Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I LoVe the 4th of July!

I love the 4th. It's so much fun. This year it felt like we celebrated it much longer since Provo didn't do anything on Sunday... They dragged it on to the 5th! 

So, we celebrated Friday, Sat, Sunday, AND Monday! All sorts of good food, fireworks, music, people watching, partying, and good american freedom! Here are the deets on our fun weekend. 

First off, I wanted to sell my headbands and bows in front of the salon during the freedom festival, so I got crazy and made a ton. Here are a few that I made: 

I also made the bow holders. I went to the dollar store and got a frame and painted it, then stapled ribbon to the back of it. It worked out very nicely. The ribbon is cute, too bad you can't see it in this picture. 

Here are a few of my headbands. 

I sat outside of the Salon for a while on Saturday but everyone that came and looked at them, examined them, and then walked away thinking "I can make that...." because that is what I did when I walked through the freedom festival. I'm not sad about it though, because I do it as a hobby and can give them away for gifts. :) But, if you are interested in buying one, you can get one from me if you want.

Then, Saturday night, Kevin and I went and sat out of the Stadium of Fire. We parked across the street from my moms work (about a block or two from the stadium) and walked to the stadium (the backside) and plopped our blanket down on the grassy hill. We got there right when Carrie Underwood started singing. WOW! She is SO good! I love her... We had the perfect spot to hear her. We could hear everything clear as a bell. I was really sad we didn't get tickets this year. She is like my idol. But nonetheless, it was fun. The fireworks were right underneath us. I had fun cuddling with my sweet hubby. 

I look gross in this picture, but my husband looks SO hot. Had to post it and make ya'll jealous. 

So I didn't find the good setting on my camera, but here is a pic of one we saw. They were right above us. There were ashes on us. That's how close we were. LOVED it. 

I took an awesome video of the fireworks, but it wont let me upload it. stink.

On sunday, we went to church (8AM church. stinks.) And then went to my family's house for a BBQ. It was lots of fun. Here is my little nephew John. They are moving to Florida in a few weeks... :( :( This boy was just starting to crack smiles at me... now he will never know me or love me. I'm a little sad about it. 

Here are two of the cutest girls ever. Ella and Lauren. 

All the kids at the fam party were all in such good moods. We sat out side the whole time and danced and ran around. These two are brother and sister, and I think it's the cutest picture ever!

Here is my cute brother doing sparklers. I just love this little boy so much. 

After the BBQ, we were dumb. We decided to sleep out on University Avenue in front of my salon. My friends have done it before and pulled all nighters to save their spots and have fun and enjoy the experience. There were SOOOO many people there! Not even kidding! Everyone was out! It was fun, but we didn't get a lick of sleep. I will probably never do it again. 

Us thinking we are psycho to have slept out there. Cars were going up and down the road ALLL Night long.

It was freezing in the morning! 57 degrees!! It warmed up later, but the sun was blocked by the wells fargo building across the street so we didn't get sun till 9:30. My mom and little brother and sister came to join the fun.

my mom is a hottie. Doesnt she look super young for being 62 and having 11 kids?!

Me and my little buddy!!

Kevin had to walk in the parade. He is in the gray shorts with the yellow gloves on. His friends dad was in charge of the boy scouts stuff and needed some volunteer's so he said he would do it. He sure looked cute :)

Since I got my surgery, my hand has been swollen and I couldn't fit my ring on anymore. Well, I could fit it on, but I couldn't get it off and it was hurting me. So, I took it in (it's on warranty) and had them fix it. I will get it back in a week or so. It was a size 5 1/2 and my fingers are much bigger now! So, we bought this fake one at Icing in the mall so I don't feel single. :) I think it's pretty. And it looks real. I think this is probably what I would wear if I didn't have mine. I LOVE my ring though, and I miss it.... Can't wait to get it back.  

So that was about how our weekend was. I woke up with a migraine this morning.. it started coming on last night, but came on strong this morning. I guess that's what happens when you get NO sleep!!!! 

I love holidays. Can't every week be a holiday? 

Kev and I are going camping this weekend down by Mona Lake with all of our friends. We can't wait!!! More picture to come. 

Oh, and I'm sorry you can't really read the title of my posts. I changed my blog around a bit but couldn't figure out how to change the color of my font since I did it on webs.com and some font generator site. It takes forever and I tried today but couldn't get it to work.. but soon it will! I promise I will fix it soon. 

Oh, and if I haven't commented on your blog in a while, please forgive me. I will get caught up soon. We just got internet. xoxo!

How was your holiday?


Jess and Jen said...

I hope you have girls so you can put all your cute bows in their hair...it's fun! -Jen

beckaboots said...

You guys must go all out for the 4th. We are grumpy old people and we didn't even go to see any fireworks on sunday... haha. But we did light a few off (illegally) on Monday and it was awesome!

Tana said...

Fun stuff! I love the 4th too! Have a good time on your camping trip.

The Duke said...

I love your bows and headbands. Kaitlin was sad you didn't have them out to sell on the 5th because she intended to buy a few. She'll have to buy them at your house.
We had a great time at the parade. I loved the coolness of the weather - you are all wrapped up and I'm just sitting there soaking it all up. Not cold at all.
Thanks again for inviting us to sit with you. I wouldn't have gone if I didn't have a place to sit.

Steve and Estella said...

Your headbands are so dang cute! I think I am going to buy some!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Your fourth of July sounds so much more fun and eventful than ours. All we did was a picnic with the ward and sparklers.

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Love those bows! So cute!


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