Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I am horrible.

I know, it's been like ten days since I have written a blog post. Woops. Horrible me. 

I was so good at it when I was sitting at a computer all day long at work. Now that I don't work there anymore, I don't hardly see a computer. We have one, yes, but I just don't have time to sit and do these things. Sadly. But I promise to try to find more time. 

So story goes, I quit Cedar Fort. I felt underpaid there and a few bad things happened that I don't want to share on my blog, so I quit. I got a job at Salon On The Avenue like I said earlier, so I am just there more often and it's lots and LOTS of fun! I have been loving it. There are a lot of walk in's there so I stay busy most of the time. There have been a few days where I have just sat and done nothing, but thats how this business works. So, I am ok with that. I really like it so far though and am proud of my skills and work I have done so far. School pays off kids. This is my station at work: 

I need to add a few pictures or something and then it will be cute. 

I didnt straighten my hair today for the first time in a LONG time. This is me at the salon taking a picture of proof that I don't always do my hair. 

I am LOVING this weather lately. Wow, does it make me happy. It makes me even more excited about the 7 peaks passes we are getting. Yipee! And, I haven't been getting as many migraines now that it's warm.

Sunday it was so nice outside so we went to the park and had a nap to get a tan outside. We also took snacks and drinks and UNO and played and talked. It was so fun! I cant wait for summer. 

Kev was OUT the minute he layed his head down. Must have been tired...

Um, does anyone else LOVE glee???? Gosh, I do. I have been so excited that it started back up. Anyway, last week, my sister in law Sharese (I get a long with her the best. She is a lot like my sister Adrianne and so we have quite a few things in common) invited me over to watch Glee and make headbands. I got there at 8 and was there till almost one in the morning! She taught me how to make some cute headbands. Here are some pictures of a few of them: 

I also made a yellow and blue one, a zebra one, a light pink one, and am working on a yellow/orange one, brown/blue one, and a few others. I love them all!! So fun. 

On other news, we got a scooter! It's a honda elite, year 2005. We paid 800 cash for it and are having fun driving this little number around. Its perfect for around town in provo. 

We love eachother.

Kelvin, Ally's boyfriend from High School just got home from his mission so we all hung out as FRIENDS and went to comedy sports. He is way fun and ally looks amazing and beautiful in this picture. I just love my best friend. I would die without her.

Ally was plucking her eyebrows and fell off the counter in her bathroom and broke her toe. HAHA. Looks like we have the same genes... 

Um, Kevin is crazy.

Here is a before pic of this hair cut I did a few weeks ago. She was the cutest girl ever.

After! She looks so much older! I loveeeee it on her. 

So, thats about all that has been happening. I am off to Vegas this weekend for the hair show.. YAY!! Next weekend, Kevin and I are going camping at Zions. Cant wait for the next two weeks! 


Jason said...

Nice scooter. I hope you are BOTH wearing helmets. I don't care if it isn't cool. Trust me, you want to be wearing one. Okay, enough big brothering.

I am glad you are enjoying your new job. That is an important part of being happy.

Jess and Jen said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun! The hairbows/headbands are so cute! I love making hair stuff! -Jen

Andrea said...

How fun! Your poor friend, lol, sounds like something I would do! You need to come check out my new giveaway blog!

Amie and Jesse said...

so cute all of it! i really want to learn how to make one of those headbands they are so adorable! and im jealous about zions! i live like an hour away and still havent been!

beckaboots said...

I'm bad at blogging too. Don't worry.
I love your scooter- we've wanted one but it's just too hot in AZ to ride one around!!
I love that haircut too! I chopped mine once just like that. Love it.

Chelsea Hope said...

I love GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E and I are OBSESSED! Can you teach ME how to make those headbands?? Ally's BF IS BACK! How are they? Cute. I will have to call you later.............. man Gillian we need to catch up and start couple dating. Taco Bell?

Mat & Jen said...

I LOVE the headbands!!!! Oh my heck! I think I'm going to have to get some! :) Can you show me how to make them??


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