Thursday, March 4, 2010

Design anyone?

I have been addicted to this stuff lately. I love it. I wish I knew more of photoshop- but for now, my digital scrapbook program works just fine. I found a bunch of cute free fonts at and I'm addicted to making lists with cute fonts and printing them out now. I am so weird. Anyway, enjoy a few of my latest creations.

For Mike and Adrianne's Blog

For Kaitlin's Blog

A picture I took and edited of Kaitlin

Made this header for work- not my favorite but it matches the background

This is my all time fave header I have ever made- it is for my recipe blog for work. So cute.

Follow button for the recipe blog.

Made this for a friend of Kevin's that he went to high school with. Now she is my friend too!


Jess and Jen said...

Those are really cute!

Team Clark said...

That stuff looks great, Gillian - you're very talented!

Tana said...

i like all of them! super cute!

chelsey said...

Make one for me too! Pretty please?


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