Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm in want

So, it's late, but I can't sleep right now. I have layed here for about an hour trying to sleep... but it aint happening. Kevin is fast asleep by me. My sweet hubby. I just love him. So, I guess I will blog!

Just to change it up a little: Here are some things I am wanting right now:

Long Blonde Hair. I love this hair. 

A Pair of gray or gold heels. I love these!!! So awesome!

Glitter Toes to go along with the heels. The perfect summer toes.. 

A Cricket. Kevin says if I dont buy a craft or decoration for 2 months, then he will buy me one. YAY!

All of this makeup from Sephora. I love the new store they have here in Provo. Its amazing makeup!!!

The makeup brushes from Sephora. Mine are getting a little shabby.

A dish set. This one is from Pottery Barn. I don't need this particular one, but I like it a lot. I would never be able to afford this one. We didn't get any dishes when we got married. So we have crappy ones that we bought as poor newlyweds.

This Dress... but more modest. I love the color and design though. So fun and summery. 

An iphone. I really really want one. 

Thats basically it right now. Nothing that I am coveting. Just a few things I think would be fun to have.

Well, Kevin is bugging me to put this away and cuddle him. So needy I tell ya! Haha, jk, I will take needy over anything any day.


1 comment:

beckaboots said...

I totally want an Iphone too! I have an itouch though so I'll feel kinda dumb having both... haha. And I love long blonde hair (I am trying to grow mine out) :)


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