Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burraston Ponds

This last weekend we went to Burraston Ponds in Mona, UT. It was a way fun camping trip and a lot of our friends went!  

There are a bunch of huge rope swings down there so we all got in our suits and swam for a bit on Saturday! 

Not sure if you can tell, but I have a big tan line on my chest. Haha. I have a super cute nice swimsuit but I didnt want to wear it down there since it was kind of gross water. But, a few days before this trip, I Went to seven peaks and got FRIED and so I had this way funny tan line when I put my old suit on. 

HAHA I love this kid. We met him down there. His name is Christopher. He kept finding all these HUGE cradads! YUCK! he told me to "facebook" him when I Got home hahaa. 

I held a frog for the first time on this trip. :)

Here is our friend sean doing a back flip from one of the rope swings!! 

This is our first tent. We just purchased it the other day!

We had the best camping spot right by the water. 

I have become quite the little camper. I learned how to squat and go pee now. I have to take one whole leg out of my clothes to do it, but I can do it. :) I can go without makeup too. Haha. Glad I married quite the little camper boy. I just love him so much :)

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The Duke said...

I can't believe you think that was a nice camping spot. There are no trees. Shoot, that would be hot inside that tent.
I'm glad you like camping. It's a great activity for families. I have been sad that someone stole all our camping equipment a few years ago out of a storage unit.
Keep camping. Take your kids and they'll learn to love the outdoors as well.

The Colemans said...

I think we may just have the same tent.

PaigeE said...

Nice cleavage in the frog picture. . .:)
I agree with your mom (or dad) about the camping spot. I'll bet you had to get up early so you didn't die of heat stroke in your tent.

Dave and Tana said...

Fun trip! Camping is the best, especially when water fun is involved!

Patricia said...

How funny! Did you see that women can actually learn how to pee standing up? There is a DVD that's out now, I saw it on some hiking website. Here is the address: http://www.stand2pee.com


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