Thursday, June 3, 2010

i love my class.

I took pictures of all the girls in my singing class yesterday. It was pretty fun. I love all their costumes! The one below will be for their 70's songs. 

And, if I can play favorites, I have know the two girls below since they were like 4. I love them. They are twins. (Thats them practicing "It's My Party" with their fake microphones.) They are 8 years old now. They came to my wedding and are just the cutest girls EVER!

This is their 50's and 60's costumes. SO cute!

Just thought I would share!


The Duke said...

They look great! I'm looking forward to the performance. They did a great job last year so I'm sure they have improved even more.
Do you have any boys in the class this year?

beckaboots said...

so you teach singing classes? Wow, you must be talented :) Their costumes are adorable!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

yep, I teach singing at a studio. It's sooo much fun! I love their costumes. They did such a good job at their show!


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