Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Man's Trash- Another Man's Treasure

Remember these beauties?
I got those at DI a few weeks ago, and just not got around to fixing them up!!

They now look like: 
I painted this one brown- the same brown as my shadow boxes. I added my "Home" and "M" signs that I got from the dollar store that I painted and embellished and then added a picture and of me and my husband and a flower I made. I put this in the hallway and I like it a lot! I may switch it up but for now that's what we have. 
This one was hard to fix. In the before picture, it was a beach scene that was raised (when you touched it, it was like embossed and bumpy) and I didn't have a sander or any sand paper and I am impatient, so I just had to deal. I used modpodge and scrapbook paper to cover it. I didn't really measure anything haha! I just kind of did it. I then made two paper flowers, put two buttons on it, and it will now hang in our bathroom above the laundry stuff. 
I hung up those flower things I got from DI too. I think they are cute right there. Sorry for the horrible picture! Oh, and yes, those are our little fishy's in that picture that are now dead. Yup. 
This wall was blank for a long time and then it only had the picture of the temple for a while after that. I couldn't stand it, so I fixed it. I got the Vinyl "Home" thing from my job at Cedar Fort. I also got the temple picture from there. The two pictures on the side of the temple are two of my wedding pictures that I blew up, and then put on 12x12 wood covered in some fabric. Nothing fancy. I still might change this up a little...
I kinda like it.. but I want to add frames around the fabric wood/picture stuff. 
This is proof that our bedroom CAN stay clean. I am the WORST at hanging up my clothes. Our apartment is usually super clean, but our room, is a different story. It's never Kevin's stuff, always mine.. I want to paint those end tables but Kevin made them in high school and he doesn't want me to paint them. I will keep working on him.. :) I LOVE our bed spread. So cute. 

I have been working at the salon more this week and been LOVING it!! YAY! I love hair! I am so glad I got back into my groove.. I have had lots of clients this week. I think 16 or 17 and I have only been there a few hours a day! It's been nice. 

Kevin and I are getting 7 peaks pass's this week!! Wahoo!

Update on my hand... 
I am getting surgery. I am not sure when yet. I am waiting to hear back from the doc. I got an MRI on friday and it was NOT fun! My hand just keeps getting worse and worse. probably due to the fact that I keep doing hair and I should be resting it.. so I can't wait to get it taken care of it. I have what is called TFCC (I think) It means I tore my miniscus on the left corner of my left wrist. Not fun. I will keep ya'll updated. 

P.s. My husband made dinner tonight. And did the dishes. He is sexy. 

Anyway, that's all I Got for now. 


beckaboots said...

1- Those are so cute...and when I say "those" I'm referring to EVERYTHING! haha Great job!
2- Your wedding pictures look gorgeous!
3- That's a bummer about your hand. Hands are important though so you should be really careful- when your hands are the money maker, sometimes it's better just to play it safe! I play piano and my brother is a dentist...hands are important in my family haha! Anyways, just be careful how far you push yourself.

Andrea said...

Your projects are adorable!

Amie and Jesse said...

so so so cute! your whole house is cute! man im so happy to be done with my nursing test so now i will have time to decorate my house! :) im sorry about your wrist. just think it will feel so much better after!

Kyka and Ev said...

Evan made our end tables in High School too. They look similar to those haha.


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