Monday, April 5, 2010

I write Novels.

I write novels on here. Not novels like to sell, just novels on my blog. So, sorry if you don't like Novels. But really, it's good stuff.

Well, what started off as a good weekend, turned into kind of a sad weekend.

On Friday night, we went to the temple. I had a HORRIBLE experience when we went to do a session the last time we had gone and I never wanted to go again. I thought, well, I can just do sealings or something. Well, no. I knew I needed to go do a session so I could get over my fear again. I will try and tell you what I can about it.. and don't judge.

Back in October (I think) We went to go do a session. It was only my second time doing a session (like I said, don't judge) and so we took Kevin's brother and his wife to go with us. I felt more comfortable with her by my side to help me dress and whatnot. So, It started off like this. I lost my locker key. Well, I thought i did. There was a hole in my pocket of my dress and my key fell somewhere in the lining of my dress. I could not find it or hear it, so I thought I lost it. Then, I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Sharese (my sister in law) said "Um, Gillian, your skirt is tucked into your garments." Well, great. That's embarrassing. After that, We went and did the session, and at the end, I told the girl who was helping me finish that I really needed her help because it was only my second time and I had no idea what I was doing. She didn't help me. I was the first person on the last row and so when I started, there was a whole line of everyone doing it as well. It took me about 10-15 minutes to finish. Everyone was gone by then. I knew the veil worker who pulled me through as well. I was so embarrassed. Every time I looked at the girl for help, she stared at me like, um, hello, get it right. I cried and cried because I felt like maybe I should have known more, but I also didn't feel the love that you are supposed to feel because the girl wasn't friendly or helpful. I told myself that I was never going back again! Or, so I thought. So- Kevin and I had gone back to the temple, but not to do sessions. Just sealings.

So, now up to speed. This whole last week I have been very close to the spirit. I normally  don't get like that very often. I had a strong feeling I should go back to the temple and do a session. Well, after I got that feeling, our home teacher came over (his wife is my visiting teacher too) and invited us to attend the temple with him and his wife on Friday. We originally were supposed to have company over, so we told him we would get back to him. Turns out, the people who were going to come down couldn't come anymore because she had to work because someone had quit and they were swamped. The Lord must really have wanted me to go! So, we called our home teacher, and agreed to go. I had been praying like all day on Friday for the strength to get through a session. I was so nervous. I felt calm though when I got there. I knew what I was doing. I was able to pay more attention in the session so I wouldn't need as much help at the end. I got someone who was more than willing to prompt me when I needed help. I felt nothing but love the whole time I was there. I got some answers to prayers I had been seeking. I then knew that the temple is the pure love of Christ and now I feel comfortable to go with just Kevin. I don't feel like I need a girl to come with me to help me. I am grateful for that experience.

So, on Saturday, I was really hoping I would make money  my first day at the salon. I started work at 10 AM and didn't have my first client until 1:00. I ended up having 3 clients that day and did 2 colors, a half weave, a wax, and 3 hair cuts and I made $190.00! That meant that I paid off my rent in one day and pocketed 90.00. It was such a good feeling. All my clients loved what I did and I felt very blessed to have been given this job to get me back into the groove! My boss is so great. She is so kind and loving. She is LDS and when I was telling her how excited I was that I paid off my rent already, she said "Can I just say something? It's because you went to the temple!" Haha, we kind of both laughed but really, It is! I was blessed. It will be so nice to make extra income for Kevin and I. We are both very excited about it. This job will help us to not have to get out school loans for him. We have done very well for ourselves so far. I hope you will all continue to come see me at the Salon! I can give family discounts and whatnot. :)

After work on Saturday, (I left at 7) I went and picked up Kevin at his parents. He had gone to priesthood session with his Dad and brothers. My friend Chelsea had called us and told us that she had 3 tickets for us to attend the morning session of Conference. We were so excited! We called Ally (my best friend) and invited her to come as well. But, when I picked up Kevin, he said he wasn't feeling well. For him to complain about being sick, means he really doesn't feel good. He was coughing and had a sore throat and runny nose. We went home and went right to bed, but decided to stay home and watch conference :( so he could rest and get better.

At 5 AM I got a text from Ally. She told me that Grandpa May had passed away at 3 that morning and she knew I would want to know. I was devastated. I guess  you are all wondering, who is Grandpa May? Haha. Well, Ally has cousins that live in Logandale NV and their names are Trish and Duane May. They have 4 kids. I have been pretty good friends with the family and visit them with Ally whenever I can. I love visiting them! They are truly an amazing family. Well, Duane (the dad) has parents that live here in Spanish Fork. His dad Kenneth has been feeling sick for about 6 months and not been him self. Ally had been down in Logandale this last week with the May's going to Disney Land and having fun, so the Mays brought her back up and came to visit Duane's dad for a birthday he was having. When the got in at 9:30 PM on Saturday night, Kenneth started shaking and had a fever of 104. Ally said the whole room was hot and Kenneth was unresponsive. His wife Della (not sure how to spell it) kept tapping his face and telling him to wake up and if he was ok. He finally said "I'm fine, how are you?!" and they all bust out laughing because it was out of no where, and obviously, he wasn't ok. Ally said the spirit was so strong in that room. They all kind of knew that he was going to pass that night.

Around 2, Ally and her cousin Mandy went to sleep while the other adults kept up with Kenneth. At 3:15 AM, Ally's Aunt Trish came in and told her that Grandpa May had passed away. (Oh, and Grandpa May isn't mine or Ally's Grandpa. We just call him that because we have known him forever and we love them! They always wanted us to call them that. He is on Duane's side- Trish is Ally's moms sister.) Sorry that gets confusing. So, The Mortuary came and picked him up at 4:30 AM and his wife Della followed him out and was kissing him and holding his hand and telling him that he was her sweetheart forever and that she would see him again. Doesn't that just break your heart though?! Oh my goodness. I just want to cry forever when I think of having to say goodbye to my spouse not knowing exactly when I would see him again. I called Ally when I woke up and we both cried a little but I know she will get through it. Ally is tough. But, please pray for the May family to be comforted at this time. I didn't know Grandpa May as well as his wife, but he was the sweetest man alive. I wish he really was my grandpa. I would see him and his wife all over the place in town and everytime his wife hugged me, she would tear up and ask about Ammon. She is always so concerned about others and she has such a soft spirit. I can't imagine the heart break she is feeling right now. But, what a blessing it is like I said in my last blog entry, to know that she will see him again. How fitting for him to pass away on Easter.

So, we stayed home and watched conference.

And I was a little sad.

But, I got better as the day went on. Ally's missionary got home on Friday and he finally called her last night. That put a smile on my face.

I also got to go to My parents and Kevin's parents for a little Easter Celebrating. Here is a picture of me, my brother Jess, and my sister Katy hangin out.

I am so grateful for the last week I had. Although it was sad to see Grandpa May pass away, I am happy I was able to know him. :)

On a happier note- I made a cute headband that I want to share with you! It was my first attempt at making a headband. It could have been way better. But, it's ok for now. Yes, that's my witch nose pointing out in the picture. Wonderful.

I just took some scrap fabric I had and braided 2 peices, and then rolled it like a rose. I tied a few pieces of fabric to it to fill in the dead spots, and added buttons. My hot glue gunning skills stink, so hopefully I will get better. More headbands to come! (Oh, and I got plastic headbands at the dollar store. 4 for a dollar. Nice.) And, I burned some of the edges to keep from fraying.

I'm linking up to these parties to show my headband.


Andrea said...

First off, I'm a random lurker that found your blog a few weeks ago. My SIL had text me and said you did free blog headers so I came on over to check it out. I have enjoyed reading about your cute life! I finally had to comment about your temple experience! That is the most horrible thing I've ever heard, seriously. I would have mentioned this lady to someone there at the temple. The whole point of them being there is to help you. I can't beleive she wouldn't help at all, just not right. I don't blame you for not wanting to go back, I wouldn't have wanted to either. I'm glad you got over your fear and had a good session experience. :)

beckaboots said...

What a horrible lady. What was the point of her even being there if she wasn't going to help you then? No point.
Your headband is darling. Very shabby chic! Annndd I'm glad you got some customers and made some money! :)

Hope your week gets better from the rough weekend.


Kaysi said...

That headband is awesome!!! I love the picture of the temple, it's gorgeous!

Lanie Ree said...

What?? I can't believe that lady was so mean! I've gone something like 6 times, and I always ask for help. I probably always will. I'm glad you went back again, because I think most of the workers are nice. Well, I'd hope so anyway.

And death is always so sad. I was surprised they talked about it so much in conference! That definitely helped me this weekend.

Your sister looks JUST like you!

And that headband turned out so cute.

(I liked your novel)

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Thanks all- you guys are all so awesome.

Andrea- I like to lurk around blogs too.. glad you lurk around mine! If you want a header let me know.

Becka- I think it was a lady that didn't know as much about the words she was supposed to say... maybe she was new at it. Dunno. She was probably in her 30's-40's though!

Kaysi- you are so awesome to visit all the links on your blog! So glad you do that. I love your blog.

Lanie Rae- I know, me and my sister are like twins, but she is 3 years younger but cuter. :) And yea, it was sad, but all the conference talks helped me feel more cheerful!!


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