Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The International Beauty Show of Las Vegas

Um, YEP! I'm going to it! 

I can't wait! Last night Ally came over (she usually comes over on mondays and we just play and be crazy! It's so much fun!) Anyway, while she was over, we got talking about hair. She has been working at a salon called Urban Retreat in Salem and does really good there. She has tons of clients and makes good money. I told her I wanted to go to the Las Vegas Hair Show this year and she said- HEY! Me too!! So we looked online and realized that it is next month- April 24-26th.

It's 105 for the three days but we decided we didn't want to go on Sunday so we are going for two days- and it cost 70 dollars. I went to the show two years ago and I learned SO much there. They have nails, aesthetics, and hair products and classes. Everything is so cheap on the last day. They basically give things away! I got 5 products for 10 dollars and it was RUSK stuff. So it was nice stuff. They were giving nice clippers out for like 15 dollars too when they are originally 60 dollars. They don't want to take anything home so they just have tons of great deals on products, blow dryers, straighteners, makeup, clothes, purses, lotions, pedicure stuff.. basically everything girly you can imagine.

So, I'm going. I can't wait to go to all the classes and learn tons of things. I am most excited to learn about makeup and upstyling. I will be taking color and cut classes and it's gonna be even more fun because Ally will be there! My husband is so sweet to let me go and pay for it. I can't wait to learn all the latest trends. I think it will motivate me even more too. So, if you want a hair cut, you better come now because all the money I get from doing hair from now till then will contribute to my spending money :) Haha. (Good advertising huh! haha just kidding.)

If you would like to see all the classes that are offered and see more pictures from this amazing opportunity I am getting, Check out their website: http://www.ibslasvegas.com/


Jess and Jen said...

I'm glad you are going! That will be fun!

The Duke said...

Well, if you don't give me a set date to do my hair, I will have to make an appointment with somebody else. We were supposed to do it last Saturday. What happened?

chelsey said...

I'm glad you're going. It's good to keep up with the latest styles and know what people are wanting. Have fun!


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