Sunday, August 15, 2010

My hair likes change!

I was looking at some old photos the other day and realized how much my hair changes from time to time. I never really do any drastic color, but I have had some drastic cuts! I guess going to hair school does that to you. So, as I am trying to grow my hair out right now, I thought I would share some pictures of my hair in all the different stages and you can tell me what hair style looks the best. 

This is me in about 9th or 10th grade. I didn't have braces yet. My hair was super long and pretty thick. I didn't really own a flat iron then.  I had n bangs in this picture. This is my natural hair color

This is me as a Junior in High School. I wasn't allowed to cut my hair short because I was in show choir and he wanted our hair to be long. I owned a flat iron by this time so my hair looked a little bit better. I had long bangs here. I think I had a few highlights by now.

This is me as a junior in high school as well. I love my hair right here. so pretty. and don't mind my basically anorexic body. haha jk but I was really skinny.  I cut my bangs a little shorter this time. I had highlights here I think...

This is me right after I graduated high school. I finally cut off all the dead ends. I got braces as well. I got some shorter bangs here, but didn't know how to style them. 

Soon after the last picture was taken. The summer of 2007. I kinda knew how to do my bangs now.

This was that same summer. My hair is naturally curly. Normally I straighten it. But if I don't, this is how curly it is. 

Then I started hair school. Aug. 2007. I cut my hair in an A-line  I also added lowlights and highlights. That was the shortest I had been since middle school probably. 

After a few months, I added more blonde and went a little bit shorter. December of 2007

I got my braces off about 6 months later and then did my hair platinum blonde. I also had eyelash extensions right here. I looooved my hair in this picture. I was trying to grow it out a little. 

But, I got sick of growing it out. In september of 2008 I cut it short. It was definitly the shortest I have ever been. I loved it though. 

 A few months later, I loved how short my hair was and decided to cut my layers a little shorter. 

In November or 2008 (I think) I cut it WAY shorter and dyed my hair brown. I did not like my hair like this. I think it was too short and dark for me. 

This was taken around the same time. 

Then in Dec. of 2008 I went to Cali for my xmas present with my best friends. I went more blonde before we left. I loved my hair here. 

Then I wanted to grow it out for my wedding. It got a little longer than it is here, but not much. This was one of my engagement pictures. It stayed like this till after I got married. 

After we got married, I cut it again. 

I cut it way too short that time, so I was determined to grow it out. I thought if I just changed the color, I would be ok to grow it out. So, in december of 2009, I put a dark panel in my bangs. I loved it! It was fun for a while.

After that, I didn't changed my hair for a long time. But, in April or May, I went platinum again. I liked it, but I decided it was a little too fake for me. But I was still growing it out at this point, so a color change was all I could do to keep me sane :)

Then, most recently (about a week ago) I got this picture taken of me and my best friend and hair stylist, Ally. This was at her shower. This is what my hair looks like now. I have some lowlights and highlights. My layers are getting longer and my hair is touching my shoulders about! Its a little longer in the back. It's harder to grow my hair out by my chin. I love my hair right now. I am going to keep growing it out. I have been growing it out for about a year now. 

So. Now that you have seen the many changes of my hair, what's your vote? What do you like the best? Most people don't like change, but I do. I think that's why I change my hair so often. Plus, I'm a hair stylist so I have to keep up with some of the trends. :) 


Michelle said...

I think that the third picture down from the top, with your long hair, the picture you are dressed in green clothing looks best on you.

Dave and Tana said...

I like the platinum blonde..but I would. haha. I like it in your enagement picture but I like it long too.. like when you were in high school. Either way your super cute!

Jess said...

My favorite is the picture where it's an A-line and you have eyelash extension in the picture. Although you look awesome with anything!! I'm jealous! :)

Jess and Jen said...

Those are cute little girls in the pictures with you! I like long hair (third picture down is the best of the long hair), and the platinum blonde with the eyelash extensions the best, but you are cute with any hairsyle! I am growing my hair out right now and it's SUCH a pain, but I do like it long! -Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

I liked your hair really long but I also like it now. So, those are my votes.

chelsey said...

Your hair always looks cute! My hair is in desperate need of your attention, however! I loved the last cut you gave me at Dave's wedding and haven't had the same cut since. Please stow away in Mom's luggage in a few weeks so you can come fix my hair okay?? Pretty please??

Loveridge said...

Jill, your hair always looks good! My favorite is definitely the platinum blonde when you had eyelash extensions, it looks soo cute! But whatever you decide will look great. :)


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