Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vegas Hair Show

Well, I'm BACK!

Ally and I left for the Vegas hair show early friday morning and got back late monday night. It was a blast! I forgot how much fun I have when it's just Ally and I. We go crazy! We stayed in Logandale with the May family (Thanks!!!) who are Ally's cousins and aunt and uncle. We went to the show Sat and Mon and then relaxed friday night and all day sunday. Here are some pictures of our crazy adventure.

We made tons of bows and headbands while we were relaxing.

I love my best friend Ally. What would I do without that dork? This was on our way to the show.
Yes, that is Nick Arrojo from TLC's What not to wear standing there in the white shirt talking. He is AMAZING.
Our wristbands. It says IBS on it. Who names their show after Irritable Bowl Syndrome?
Dinner at Sugar's with the May fam
My badge and shiny ring  
My dress broke so I was sewing on the strap while talking to kevin sunday morning.
Ally broke her toe so when we went on a walk sunday night I pushed her in a wheelchair.
Watching CHI stylists do their thing.

Some models at the show. I dont know what they were doing.
Our nail art. We bought little pens that do this. Can't wait to use them!

Thats it. It was such a fun show. Can't wait to go to the next one! I sure did miss kevin and cried a little being away from him that long, but I am glad to be home and snuggling next to him at night again!


Laura said...

One of my best friends is at Nick Arrojo's hair school in New York and is LOVING it! Looks like you had a fun weekend Jilly :)

Debbie Barr said...

Sounds like fun! And I love those nails. :)

Dave and Tana said...

That looked fun and I love Nick Arrojo from what not to wear.

That nail art is so cute. Can you get those pens at a salon supply store? I want to play around with some!


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