Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thursday's Heros

Ammon and Coach Mendenhall! 

So, I was going to write all about our experience meeting the BYU football team again but my brother Jess stated it pretty good on his blog, so I copied it. Yea, I'm lazy. Sorry Jess, hope you don't mind.

He wrote-

"We had a unique experience tonight.  About two years ago, the BYU football team contacted my parents expressing interest in honoring my little brother as one of their “Thursday’s Heroes.”  We documented that activity when it happened.
A few weeks ago, the BYU program contacted my parents again and said they were hosting a reunion of all the Thursday’s Heroes and we were invited to come back.  So we went down to campus tonight to meet this year’s team.  All the families got to come out on the practice field, listen to live music, eat a catered dinner by J Dawgs and Ruby River, and mingle with the football team and coaching staff.  There were at least two players at every table to eat with the families and we decided to sit with Matt and Houston Reynolds.  Matt is very highly regarded as a left tackle and will surely be drafted very high in the NFL draft should he declare his eligibility next spring.  The great connection is that Matt served an LDS mission in Germany and was actually fed twice by my sister Lindsey and her husband Hans, who are stationed in Weisbaden for the US Army.  He remembered her and said, “Yeah, she’s the one who sang very well.”  Both Matt and Houston were very nice guys and easy to talk to."

So, that's what my brother wrote. To add a few words myself, it really was a neat experience. There were all kinds of kids there who had disabilities. One girl only had one leg. It's neat the BYU honors someone every Thursday. The BYU team last night were all very kind and willing to take picture and just stop and talk for a while. My brother Ammon was so happy all night and loved every minute of it. I am glad he got to do this, he deserved it! Here are some pictures from it:

Me and a few boys from the team. Not even sure who they are, but they were nice.

I look like a mini person here haha! My legs are so funny.

Me and my bestie. Your my hero little ammster!

My mom and Ammon talking with some more team members. Robbie Buckner on the left is Ammon's best buddy! His mom was Ammon's teachers aide at school and his dad works with my mom so Ammon has met Robbie a few times.

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