Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a total criminal.

I am a criminal. HAHA.

Really though. On Wednesday this week, I had to go down to the Police station for an interview and fill out a statement.

... Oh, you want to know why now?

It all started July 3rd. I was driving the scooter that day. It was a Saturday. During the freedom festival. I hardly EVER drive the scooter because my hand has been bad and in healing basically since we got it. But, I drove it to work that day. I was driving home on Center Street when I see the red white and blue lights flashing behind me. First thought- CRAP. what did I do? I pulled over. Mind you, this is in front of EVERYONE walking down Center street for the festivities since it was the 4th of July weekend. Embarrassing.

The officer walks over. I say "I wasn't speeding!" He says "Oh, I know. I pulled you over because I ran your plates and it said that this scooter wasn't registered." I looked confused, and thought, well that's odd because we have the stickers on the plate, and we have our registration papers right here. So, I got the papers out and showed him. He then asked for my license and proof of insurance. I proceeded to get my license out, and then went to find the insurance papers in the front of the scooter and could not find them. I was literally shaking. 1- because I hate cops. They scare me. 2- I have only been pulled over twice. And don't have any tickets on my record. I'm not a criminal! So I told the officer that I couldn't find the papers. I said that I thought they were probably in my husbands car still because the scooter was relatively new and I am sure the papers were still with our other ones in the car. So I called Kevin to ask him where they were while the officer was off checking out my records or something haha in his car. This is how the conversation with Kevin went.

"Kev?" (me)
"Hey" (Kev)
"Um, where are the insurance papers for our scooter?" (Me)
"We don't have insurance on it. Why?" (Kev)
"WHAT?! I just got pulled over. Why don't we have insurance on it?" (Me)
"I didn't think to get it for it. We paid cash for it so I thought it didn't matter. I never thought about the liability for someone else if we ran into someone. Sorry." (Kev)
"sniff sniff" (crying) Honey. Why would you not think about the liability of someone else?!! Ugh. K well we have to get it right when I Get home." (Me)
"Sorry babe." (Kev)
"Bye." (Me)

Um, not bashing on my husband, because I would have done the same thing, but DANG! That sucks. (I am not telling this story for you guys to make fun of him. So please don't. Haha.)

So the cop comes back. I tell him that we don't have insurance on it. He says "Oh my. That's a 500 dollar ticket." I am literally shaking. Not only because I am nervous, but I was so mad. I WASNT EVEN SPEEDING AND HE PULLED ME OVER AND BASICALLY ASKED FOR 500 dollars!!!!

He proceeds to tell me that I can take this ticket to the court kind of like a fix-it ticket. If I went home and got insurance right when I got home, I could take the papers to the judge and tell him that ignorance isn't an excuse but that I really didn't know we didn't have insurance on our scooter. The cop was really like way too nice to me. He was kind of staring at me weird and then I said "Well dang. I am so mad. I can't believe my husband didn't get insurance on this...." The cop said (while laughing) "Well, just don't cook for two weeks and don't put out for 2 months."

Um, ok, did you read that right? Don't put out for two months? WHAT?! Why would a cop be saying that to me??? It made me feel SUPER uncomfortable. If it would have been one of our friends, I would have laughed. But it wasn't. And he is a professional. And shouldn't talk to anyone that way. I just stared at him as he said that like, what? So I was really mad at this point. So, I went home. I walked in and cried. I told Kevin the whole story and he was livid at the way the cop was talking to me. The cop was flirty with me and weird. We got insurance for a year, and spent only $160. Now we won't run into that problem. OH- and I didn't have my motorcycle license and he didn't give me a ticket for that. Gay cop.

So, a week goes by and I go the the court to make an appointment to see the judge.

The hearing clerk says "Um, the cop told you wrong but you can't see a judge for this. But I will move your fine from 400 dollars down to 200." Then I was confused. Not only did the cop tell me the ticket was 500, but he told me I would have a chance to see a judge to explain the circumstances. UGH! So, I paid 50 dollars and said I would pay the rest next month. I was so mad.

I came home and called my mom and she wanted me to make a complaint about the cop and how he not only lied to me, but he talked inappropriately to me. So, I did.

I called his Lt. and as I was explaining what the cop said to me, he said he was concerned and wanted me to come down to the station and fill out a report and tell him face to face the story.

Kevin and I went down to the station Wednesday night and the Lt. took us into an interview room (SCARY!!!) where I told him the whole story. He said he was incredibly sorry and would get this taken care of as soon as possible and give me a call after he talked to the officer. (Officer Rory Rasmussen.) The Lt. was very nice and professional and said that my statement would go on the officer's record and that this was not acceptable. It was also part of their policy to not tell any details about the judge or if you will get your fine dismissed because really they just don't know what the judge will do.

So, that was my story. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop that made you either REALLY mad or was flirty with you?


PaigeE said...

When I lived in Mapleton I'd get pulled over at least once a week! The cops there just like to run anyone and everyone's license plates (especially younger people) and they always said I didn't have insurance on my car. I'd pull out my papers and prove to them I did and they'd get all flustered like, "@#$%, I really wanted to screw you over with a ticket!" I'm so glad I don't have to deal with those cops very often now.

Angela Kelly said...

I was pulled over twice in my driveway at my parent's house! They followed me a couple blocks and as soon as I pulled into my driveway, they flipped on their lights and pulled in behind me (which by the way, is illegal for them to do, they are not allowed to pull into your driveway like that). Both times I was on my way home from work so it was 1:30am. The first time he wanted to make sure this was my home and that I got in safely--if that was the case why didn't he wait to see if I got into the house safely? Why did he pull me over and ask for my license and registration...etc? The second time it happened the exact same way, and it was within 2 days. This time he said my headlight was out--it wasn't--so I'm not really sure what his point was. It was ridiculous. Luckily the mayor lived in the ward and I was able to complain. I was mad. Those were the only times I have ever been pulled over. What made me the most nervous was that it was in my driveway. There are good cops out there, but why are there so many creepy, dumb ones?

Lokodi said...

quite frankly Gillian, I don't think it's as bad as you think. I look at it this way: most blue collar working men are a little rough around the edges and are a little inappropriate in their humor. I get the feeling he was probably just funning with you and trying to make a joke. Living in Philadelphia for a few years made me realize that most of those type of men are crude and inappropriate, but don't actually mean to offend. Now, this is a HUGE generalization, so it might not be the case here. I'm just sayin...
Do you remember the cop in our ward in Spanish Fork (I don't think it's wise to mention his name)? You should ask mom about that sick pervert. He seems to like curvy 14 year olds (me being the curvy 14 year old).


Jess said...

I would be so pissed about all of that!!! I'm sorry you had so much drama about it.

The Duke said...

I don't care if these guys are crude or not - what he said was inappropriate and if he thought that was a joke to make you feel better, then he had better learn to be professional. After all, we aren't in NYC or Detroit.
Good for you!

Michelle said...
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Amanda said...

That is so awful!! I'm so sorry!!

Most ALL cops make me mad haha so don't feel so bad about getting upset, it is perfectly normal. I'm glad you decided to report the guy. Hope everything works out for you!!


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