Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You asked for it. and here it is!

Ok guys! Here is how you make these lovely headbands. Click on the picture if you want it bigger. :)

1. Pick your fabric

2. Trace a circle on to the back side of the fabric. If you want one the size of the one in my picture, you will need to use a certain size. If you have ever had those cookies at christmas time that have a blue tin and they are like danish cookies or something (?) then use that lid because that is what I used. Sorry, just use your best judgement. Too much smaller than that and it won't work.

3. Cut!

4. Thread your needle. Cut a really long piece of thread and then fold it in half. One side will be a loop, and the other side will be the two ends. Thread the ends into a needle. (Sorry, I am not too great with words. You will have to just look at the picture and try it.)

5. Make a small stitch on the outside edge of the fabric. Make sure you are stitching on the side with the design on it, not the back. When you make your first small stitch, put the needle through the end of the thread (the side that has the loop) and it will make your knot. *This is the way I learned, but you can tie a knot there however you want.* You just have to have a knot there so you don't pull the thread all the way through.

6. Make small stitches all around the circle. When you get to the end, go one stitch past your first one so it will finish nicely.

7. Turn it upside down and take the thread out from the needle.

8. Pull on the thread

9. After the thread is puled, it will gather and form the bow/flower. Tie a knot at the end and try to tuck in the ends of the fabric so it looks nice. You may have to move the fabric around a little so the gather looks even all the way around.

10. Sew or hot glue gun your button on.

11. I made a little bow out of this one, but if you make a headband, just hot glue gun it to the headband and add felt on the back side of it to keep it secure. If you are making a bow like I did, I got the clips at Sally's beauty supply. They come in a box of 100 clips for 4 or 5 dollars. They are called "Duck Bill" Clips. First I cut a circle out of felt (bought in big squares at walmart for 20 cents each.) and hot glued it to the back of the flower. I then put hot glue on one side of the clip, and glued it on! Simple as that.

12. I bought some stretchy headbands at Walmart too and made it so I can either wear this bow as a clip, or a headband. I can clip it right onto the stretchy headbands and wear it with a pony tail, or 70's style.

Wala! The last pictures are of some lace ones I just made. I found some old lace at walmart in a huge spool for a dollar. Steal of a deal! I will have to post how to make that one soon..

Sorry, I am not very good at explaining. BUT, if you need further instructions on it, type in "yo yo flowers" in google and I am sure you could find something to teach you.

BTW- Walmart has "quick cuts" of fabric for a dollar. Each quick cut will make you like 5 maybe 6 headbands. And if you are buying fabric by the yard, I usually buy like a half a yard, but you definitely don't need that much. A half a yard makes a LOT of headbands. Maybe 10 or 11. Maybe more.

Hope you all enjoyed it! Once you have made one of your own, leave a link for me to look at it. Can't wait.. :)


chelsey said...

Very cute! Thanks Gilly! It'd be fun to teach Sarah how to do this! She's getting all crafty these days and would love this too!

Dave and Tana said...

I am excited to start making some! Thanks a bunch! What did you buy for the baby head band agian? I remember we talked about it but I forgot...

Mike and Adrianne said...

Cool! You are so talented. Love them.


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