Friday, August 6, 2010

On July 31, 2010, we celebrated our one year anniversary. It was an amazing weekend. We just can't believe how fast this last year has flown by. I have learned so many things during our year or being married. It's been the best year of my life so far! He treats me like a queen and I just know he loves me so much. I am so grateful for such an amazing husband that always takes good care of me.Sure, we had our ups and downs, but who hasn't? The good far outweighs any trials we had. The Lord sure was looking out for me when he paired us together. I thought I would share really quick some pictures and details of what we did on our anniversary, and then share the things I have learned in the past year!

Friday, the 30th, Kevin got the day off of work. We slept in till around 10 and then ate french toast for breakfast. We then got ready and left for SLC. We went to the gateway to shop around a little and then we went to Temple Square. We were going to do a sealing but we forgot to get our temple clothes. Woops. So, we just walked around and took pictures. We were able to go to the top of the Church Office Building and take pictures of the city. It was beautiful. It was so much fun walking around remembering our special day and laughing together. Our wedding day was perfect, and I loved remembering it!

After spending the morning and afternoon in SLC, we headed up to Snowbird. We stayed in the Lodge and loved it! This is the view right outside our hotel room. Our hotel room had a big walk out balcony with chairs and everything. It was sooo breathtaking. Snowbird is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

We didn't get up there until around 5 or 6 that night, so when we got there, we got in our suits and swam in the pool for a bit. The water was heated and sooo nice! After that, we got ready and then went to dinner at a mexican place up there called el chiante (sp?). I wasn't all that impressed with the food, but it was ok. We had a perfect view outside where we were eating so it was ok :) 

Around 9 we came back to the hotel and decided to cut our cake! Kevin's mom had saved our top layer of cake for us. She really wrapped it up good. It was in so many layers of suran wrap and cling wrap and tin foil. It was then put in an ice cream tub and frozen for a year. We cut it together and it actually tasted really good! It was a double chocolate chip brownie type cake with chocolate mousse stuff inside of it. SUUUPER yummy. The rest of the night we just relaxed and stayed in. 

The next morning we went to a yummy breakfast up there in a place called The Atrium and then headed off to our all day activities! We had an all day pass for the alpine slide, the peruvian lift, the tram, the bungie tramps, the zipline, and a few other things. It was soo much fun! It was perfect weather.

This is from the top of the tram. The tram takes about 9 minutes to get all the way to the top. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I felt like we were in the Alps. Not Utah. I forget how beautiful Utah is sometimes. This was about 11,000 feet up. Higher I think.

The peruvian lift takes you up to just about the top and you can walk through a tunnel that they blasted through the whole mountain! It was freezing inside, but super cool and interesting. There was still snow up there too, so we had a little snowball fight.

This is a view from about half way down the lift. SOOO steep and kinda scary.

Here is a picture of the tram. We passed it going down on the other lift.

We just loved it up there. It was a blast. There were a lot of people there. We went on the zipline too but didn't get pictures of us doing that. If you ever get a chance to go up there, do it! It's worth it!!

It was a great first anniversary. Thanks honey for planning such a fun weekend!

Here are a few things I have learned this year throughout being married:

-not everyone can be trained to put the toilet seat down. I wish.
-if I fold Kevin's laundry wrong, he will do it again. Haha.
-your income doubles, but you also have double the amount of bills.
-marriage isn't always easy, but it's always rewarding. (at least for me.)
-You can't always get what you want.
-decisions aren't just made by yourself anymore
-going to the temple has a whole new meaning when it brings on forever with your spouse.
-it's hard to hang out with single friends who aren't in the same stage of life as you are. you really do change when you get married.
-love can grow stronger every day. just when you think you love them all you can love, it grows. and grows.
-we have learned how to split up holidays with our families. This one is not easy haha!
-if you ask nicely and not just demand, they usually always obey :) haha (like when asking them to do the dishes.)
-if you add on "I'll scratch your back before bed" after or before anything you need or want then it will get done
-how to cook for two
-sleep talking isn't weird at all. It's an every  night occurrence. bring it on.
-saying I'm sorry almost always fixes everything
-not everyone likes to communicate like I do.
-school is ridiculously expensive.
-I have learned how to thrift shop
-baby wipes arent just for babies. I guess Kevin likes the soft touch... ?
-a smile from my husband usually cheers me up
-I am needy. but who am I kidding. I always knew that :)
-you need to rely on the lord for everything. He will always get you through any trial.
-I learned how to truly love- for it was my husband who gave me the example.
-how to let things go
-how to save money and budget

Honestly, the list could go on and on, but I will leave it at that. I love my husband more than life itself. I am truly the happiest person alive when I am with him. He makes all the bad days disappear. He makes a gloomy day sunny. I can't tell you how much I know that I was meant to be with this man. He has been my lifesaver and the true love of my life!

I just want you all to know how lucky I am.

Without him, I would be almost nothing.

It's been a fantastic year. And I can't wait to make countless more years together. :) Here's to forever!!!

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Dave and Tana said...

You trip looks like it was so much fun. Time flies..I cant believe you have been married a year already. Congrats to you both!


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