Wednesday, August 25, 2010

on my mind.

there are ten things on my mind today. well, maybe eleven. 

one. i got rear ended today. (gasp!) it wasn't bad though. I was on state street turning left on university parkway and the light was red. I was in the turning lane with about 5 cars in front of me, and right when it turned green, the guy in front of me just let go of his brake and hit into me. he didn't think to pay attention to the cars in front of him. just the light. i hadn't started driving yet, because the light had just turned green literally like two seconds before that. the cars in front of me weren't even moving. well, i looked back and he put his arms up in the air like it was my fault. boy was i LIVID. i proceeded to turn left, and then i pulled over into a parking lot near by. well, he looked at me when i turned, and kept driving. THAT LITTLE BUTT HEAD! oh my gosh. i was so mad. luckily, i got out of my car, and there was not a scratch. not a dent. i was shaking, because it was my first accident really. about 5 minutes after i had been sitting there, the guy just came back. i guess he got scared that someone was going to take his license plate number or something and call on him so he came back. (he didnt say that, I am just guessing haha.) so i told him that there wasn't anything on my car, and he said there wasnt anything on his, so i just told him to PAY ATTENTION YOU DWEEB. just kidding. I didn't say that. I just said i didn't wanna get his insurance since it didnt do anything. he seriously hardly hit me at all. it just made me mad that he didnt instantly pull over. so, yea. that has been on my mind today.

two. im throwing a bridal shower for my best friend ally on saturday. should be fun.

three. i have a headache the size of china tonight and must go to bed asap.

four. i start my job at roberts tomorrow. cant wait to take in all the cute loveliness at that store.

five. huge garage sale at my mother in laws this weekend- 1284 E. center street in springville. all my sister in laws and me and my mother in law are selling things. i didn't think i could get that much junk in only being married a year, but boy, i have junk. we are selling a snowboard (kevin had 3), a tv and converter box, crafts that aren't being used, bows, headbands, old wedding presents that we never opened that couldnt be returned, tons of clothes and shoes, and a few more things. im sure my sister in laws all have great stuff to sell too. so, you should come.

six. my husband started school today. goodbye time with husband, hello alone time. :(

seven. i have over 75 people that asked me to read my blog. wow. being private only allows you to have 100 readers. so, i guess i might have to get selective. (haha, jk.) if that happens, my blog will just be open and i wont take crap from people telling me what to write or delete. i still wont take it even though its private. :) anyway, glad that many people are wanting to be in my life. (either that, or they just wanna be nosy, hahaha jk.)

eight. i have a headache the size of china tonight and must go to bed asap. (yes, I already said that.)

nine. i HATE not having a dishwasher. i am contently doing dishes. freakin stinks.

ten. i cant wait for gossip girl, glee,and one tree hill to consume my time this season. bring. it. on.

oh, and p.s. we have been turned down by like 4 insurance companies now. no one will take us because of my arnold chiari, and my ovarian cysts. so maybe i am for the health care bill. so not fair that people WONT TAKE ME ON INSURANCE!!!! seriously. its a joke.

my stupid body.

peace out.


Cameron and Camilla Bendixsen said...

HAha I love you Jilly. 1: I'm excited for you to start your new job today 2: You really look different in pictures when you have a migraine ;) 3: I laughed a lot when you said "you dweeb!" and 4: I miss you.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

haha milla, 1. i laughed out loud when i read your comment. and your blog post on your blog. 2. i told you i turn into someone else when i get a migraine. haha and 3. thanks for commenting :) I MISS YOU!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Gossip Girl is crap sista. Really. Ok, that's it.

Actually, it's not. I had the same headache yesterday too! Only my eye started seeing crazy triangles and then I couldn't see out of my eye and then I knew, "freak, this is going to hurt." so I went and took two tylenol and drank an entire caffinated drink. It still hurt, but not as bad.

Also, I'm excited for you to start your job. I need ideas. I want to have a kickin' playroom/kids craft room in the basement in our new house...if we ever move and find a house with a basement.

Jess and Jen said...

Uh oh! Another accident! First Michelle, then you....I hope it isn't contagious ;) Glad you and your car are okay! Have fun at work tomorrow! Jess is going to be gone for a scout training for two weekends in September...maybe we can get together and have a crafty night! -Jen

Jess and Jen said...

Oh silly me, you wrote this on Wednesday...that means your car accident was first and that you already had your first day of work at Roberts! Hope it was fun! I will look as the date next time...! -Jen

Michelle said...

Sorry about your car wreck. Like someone said on my blog, " Even when it's minor it is still stressful". I am so glad your wreck was minor. I've had a major wreck and those take a long time to get through. Sorry to hear you are still getting headaches. Ouch. Hope that one left you soon. Also, I personally think you should have an open blog, especially since you have so many that are current readers, this means there are probably double that amount of people really reading it. You could always do comment moderation, where the comment goes to your e-mail first then you can approve it or not. Either way your blog is interesting to read and I appreciate the invite.

Melanie Fox said...

hey you should see if you can be put back on to your parents insurance cause with the new law you can be on your parents insurance till your 26 even if your married i dont know just a thought


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