Monday, May 31, 2010


Kevin and I really wanted to get out of this cold weather here in Provo so we packed up and left for Moab, UT on Friday afternoon. He had to work until 3, but we took off right after he got home. It was seriously the best camping trip I have ever been on. I wish I could have stayed a little longer, but we had lots of fun.

I grew up camping quite a bit until my little brother Ammon was born and we couldn't really take him since he is in a wheel chair. Kevin grew up camping a ton too, so we both were in our element and had so much fun. He had been to Moab a few times before, but this was my very first time! It's about 3 1/2 hours from here and it's a fun little town! The Green River flows right through it and it has red rock everywhere you turn. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are right by/in the town and there are lots and LOTS of bike and jeep trails. There are also a ton of camping spots.

This was taken right as we were getting to Moab. Such a pretty drive down HWY 6 and 191. 
This is a picture of the Green River right as you come up the canyon by the campgrounds.

We werent sure if we would be able to find a camping spot or not. It's Memorial Day weekend and we knew it would be busy, so we really hoped to find one. We didn't end up leaving Provo till 4:45 and we got to Moab sometime around 8 PM. We first drove up the canyon with the river next to it to find a spot. We drove 15 miles and no campgrounds were empty! So frustrating. We then went to Slick Rock and drove all up it and found nothing but an overflow campground. There was only one car there so we got out and made camp.

The next morning when we got up, (at like 7 or 8) we ate breakfast and then went to Arches National Park. Gosh, it's SOOO pretty there. I loved it. We decided to do Delicate Arch, a 3 mile hike, before it got too hot. We got to the park at 9AM and got on our way. It was perfect weather. In the low 70's with quite a breeze. There were a lot of people hiking it, but it wasn't too bad. This picture below is a picture of us looking up the HUGE hill. At the top of the hill was about half way. That hill KICKED my butt.It's a lot steeper than it looks.

We were almost there!!

I think my man is sexy.

Finally there!

Me and Kev in the famous Delicate Arch. It really is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL

After this hike, we went and saw a few other places there. I had HUGE blisters on my toes so we tried to take it easy. We went to Balance Rock, which is so cool.

After we went hiking, we went and got some lunch, checked out the arts festival going on in town, and then changed into our swim suits and headed up Mill Creek Canyon. We didn't take my camera with us because we didnt want to get it wet or drop it so I googled pictures of it and these are what I found! This was my favorite part of the trip. Its a super easy 20 minute hike. You follow the river all the way up. The whole way on the hike there are spots to get in and play in the water. But, we wanted to go up top where the waterfall and swimming holes were. When we got up top, there are cliffs people jump off into the water. It's probably only 7 or 8 feet deep so you have to be super careful where you jump becuase it's only deep in one spot. I guess one of the guys who jumped off broke his leg and we saw EMT carying him down. He was hooked up to an IV and everything... yea, pretty scary. Needless to say we didnt jump off any cliffs...

At the top of the waterfall, there are swimming holes up there too. So fun!! I totally wanted to stay all day. The water wasn't even that cold.

We then went and changed our clothes, and went into town for dinner at Eddie McStiff's. Not very good food. Just sayin'. But we only paid 17.00 for our dinner. We both got pretty burned. My shoulders are the worst.

All in all I had such a good time, and I loved it. I loved everything about it. We did smores and I totally burned every marshmellow I touched, but I love them that way :) 

If anyone wants to come with us, we are going to go again in July and would love to take some people with us. We are going to take bikes too. We couldn't take bikes this time because the doc didn't want me to with my hand yet. But next time, we will!! I LOVE MOAB! 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You asked for it. and here it is!

Ok guys! Here is how you make these lovely headbands. Click on the picture if you want it bigger. :)

1. Pick your fabric

2. Trace a circle on to the back side of the fabric. If you want one the size of the one in my picture, you will need to use a certain size. If you have ever had those cookies at christmas time that have a blue tin and they are like danish cookies or something (?) then use that lid because that is what I used. Sorry, just use your best judgement. Too much smaller than that and it won't work.

3. Cut!

4. Thread your needle. Cut a really long piece of thread and then fold it in half. One side will be a loop, and the other side will be the two ends. Thread the ends into a needle. (Sorry, I am not too great with words. You will have to just look at the picture and try it.)

5. Make a small stitch on the outside edge of the fabric. Make sure you are stitching on the side with the design on it, not the back. When you make your first small stitch, put the needle through the end of the thread (the side that has the loop) and it will make your knot. *This is the way I learned, but you can tie a knot there however you want.* You just have to have a knot there so you don't pull the thread all the way through.

6. Make small stitches all around the circle. When you get to the end, go one stitch past your first one so it will finish nicely.

7. Turn it upside down and take the thread out from the needle.

8. Pull on the thread

9. After the thread is puled, it will gather and form the bow/flower. Tie a knot at the end and try to tuck in the ends of the fabric so it looks nice. You may have to move the fabric around a little so the gather looks even all the way around.

10. Sew or hot glue gun your button on.

11. I made a little bow out of this one, but if you make a headband, just hot glue gun it to the headband and add felt on the back side of it to keep it secure. If you are making a bow like I did, I got the clips at Sally's beauty supply. They come in a box of 100 clips for 4 or 5 dollars. They are called "Duck Bill" Clips. First I cut a circle out of felt (bought in big squares at walmart for 20 cents each.) and hot glued it to the back of the flower. I then put hot glue on one side of the clip, and glued it on! Simple as that.

12. I bought some stretchy headbands at Walmart too and made it so I can either wear this bow as a clip, or a headband. I can clip it right onto the stretchy headbands and wear it with a pony tail, or 70's style.

Wala! The last pictures are of some lace ones I just made. I found some old lace at walmart in a huge spool for a dollar. Steal of a deal! I will have to post how to make that one soon..

Sorry, I am not very good at explaining. BUT, if you need further instructions on it, type in "yo yo flowers" in google and I am sure you could find something to teach you.

BTW- Walmart has "quick cuts" of fabric for a dollar. Each quick cut will make you like 5 maybe 6 headbands. And if you are buying fabric by the yard, I usually buy like a half a yard, but you definitely don't need that much. A half a yard makes a LOT of headbands. Maybe 10 or 11. Maybe more.

Hope you all enjoyed it! Once you have made one of your own, leave a link for me to look at it. Can't wait.. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headband Heaven

Ok peeps.... stay tuned for a headband tutorial. I will post one this week or next week.

I just got a bunch of new fabric. I will be holding a fun craft/headband making night if you would like to come please let me know!

Here are the cute new fabrics I have.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life is Crazy... where did the time go?

It's been like a month since I have really given a super good update. Well, here's to a long post. :)

My niece Clara turned 4 this month and I helped her mom throw her birthday party. It was minnie and Mickey themed and so fun! Her mom is amazing. She made all the hats, made Clara's shirt, and her husband made the cupcakes! 4 is such a fun age. They are mostly past their tantrums and have so many questions about life and it was fun to hang out with all these little cuties.

My older brother Lance graduated from UVU this month too! I am so proud of him! It was fun to go support him for all his hard work. He graduated in Health Administration. I hope they move to Florida so we can visit them and always be on vacation there hahaha!!

My friend Kilee, whom I have been friends with since 2nd grade, is getting married June 18th so she came in to have me do her hair and nails for her bridal pictures. She is so cute. I am so happy for her!

Here is one of her bridals. So so pretty.

Then, sadly, my cousin passed away so my mom, husband, me, and my brthers Adam, Jess, and Lance all went up to Idaho for it. Although it was the saddest weekend of my life, it was fun to roadtrip up to Twin Falls together. It had been a really long time since all of us have been together traveling. It brought back a lot of memories. I hated that trip but loved it because I loved seeing all of my cousins and catching up. That side of the family is so amazing, and I love them all soooo much. I got to know them all better. I felt like I was getting to know my family all over again because it seems like the last time I saw them all was when I was a little girl (well, like in junior high or something, so a loooong time ago) and now I feel like I can get to know them as an adult. I hope to visit them all very soon again.

On the way there, I saw my very first front runner!! yay! It was awesome! I can't wait to ride on it when it gets done here in provo.

After I got surgery, I planted some flowers in front of our apartment. It was just dirt, and has plenty of room, so I planted some! I know, I am not pro yet, but they look pretty cute now that they have all bloomed. I will have to take another picture of them now. It was my first time planting something without my dad. I hope they live....

We also planted tomatos, squash, and are going to plant some peas and carrots this week.

My little sister is graduating from high school tomorrow. I can't believe it. I went to her last concert the other day and I almost cried. I am so sad. No more concerts. No more performances to watch. :( Her and I have basically had all the same interests growing up. Dancing, singing, piano, photography... but I bet she will do more with it than I will. She is off to BYU in the fall (good for me because she will be living like 5 minutes away! YAY!) and will prob study history with a minor in dance education. Not sure though. She will be on the BYU Advanced Tap team and I hope she does something with her voice. The picture above is at her last concert, and she is the one with the white jacket. They were singing a group number.

She had 3 solos and this one was the closing number. She is so awesomely talented. I am jealous. Someday though her and I are going to make a CD and be awesome!

I got my cast off and am now going to physical therapy. It's slowly getting better. I can move it a lot more now and I can pick up a glass of water. It was really really swollen for a few days but it's starting to go down. I really hope I can get back to work in a week or two. I am getting really bored.

What's been going on with Kev? Well, he has been doing great. He got an A in his english class last semester and is now taking a surveying class. It's Mon-Fri from 7 AM to 10AM. He is working so hard! He got 88% on his first test which was the class average. That's pretty good. He has been working at CR still too and I feel like I hardly see him haha! We both can't wait until it warms up so we can go camping and do all these fun outdoor things. He locked us out of our apartment again last week. Haha. He also has been going on bike rides a lot and doing about 16 miles every saturday on his bike in under an hour. He is so awesome! I just love my husband. I can't believe it's been 10 months so far. We really want to take a vacation somewhere HOT and fun so we are looking at cruises right now. Anyone want to come? We would love it if we had friends or family to go with.

What's next for me? The musical Theater class I have been teaching has their final show next week. It will take a load of stress of of my back, let me tell you. I am so excited though for it. I want more students. PLEASE if you know of someone who would be interested, or if you want your kids to take it, it's in Payson at Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy and it will start back up again at the end of August. It's 35 dollars a month, and every child gets a solo. I have 13 students right now but I want like 30 students next year so I can have two classes of it. Let me know if you are interested in it..

Anyway. That's it for now. Hope that brings us up to speed. Oh, I am still making bows and headbands and I need to post a tutorial so all of you know how to make them. Sorry it's taking me forever. You would think that after having two weeks of boredom I would have done it by now......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

love love love me some spotlight~

I have never had pictures taken of just me before besides my bridals or engagements. So, I was super excited when a lady in my mom's ward and a good friend of mine, Ashley Bigler said she would take some of me! She is So good!! Seriously, she is super talented and has a great eye for things. I love the pictures she took of me. Here are a few of them that she edited tonight. More to come!!! What's your favorite BTW? 

*this one is my favorite. And, I made this hair bow. Cute.

These are all amazing I love them. They will be used for my portfolio I am making. I am going to start recording music soon and sending in demo's so I need some nice headshots/pictures for them. I am also auditioning with that Tru Talent Management soon so I thought I would get these done. 

Thanks Ashley!! You ROCK! I love you forever.

More to come!


I got my cast off today at the doc. Today was my post op appointment and it went ok I guess.

The doc originally thought it was a miniscus tear (TFCC Tear) but when he went in, there was no tear, just a lot of redness and irritation. So, he shaved off all the redness and irritation and only had to open up 4 little spots instead of 5. It has been very very painful and Kevin has been so great. He has been doing EVEYTHING for me. Dishes, helping me change my clothes, bathing and washing my hair, making dinner, tucking me in at night, getting me water... wow. It's been nice having my own personal slave :)

But anyway, the doc said today that he thought my hand was super stiff and he is starting me off at physical therapy tomorrow. He said I can return to work when I feel up to it. Basically, when I have full range of motion. Please PLEASE say prayers for us that physical therapy will help it and I can return to help financially support us! I am guessing I will be out at least another 2 maybe 3 weeks since I cant even pick up a glass of water yet. It's a little bruised (The purple marks are the marker, and the yellow is iodine, but after I washed it up real good, it had a few yellow bruises) and is super swollen still, but he has me on anti-inflammatory and I should get better with that.

So, discouraged a little I am... but that is ok. At least it isn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The source of smell...

Ok, DON'T JUDGE ME! This is sick.

A about a month ago, our apartment started stinking soooo bad. We had spilled a glass of milk and cleaned itup with some rags, but forgot to wash the rags and left them in the washer without turning it on. So, the next day, we come in, and it REEKS. SO bad. We wash the rags, but they still stink. So, I threw them away. I scrubbed the kitchen floor, changed all the garbages, poured bleach down the drains, cleaned the carpet, and it still stunk. Well, eventually, the smell just went away with some sentsy candles and stuff. I was cleaning above our cabinents and fond this NASTY OLD fruit!!! Oh my gosh. Oh MY. Gosh. We put some things above our cabinents for storage and I had this cute red bowl that we use sometimes for fruit or treats that had been above there. Well, there is the source of smell. Rotten, old, nasty fruit. Sick.

This will never, ever happen again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Successful Surgery

As many of you know, I went through a left wrist scope on Monday to see what all the stupid pain in my wrist has been! Well, it went better than planned and instead of 6 weeks recovery, its about 2 or 3!! Yay! I dont even know where he opened me up, I go see the doc next thursday. This is taking me forever to type because I am a one handed wonder so I am going to stop. It went well, and today was my first day with no pain med. yay! I must say though, it's hurting like the devil... Also- Kevin rocks. Dishes and dinner made every night, helping me go potty, helping me get dressed, fluffing my pillow... I could get used to this.. haha!


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