Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My husband and I bought 3 goldfish last night. The goldfish are our first pet together! (Can fish really count as a pet?) I have never been able to keep goldfish alive. But- we were at Walmart last night and they were only 28 cents each! So, we got three. We have only named one so far- his name is Frampton. (I know, weird.) Well, when we got them home, we transferred them into the little fishbowl that we had. We then thought we would feed them a little. Well, they didn't eat. They just left it there. I guess they get fed at night at Walmart. So, there is all this food floating around in the fishbowl. Lovely. Along with their poop. We didn't get any rock pebbles because we thought it would be harder to clean that way. Well, I would rather it be harder to clean then to see their little poop on the bottom of the bowl. (TMI, sorry.) Anyway, I guess it's still fun that we have a pet now.

When I was younger my mom hated pets. Mostly because I had a handicapped brother that can't walk and he gets scared of pets. Regardless, my dad brought home a puppy one day. My mom was out of town for the day so my dad took advantage of it and bought the puppy. It was a half beagle/ half English pointer. (It was ADORABLE!) Us kids were in love with her- and named her Annabelle. She was so cute. We played with her all day. She was so little and wasn't potty trained so my dad made us keep her in the garage in a bed overnight. When my mom got home late that night, she was LIVID. She was so mad. She told us that we had to get rid of the dog the next day. Well, after she played with it for a little bit, she started liking it. We kept her as an outside dog- but it was winter and it was soo cold. The neighbors dog was a beagle (and a girl) so our puppy would run over there for the night and sleep with her in her dog house. If we wanted to play with her, we would call her over and she would come right back. She listened to us really well, but we could not potty train her. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't. Anytime we would let her in the house, she would poop. All of us kids were in school and my mom worked full time- so my mom wanted to get rid of the dog since she didn't think we took care of her enough. My parents sold her to some latino family and I cried and cried the day she left. Ever since then, I told my self that I would get a dog the day I moved out on my own.

Well now, I live on my own with my husband. We still don't have a dog. Reason being: we live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets. (Does that mean a fish is breaking the rules?) The day we get a house, I'm getting a puppy.

So, what's your experience with pets? Good, bad?

Anyway, I am excited about having fish. Hope I can keep them alive.

*I posted this on the mom blog for cedar fort but thought I would post it on here too. 


Jason said...

I've had tons of pets - from fish to a ferret to dogs to cats to a bird.

Fish and cats are easy. Dogs are the hardest because they require so much attention, birds are a bit noisy early in the morning, and ferrets, even descented ferrets, stink. If you ever want a cat, you can have both of ours.

Jess and Jen said...

Abby wanted fish for her fifth birthday. We got two and they both died, so we went back and got two more and they died too. We didn't try again after that! -Jen

The Duke said...

Your story didn't touch my heart once little bit! Dogs that pee and poop in the house have no place in the house - and you kids promised to clean it up but didn't. Kids promise a lot but get tired of the promise very quickly.
Dad should have known better. It's the 3rd or 4th dog I've gotten rid of so no surprise there.
He's lucky I haven't gotten rid of the pigeons yet.
I also hate it when you go to visit somebody and their dang dogs jump up on you, lick you, growl at you or smell your crotch. Sorry, but I don't like dogs.

Ally Hawkins said...

I love that you guys got goldfish. Just promise me that you wont EVER get a cat. Ew! :) Im excited to see the new fish. I hope they are alive by the time I come over again!

Cedar Fort said...

haha, I am determined to keep them alive!! You better come see them soon though just incase! They are swimming in poop at the moment. Already. Gross.


the.pattens said...

Well we have about 15 or so fish and we love it. Ha ha they are the easiest pets ever. And yes I would classify them as pets. We want a dog too but we want a Great Dane so we have to wait cause they cost lots of mula! I hope you get your dog sooner than later it will be so fun!

Chelsea Hope said...

Love that type of dog. Eric and I would love to get a puppy but it probably be too much to take care of considering we both go to school full time and work. Shayla and I got three beta fish when we first moved out and she thought they stunk too much and so she flushed them down the toilet after only having them a week. Ha ha their names were Snow White, Arial, and Jasmine :)


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