Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Day in Logan

My nephew Jared on Kevin's side got baptized yesterday in Logan so we drove up with Kevin's parents to attend it. Kevin's oldest brother Dale lives there and they have 7 kids. I have only been to Logan once before this trip. I think it's pretty there but I would NEVER want to live there haha! It's way too far away from anything. I guess I just am used to living really close to anywhere I need to be. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get there. And, their winters are horrid! haha Anyway, it was a fun little get away though for the day.

Here is a picture of Kevin's mom Reva and our niece Kara and Melissa. Kara is my oldest niece, she is 19. 

Here is everyone who was there for the baptism. 

My little buddy Jared who got baptized. He is such a cutie! I thought I was tan until I saw this picture with him. He is much more tan than I am :)

We went to Gossner's Cheese Factory after. It was my first time there as well! We sampled some cheese, got some ice cream, and then drank some rootbeer milk. Kevin loves that stuff... me not such a huge fan. But it was ok. 

e played outside of the cheese factory before we all left our separate ways. This is my niece Jane, Sharese's little girl. I love her to death! She is ALWAYS smiling. She really is such a good baby.

It took us forever to get home after that. There was tons of traffic. It was literally 5 or 10 MPH on the freeway for more than 45 minutes. Kevin's mom and dad wanted Kevin to drive home so they slept in the back while Kev and I jammed out to some music and waited for the traffic to let up! We got home around 8 PM last night and were totally pooped! Ally and Kelvin came over to hang out with us and we just had a super chill relaxing night. It was a good weekend for us!

More posts to come.... I have lots of pictures to share!


Michelle said...

Logan is wonderful. :) And random fact: Provo and Ogden had more snow than Logan this year. So the winters aren't too bad. :D

kaites said...

Gillian! that is so fun that you went up to Logan. I love visiting you, it really is so fun and beautiful, but I agree- I love living down here much better!


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