Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our 1 year anniversary is in 6 days. 

I cannot believe a year has almost past. 

In 6 days, we will be unavailable for the weekend. 

We will be here: 

The Cliff Lodge in Snowbird, UT. 

Sleeping in this room. (I couldn't find a picture of the room with the queen bed, but this is what it will look like, but with a queen bed instead.)

Playing in this pool.

or this one. The hotel has like 2 or 3 pools on different levels.

and riding the alpine slide
the zip rider
and the tram. 

All day long. 
And other stuff. But I'm sure you wont like to hear about that. ;)

Boy am I excited to go there with my best friend- husband Kevin. 

It's gonna be the best weekend ever. 

Oh, and he planned this. All by him self. I found out by accident. But now I'm glad I know. Makes me even more excited :)

Isn't he the best?

Next week I will post pictures from the trip. I'm sure you will all love to hear all my mushy gushy stuff about our first year and how in love we are... :) Haha. 


Tana said...

Looks like a pretty fun place to go. Have a good time!

The Duke said...

Kevin spoils you!!!

Jason said...

Yuck. Too much mush and gush. Kevin is soo whipped. Have fun.

Papa Doc said...

How did you ever convice Kevin to take you to such a nice place. Chris and I sometimes go shoping, usually for groceries on our aniversary.

I am sure pleased with the great marriage you have after a year. It is tough for a few years, and you guys are doing well. Keep it up.

Dad Clark


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