Sunday, July 25, 2010


Our 1 year anniversary is in 6 days. 

I cannot believe a year has almost past. 

In 6 days, we will be unavailable for the weekend. 

We will be here: 

The Cliff Lodge in Snowbird, UT. 

Sleeping in this room. (I couldn't find a picture of the room with the queen bed, but this is what it will look like, but with a queen bed instead.)

Playing in this pool.

or this one. The hotel has like 2 or 3 pools on different levels.

and riding the alpine slide
the zip rider
and the tram. 

All day long. 
And other stuff. But I'm sure you wont like to hear about that. ;)

Boy am I excited to go there with my best friend- husband Kevin. 

It's gonna be the best weekend ever. 

Oh, and he planned this. All by him self. I found out by accident. But now I'm glad I know. Makes me even more excited :)

Isn't he the best?

Next week I will post pictures from the trip. I'm sure you will all love to hear all my mushy gushy stuff about our first year and how in love we are... :) Haha. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tips and Trades of Blogging

I have had a few people ask me where I find backgrounds, how I do this, how I do that... so I typed up a simple easy guide with a few websites that I found my tricks and trades from! I hope it helps you out! If you know of any tricks and trades, please do share and I will add to the list. :)

Tricks and Trades of the Blogging World

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


K this is one of my all time favorite songs, and I saw this and had to share! Hope you like it

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This one's for you dad... Pigeons follow me everywhere!

So, this morning I took Kevin to work and when I got home, this is what I saw: 
Look closely. On the roof. PIGEONS! DAD! Curse you! They can't stop following me!!! Haha. 

For those of you who don't know why this would even be funny, here is the background. My dad has pigeons. He has had them for as long as I could remember. I used to love them when I was little. I think. I remember before going to school one morning (I was in Kindergarten) and my dad took us up to feed the birds. This picture below was actually taken on the day of this incident because I remember we were going to the Hoagle Zoo that day for a field trip. I was SO excited to go. (this picture is me at the zoo that day with our helper and two girls I know, Shelley, and Kristen.)

So back to the birds, we went to feed the birds that morning. I was helping my dad when PLOP! A bird pooped on me. All over my shoulder. I cried and cried. I REALLY wanted to wear that shirt. He laughed, but I knew he felt bad, but thought it was funny. I think my brother Dave might have been with us to? (Do any of you siblings remember this? This was when we lived in Spanish Fork) So we had to run home really quick and change my shirt, and this is what he put me in. A 4 leaf clover shirt that I made. So funny. 

Anyway, my dad has had pigeons forever. They stink. I hate them. I am terrified of birds. I don't know why. I have seen hawks and cats eat my dads birds. I have seen my dad nurse the hurt ones back to good health. My dad is actually really good at taking care of them and racing them. I just don't like them. I refuse to help him take care of them. I get this creepy feeling when I am around birds. Not just pigeons, but ALL birds. I just am so scared of them!! And I hate the coo coo coo noises they make. Yuck. I have also dished their old poop onto the garden for my dad to make the garden grow better. It really works. My dad walks in the door with pigeon feathers in his hair. Its kinda funny! 

It really has been his hobby for a long time and he is so good at what he does. I am glad he has a hobby and he really loves those birds. As long as I don't have to touch them or take care of them, then I am super ok with him having them. 

But. When I got home this morning, I hear coo coo coo. Oh snap. There must be pigeons on the roof. I looked up, and sure enough, they were there. They were probably my dad's birds coming home from a fly or race and had to stop at my place to tell me something. Too bad I don't speak coo coo coo language. 

On another side note, in two hours, this beauty will be done. There is a huge roast beneath all that goodness. My brother Lance and his wife Nancy and baby John are moving to Florida on Friday, so we are having them over for dinner tonight. It smells so good I can hardly stand to be in here. I will admit that I can cook a good roast. 

Also, (and lastly) I made this headband today. 

I got asked by an old friend to throw a party at her apartment with all my bows and headbands. She will invite all her friends and I will sell them and have fun! I can't wait. Hopefully I can make enough to sell within the next month! 

Thats it for today. Thanks for readin ya'all!

Come register for my musical theater class!

Click on the image to get more details.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a total criminal.

I am a criminal. HAHA.

Really though. On Wednesday this week, I had to go down to the Police station for an interview and fill out a statement.

... Oh, you want to know why now?

It all started July 3rd. I was driving the scooter that day. It was a Saturday. During the freedom festival. I hardly EVER drive the scooter because my hand has been bad and in healing basically since we got it. But, I drove it to work that day. I was driving home on Center Street when I see the red white and blue lights flashing behind me. First thought- CRAP. what did I do? I pulled over. Mind you, this is in front of EVERYONE walking down Center street for the festivities since it was the 4th of July weekend. Embarrassing.

The officer walks over. I say "I wasn't speeding!" He says "Oh, I know. I pulled you over because I ran your plates and it said that this scooter wasn't registered." I looked confused, and thought, well that's odd because we have the stickers on the plate, and we have our registration papers right here. So, I got the papers out and showed him. He then asked for my license and proof of insurance. I proceeded to get my license out, and then went to find the insurance papers in the front of the scooter and could not find them. I was literally shaking. 1- because I hate cops. They scare me. 2- I have only been pulled over twice. And don't have any tickets on my record. I'm not a criminal! So I told the officer that I couldn't find the papers. I said that I thought they were probably in my husbands car still because the scooter was relatively new and I am sure the papers were still with our other ones in the car. So I called Kevin to ask him where they were while the officer was off checking out my records or something haha in his car. This is how the conversation with Kevin went.

"Kev?" (me)
"Hey" (Kev)
"Um, where are the insurance papers for our scooter?" (Me)
"We don't have insurance on it. Why?" (Kev)
"WHAT?! I just got pulled over. Why don't we have insurance on it?" (Me)
"I didn't think to get it for it. We paid cash for it so I thought it didn't matter. I never thought about the liability for someone else if we ran into someone. Sorry." (Kev)
"sniff sniff" (crying) Honey. Why would you not think about the liability of someone else?!! Ugh. K well we have to get it right when I Get home." (Me)
"Sorry babe." (Kev)
"Bye." (Me)

Um, not bashing on my husband, because I would have done the same thing, but DANG! That sucks. (I am not telling this story for you guys to make fun of him. So please don't. Haha.)

So the cop comes back. I tell him that we don't have insurance on it. He says "Oh my. That's a 500 dollar ticket." I am literally shaking. Not only because I am nervous, but I was so mad. I WASNT EVEN SPEEDING AND HE PULLED ME OVER AND BASICALLY ASKED FOR 500 dollars!!!!

He proceeds to tell me that I can take this ticket to the court kind of like a fix-it ticket. If I went home and got insurance right when I got home, I could take the papers to the judge and tell him that ignorance isn't an excuse but that I really didn't know we didn't have insurance on our scooter. The cop was really like way too nice to me. He was kind of staring at me weird and then I said "Well dang. I am so mad. I can't believe my husband didn't get insurance on this...." The cop said (while laughing) "Well, just don't cook for two weeks and don't put out for 2 months."

Um, ok, did you read that right? Don't put out for two months? WHAT?! Why would a cop be saying that to me??? It made me feel SUPER uncomfortable. If it would have been one of our friends, I would have laughed. But it wasn't. And he is a professional. And shouldn't talk to anyone that way. I just stared at him as he said that like, what? So I was really mad at this point. So, I went home. I walked in and cried. I told Kevin the whole story and he was livid at the way the cop was talking to me. The cop was flirty with me and weird. We got insurance for a year, and spent only $160. Now we won't run into that problem. OH- and I didn't have my motorcycle license and he didn't give me a ticket for that. Gay cop.

So, a week goes by and I go the the court to make an appointment to see the judge.

The hearing clerk says "Um, the cop told you wrong but you can't see a judge for this. But I will move your fine from 400 dollars down to 200." Then I was confused. Not only did the cop tell me the ticket was 500, but he told me I would have a chance to see a judge to explain the circumstances. UGH! So, I paid 50 dollars and said I would pay the rest next month. I was so mad.

I came home and called my mom and she wanted me to make a complaint about the cop and how he not only lied to me, but he talked inappropriately to me. So, I did.

I called his Lt. and as I was explaining what the cop said to me, he said he was concerned and wanted me to come down to the station and fill out a report and tell him face to face the story.

Kevin and I went down to the station Wednesday night and the Lt. took us into an interview room (SCARY!!!) where I told him the whole story. He said he was incredibly sorry and would get this taken care of as soon as possible and give me a call after he talked to the officer. (Officer Rory Rasmussen.) The Lt. was very nice and professional and said that my statement would go on the officer's record and that this was not acceptable. It was also part of their policy to not tell any details about the judge or if you will get your fine dismissed because really they just don't know what the judge will do.

So, that was my story. Have you ever been pulled over by a cop that made you either REALLY mad or was flirty with you?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burraston Ponds

This last weekend we went to Burraston Ponds in Mona, UT. It was a way fun camping trip and a lot of our friends went!  

There are a bunch of huge rope swings down there so we all got in our suits and swam for a bit on Saturday! 

Not sure if you can tell, but I have a big tan line on my chest. Haha. I have a super cute nice swimsuit but I didnt want to wear it down there since it was kind of gross water. But, a few days before this trip, I Went to seven peaks and got FRIED and so I had this way funny tan line when I put my old suit on. 

HAHA I love this kid. We met him down there. His name is Christopher. He kept finding all these HUGE cradads! YUCK! he told me to "facebook" him when I Got home hahaa. 

I held a frog for the first time on this trip. :)

Here is our friend sean doing a back flip from one of the rope swings!! 

This is our first tent. We just purchased it the other day!

We had the best camping spot right by the water. 

I have become quite the little camper. I learned how to squat and go pee now. I have to take one whole leg out of my clothes to do it, but I can do it. :) I can go without makeup too. Haha. Glad I married quite the little camper boy. I just love him so much :)

Don't forget to add your question to my last post: What do you wanna know?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey, remember when?

Hey, remember when I used to blog like every day.... and I was interesting and this blog was bumpin?

Sorry I have let you down. I PROMISE to get better.

Sometimes, life just gets crazy.

We are house sitting someone's house this week, but I will be making posts through out the week. I have some things I plan to write about.

But thanks for all your comments and following my bog. It makes me feel special.

For this quick short post today, you can ask me anything you want. What is something you want to know about me, or whatever?! I did this a while ago, and it was fun. So, I wanna do it again. If you would like to ask me anything, now is the time. :) Hope I get at least like 10 comments! (Hopefully more!) I promise I will make the answers interesting.

AND. Introducing a giveaway. If I get 50 followers, I will give away a craft. Probably a white board thing like the one below, some headbands and bows, or a personalized journal. So, tell all your friends! Once I get to 50, I am doing a giveaway! (Hey, if you live here, I might even throw in a gift certificate to come get a free hair color....)

So, Ask away. What do you wanna know?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I LoVe the 4th of July!

I love the 4th. It's so much fun. This year it felt like we celebrated it much longer since Provo didn't do anything on Sunday... They dragged it on to the 5th! 

So, we celebrated Friday, Sat, Sunday, AND Monday! All sorts of good food, fireworks, music, people watching, partying, and good american freedom! Here are the deets on our fun weekend. 

First off, I wanted to sell my headbands and bows in front of the salon during the freedom festival, so I got crazy and made a ton. Here are a few that I made: 

I also made the bow holders. I went to the dollar store and got a frame and painted it, then stapled ribbon to the back of it. It worked out very nicely. The ribbon is cute, too bad you can't see it in this picture. 

Here are a few of my headbands. 

I sat outside of the Salon for a while on Saturday but everyone that came and looked at them, examined them, and then walked away thinking "I can make that...." because that is what I did when I walked through the freedom festival. I'm not sad about it though, because I do it as a hobby and can give them away for gifts. :) But, if you are interested in buying one, you can get one from me if you want.

Then, Saturday night, Kevin and I went and sat out of the Stadium of Fire. We parked across the street from my moms work (about a block or two from the stadium) and walked to the stadium (the backside) and plopped our blanket down on the grassy hill. We got there right when Carrie Underwood started singing. WOW! She is SO good! I love her... We had the perfect spot to hear her. We could hear everything clear as a bell. I was really sad we didn't get tickets this year. She is like my idol. But nonetheless, it was fun. The fireworks were right underneath us. I had fun cuddling with my sweet hubby. 

I look gross in this picture, but my husband looks SO hot. Had to post it and make ya'll jealous. 

So I didn't find the good setting on my camera, but here is a pic of one we saw. They were right above us. There were ashes on us. That's how close we were. LOVED it. 

I took an awesome video of the fireworks, but it wont let me upload it. stink.

On sunday, we went to church (8AM church. stinks.) And then went to my family's house for a BBQ. It was lots of fun. Here is my little nephew John. They are moving to Florida in a few weeks... :( :( This boy was just starting to crack smiles at me... now he will never know me or love me. I'm a little sad about it. 

Here are two of the cutest girls ever. Ella and Lauren. 

All the kids at the fam party were all in such good moods. We sat out side the whole time and danced and ran around. These two are brother and sister, and I think it's the cutest picture ever!

Here is my cute brother doing sparklers. I just love this little boy so much. 

After the BBQ, we were dumb. We decided to sleep out on University Avenue in front of my salon. My friends have done it before and pulled all nighters to save their spots and have fun and enjoy the experience. There were SOOOO many people there! Not even kidding! Everyone was out! It was fun, but we didn't get a lick of sleep. I will probably never do it again. 

Us thinking we are psycho to have slept out there. Cars were going up and down the road ALLL Night long.

It was freezing in the morning! 57 degrees!! It warmed up later, but the sun was blocked by the wells fargo building across the street so we didn't get sun till 9:30. My mom and little brother and sister came to join the fun.

my mom is a hottie. Doesnt she look super young for being 62 and having 11 kids?!

Me and my little buddy!!

Kevin had to walk in the parade. He is in the gray shorts with the yellow gloves on. His friends dad was in charge of the boy scouts stuff and needed some volunteer's so he said he would do it. He sure looked cute :)

Since I got my surgery, my hand has been swollen and I couldn't fit my ring on anymore. Well, I could fit it on, but I couldn't get it off and it was hurting me. So, I took it in (it's on warranty) and had them fix it. I will get it back in a week or so. It was a size 5 1/2 and my fingers are much bigger now! So, we bought this fake one at Icing in the mall so I don't feel single. :) I think it's pretty. And it looks real. I think this is probably what I would wear if I didn't have mine. I LOVE my ring though, and I miss it.... Can't wait to get it back.  

So that was about how our weekend was. I woke up with a migraine this morning.. it started coming on last night, but came on strong this morning. I guess that's what happens when you get NO sleep!!!! 

I love holidays. Can't every week be a holiday? 

Kev and I are going camping this weekend down by Mona Lake with all of our friends. We can't wait!!! More picture to come. 

Oh, and I'm sorry you can't really read the title of my posts. I changed my blog around a bit but couldn't figure out how to change the color of my font since I did it on and some font generator site. It takes forever and I tried today but couldn't get it to work.. but soon it will! I promise I will fix it soon. 

Oh, and if I haven't commented on your blog in a while, please forgive me. I will get caught up soon. We just got internet. xoxo!

How was your holiday?


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