Sunday, August 22, 2010

crafting mood {family rules & bulletin boards}

I got in a crafting mood last night. 

When I was at the dance studio yesterday, I saw the bulletin board on the wall. It had people's names carved into it. It looked gross and old.

So, I took it upon myself to take it home, recover it with my cutesie fabric, and add some ribbon and flowers!
Gosh it was the easiest craft.

So, my next craft: go to DI and find a bulletin board and cover one for our spare bedroom/office. When I do that, I will add a tutorial, and {give one away as well}

My cute little rosettes. 

A few weeks ago, I got bored and was looking at other blogs. I found a few people who made what is called "family rules" or "family values". I thought it was a clever idea, so I came up with my own. 

I have a scrapbook program (it's super old, but it does the job.) and I get all my free fonts from I also get extra scrapbook packages FREE on So, I just made one. Here is what it looks like: 

Basically, I just made up some things that were important to me and my hubs and wrote them down on scrapbook paper with cutesy font. Anyone can do it. I then printed it out on our amazing new color printer, and made it into a sign:

I first painted it tan. Then, I took a paper towel and rubbed brown paint onto it. I then let it dry a little, and sanded it with sand paper. I glued the values I printed out onto some scrapbook paper. I then mod podged the scrapbook paper onto the wood that I painted.

And that's it! 

The wood looked stained! I only used acrylic paint. 

So, yea. When I get in a crafty mood, I am so glad. I always love how it turns out. 

BTW. Thanks everyone for the outpouring of love. I am grateful for good friends.

It makes it easier for me to blog if I know I can be myself. :)

I hope you all had a great Sunday. I know I did. 

Blog ya soon! 


Jess and Jen said...

Cute stuff, Gillian! I covered our bulletin board in fabric and it's just so much more fun to look at! We still need to have a craft night (before my free time goes away in November!)

The Duke said...

We have two extra bulletin boards at home waiting to give away. Call me.

Debbie Barr said...

Super cute!

BTW if you want to continue to keep your blog private but let people know when you have new posts, you can have an "Announce" blog. My sister does this . Basically, it's just a blog people can follow and get updated like usual, but the only thing she does with them is a post a link to the new private blog post. It's a little hard to explain, but you can see what she does here:

Loveridge said...

I will pay you to make me one of those cute family values things. Seriously. :) It would match perfectly in our living room! Let me know.

Sandy Ang said...

What a great home decor project


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