Monday, March 15, 2010

Mom went short!

On Saturday I had my first two clients since I got my license. (Mom and Kaitlin.) I chopped mom's hair off by her request- and colored it too- then trimmed and reshaped Kaitlin's as well as put a few highlights in it. Here are some pictures of the end result! (Sorry I don't have before pictures, but mom's hair was longer than mine is now.)

Woot Woot! The new Do.
The side of her hair. We cut around her ear!! I was nervous at first. I will admit it. :)
This will take her like 5 minutes to style now.
The other side
Ammon approves. He is as cute as a button.
BFF! Haha. I loved havin him hangin with us at the salon. I had a really really bad headache when I was finishing up Kaitlin's hair (when I took this picture) so my eyes are droopy.
Kaitlin with her new do.
We put a few more highlights than last time- I wanted to put more but she just wanted it to look more natural.
I am jealous of her hair getting long.
Her close up highlights

I had fun in the salon with them and I am glad they let me do my thing to their hair!


The Duke said...

I wish she hadn't put a photo on there - I look super tired (and I was). It's been fun to play with and it is very quick and easy to style.
When I got home, Ammon saw me and said, "Wow." Not much expression or inflection - just wow. He kept staring at me and then pointed at my hair and said, "Wow" again. So I asked him if he liked it or not. He quickly replied, "I said wow, not whoa!"
Funny boy.

Jess and Jen said...

They both look great! I can't wait to see your mom's hair in person! I REALLY need to call you and have you do something to mine! -Jen

Lokodi said...

Wow! They both look awesome. Mom, I LOVE the new cut. I would love to have my hair that short but my face it too fat. You look fabulous with short hair like that. I like Katy's hair too. Very beautiful. Gilly, you need to fly to germany and cut my hair again. It's getting way too long.



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