Monday, June 7, 2010

Tim Tam Slam!

YAY, ally and kelvin are FINALLY together!!! :) Kelvin and Ally dated for 2 years before the mission and then broke up right before his mission to help him focus. They wrote and kept in touch, and now that he has been home for 2 months, they are finally officially together! You have no idea how happy this makes me.... :) :) YAY, finally my best friends boy is back and we can all play together! 
I have been so blessed to have Ally in my life! She is SO awesome! I cant imagine the world without her. She is the best listener, the most caring, kind, and talented girl you will ever meet! She always makes me feel good about myself. I am so lucky to have a best friend like her. 
Here is Kelvin, Ally, and Kevin (yes, Kelvin and Kevin... it's super weird) getting ready to do the Tim Tam Slam! Don't worry, I will explain it. 
Here we all are using my self timer. Haha. Kevin is silly....
Haha. So, Saturday they came over and Kelvin brought some treat/tradition thing for us to do. I guess they always did it on his mission in Japan. It's called the Tim Tam Slam. 

You buy these cookies: 
They are kinda pricey, but right now Target has them for 2 dollars a pack. 

Then, you make hot chocolate. (I know what your thinking, it's summer! WHY?! I will tell you why, because even though its hot, its DANG good!)

Put your hot chocolate in small mugs. You don't want a super tall one. 

Then, bite off a corner of the cookie on the top, and on the bottom. (A REALLY small corner)
Stick the cookie half way in your mouth, and dip it down into the hot chocolate and sip up. After about 2 seconds, the whole cookie melts and you hurry and put the whole thing in your mouth. It is DIVINE!!! So freaking good. I am telling you. This is it. Kelvin said on his mission he ate 5 packages. SICK

*by the way, do you see the dark in my hair? I decided to add some so it didn't grow out as bad. I like it :)

So, what are you going to do this weekend? The Tim Tam Slam!!


Dave and Tana said...

Fun! I have heard of this before!

chelsey said...

So, how "together" is Ally with her man? They are certainly cute together and she deserves the best!
That looks like a fun thing to try! Anything chocolate and I'm in!

Chelsea Hope said...

Ha ha Andrew showed me this activity when he got home... ha ha apparently they do it in China as well.

Michelle said...

Looks fun we will have to try that. I've never even heard of those cookies.


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