk with him and he said he was frustrated with his voice. (If you knew him, you would know he can't talk anymore since his trach. He just whispers.) He said he was frustrated because no one could hear him talk and people are always saying "what?" and he has to repeat his words. When he said that, it just totally broke my heart. I remember what his little voice used to sound like. He loved to sing. Its just so sad. Right then and there, I started to cry. I said, "Ammon, you have had so many trials. How come you are able to stay so happy? How do you do it?" He took my hand and smiled and said, "Gillian, it's simple. The solution to happiness is getting on a bed or couch and cuddling with someone. That's it." I stopped crying and started laughing because it was just the cutest thing ever! I mean really. This kid who has had 35 surgeries and can't walk, eat or talk very well, is happy because people cuddle with him. That's it. I don't know why it doesn't seem that simple for me. 

Here is a picture of me and Ammon when we went on our date. On saturday, I Took him to the gas station to get a treat and then we went to roberts and got some crafts to paint and make cards for our parents. We had such a good time! 

My brother Adam and his wife and kids just moved into my parents house and so it was fun having them there while Kev and I were watching Ammon! Here is my niece Gracie! She was just so smiley! She gets her little helmet off in like a week! She is so funny. She smacks her mouth when she sees people eating food and just wants it! It's the cutest thing. She is just starting to crawl. Getting sooo big!

I said, "Henry, Ella, smile!" and they both opened their mouth. Haha. 

K, I rotated this picture but it went back this way so oh well. We made some crafts. Ammon did the heart and the bird for my parents. Ella and Henry did the pumpkins and other stuff. We had lots of fun! 

I attempted to make a card. It's not the cutest, but oh well. I don't have a cricket or anything really so I just had a few things of scrapbook paper and threw something together! Ammon later colored on it for my dad. 

Here is Ammon and I ready for church. :) He didn't have any clean white shirts so I put his orange shirt on with kakhi pants and he said "But Gillian, I can't pass the sacrament now because you put an orange shirt on." I felt so stupid haha, but he really didn't have any clean shirts so I told him he had to sit by me today.

When we came home from church, there was a deer in our backyard. No, I didn't zoom in on this picture. And literally, the deer was sitting there for over 10 minutes. just staring and eating the grass. The kids were all freaking out and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Here they all are watching it from the window. Amy (my sister in law) looks so cute right here! I love her hair.

On Monday, Kevin and I took Ammon to see Dispicable Me. K, I LOVED that movie. So cute. While we were in there, I gave Ammon a recess peanut butter cup. He really doesn't eat anything out of his mouth but chocolate because it can just melt and he doesnt have to chew. But, he wanted some chocolate and they didn't have any hersheys at the movie so I just got him a recess. Well, I looked away and he shoved the whole thing in his mouth. a few seconds later, I hear him choking, and see tears running down his cheeks. I went into pilot mode. I grabbed my drink and napkins and ran out of the theater with him and patted his back and stuck my hand in his mouth to get out all the rest of the chocolate he had in there. His lips started to turn blue and I was freaking out. I said "Ammon, can you breath?! put a thumbs up if you can!" and he didn't. So, I stuck my drink in his mouth and made him drink it. It was a rootbeer. He drank a little and then got out a little sentence... "But Gillian, I don't drink Caffeine..." It was caffeine free so I just made him drink it. He then started laughing because I was shaking so bad and he said "Remind me to NEVER let you give me a peanut butter cup ever again." Haha. I was glad he ended up being ok. I can imagine the way I will feel some day when my child does something that scares me. I wanted to cry. I was terrified. I was just saying a little prayer that the Lord would help Ammon get that chocolate swallowed. 

I am just amazed that the Lord sent him to our family. We must have been some special family to have been allowed such an amazing kid to be taken care of in our hands. He continues to just bless my life immensely. I am so grateful I Got to watch him even though it was really really hard work. I have already felt the blessings from the Lord from helping Ammon out. 

I'm lucky I grew up with him and knew how to take care of him. My sister Kaitlin and I are like the only ones in the family that know how to take care of him now. All the kids had some sort of time taking care of him, but there are new things to deal with and things have changed a lot in the way we cath him or feed him or whatnot. 

I am just sooo glad nothing major went wrong (besides the fact that he probably could have died choking haha) I was prepared for the worst though. I layed up all night every night thinking, ok, what if he knocks on the wall for me to come in because he can't breathe? What if his feeding tube comes out? Ok, well I could deal with that because I know how to put that back in... What if he gets a fever? What if he doesn't feel good to his tummy? What do I do? Man. My mom has got to be a saint. I'm sure she lays up all night thinking those things about him too. Ammon isn't just a normal kid. He has a lot of responsibilities to take care of with him. But ya know what? I had a good time. And the Lord blessed us by helping everything run smoothly. I just love him so much. I have such a testimony of this Gospel and I can't wait till the day I can see Ammon walk.


Jess and Jen said...

I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how your 5 days of being a mom went! I'm glad you had such a good time with him! -Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

I can't wait until I see him walk either. I had a dream a few months ago about it. He was totally normal in every way and so handsome--not that he isn't now of course.

chelsey said...

You're the BOMB for watching him the past few days. It was fun to see mom and dad get so excited to see things they've never been able to before. I really appreciate your willingness to sacrifice your time to help out. Thanks a ton.

And he is a pretty special kid, isn't he!

Loveridge said...

Cute post jilly, I like all the pictures. :) Ammon is awesome, we all love him. I think it's so cool how C.J. gets to take care of him sometimes now, he loves it. Love you!!

PaigeE said...

What a sweet kid. You're all very special for being blessed with him as a family member, I'm sure of it!

The Duke said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to step in and take on this kind of responsibility for us while we got a much-needed rest. I didn't worry about him at all because I knew you would take such good care of him.
It is difficult, physically, to lift him, move him about, get him in and out of his chairs, etc. It is also worrisome if he even gets the slightest cough, but we have learned to let up on the worries some and we do get a decent night's sleep sometimes.
I think you are the only one in the family that now knows everything you need to know to work with him and keep up with his needs on a day-to-day basis.
You and Kevin are awesome!! We owe you big time!!
Love you tons!

Cameron and Camilla Bendixsen said...

Love the post Jill. Ammon is a stud, duh. Scary about the movie theater! I'm glad that he was okay. Looks like he had tons of fun with his big sis. Love and miss you!!

Michelle said...

Ammon looks so happy to be with you. Such a cute post.

Jess said...

So...pretty much you are one of the most amazing people I know. I don't know how you can go through so much and witness your brother going through so much and just be SO happy and positive and faithful! Thank you so much for writing what you do and sharing how you feel, because it really helps me gain a better perspective on life. You're just awesome!

sydney said...

wow, what a beautiful post! sounds like you had a great and rewarding time with your bro. :)

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

thanks y'all for your sweet comments.

He is a pretty sweet kid.

All I can say is being a mother is going to be hard, but fun!! Can't wait for that day to come.


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