Monday, March 8, 2010

The Dentist- and a few other ramblings.

I haven't posted for a few days. Our lives haven't been that exciting, but I guess there are a few things that have been going on these past few weeks.

We went to the dentist today. Kevin hadn't been for 4 years, and I hadn't been for a year or two (since I got my crown right after my braces were taken off). I really love going to the dentist. We go to Craig Christiansen in Orem. I have been going to him for as long as I can remember. Probably for well over 10-15 years. I love getting my teeth cleaned and I love going to their office. They are all so nice and fun and Craig loves me! I have gotten so much work done there. All my cavities, my wisdom teeth, my braces, my permanent retainers, a crown... you could say i'm a piece of work. But, I do love my teeth... they are so pretty and white. :) And, I paid for them all by myself. I only had braces for 13 months- and they hurt all the time because they put the speed brackets on. Basically they are a new kind of braces that hurt more, but are on for a less amount of time. It was worth it to me. I paid about 1,200 for my braces and then the insurance paid the rest. It was hard to pay it, but it was the best purchase I have ever made in my life. I know having straight teeth seems like a worldly thing, but I feel more self confident and feel as though I can smile more often. Anyway, so when we went in today, they said I had two cavities, and Kevin had 4. YIKES! That's gonna cost us. All of our cavities are little babies and they basically just want to get them taken care of before they get any bigger. Mine are a little bigger than Kev's so hopefully they don't turn into anything serious! I hate those people that never get cavities. Not fair. I brush so much throughout the day and I floss. And, sometimes, I even use fluoride. I used to take a toothbrush around with me in my purse and brush after everything I ate. I know, i'm weird. Anyway, so we have to go get them filled. Sucky. Good thing we have dental insurance.

We have been so lazy the last few weekends. I have been so tired and not wanting to do anything. I am so worn out. I am working full time, plus doing hair on the side, and teaching dance on Mondays and Saturdays. I feel like I don't have any ME time! This weekend we watched "Gentlemen Broncos" and it was THE DUMBEST AND BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME MOVIE WE HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Do not watch it. So stupid. It was made by the makers of Napolean Dynomite and its nothing like that movie. So gay.

We have babysat my brother Adam's kids quite a bit in the last few months. We really really enjoy it. They are so good for us. And, it's fun. I guess my mom was babysitting them on saturday and Ella (the 2 year old) said "Oh I miss kevin! and I miss gillian! I need to see them again" and my mom thought it was the cutest thing ever. Guess it's about time for us to babysit them again....! Maybe over the weekend or something. It's cute comments like that that make me so excited to have kids. I am going to be one of those moms that always wants their hair done all cute and put them in cute clothes with no snot hanging down. Haha, thats not gonna happen.

This weekend Kev and I also wasted some time at the mall. We hadn't been there forever and I wanted to get my ring cleaned. We decided to eat at wingers- they have a 2 for 16 dollars deal going on right now. It was so good! I love that place. We then just kinda walked the mall and talked. We saw DP, one of my favorite stores (that can only be found in the Provo Mall) and had to go in there. They have amazing swimsuits that I have been eying for years. I have always wanted to buy one of theirs but they are so expensive. The more I got looking at them though, I realized that I usually spend about 70-80 on a swimsuit anyway because I get them from shade- and I hadn't bought a swimsuit for about 3 years. So, we splurged. I bought this swimsuit:
I looooove it!! It's soo cute on. And, it's a once piece. First time I have bought a once piece in years!!! So.. how much was it? a lot. WAY too much. 90 dollars. But, he gave us 10 percent off  and its going to last forever. I love it. What do you think? But hey, we got our tax return, and it was A LOT of money.. and I never spend money on myself. I think it's good to splurge sometimes. All the rest of the money from our return is now in a savings account in a whole other bank. We are good savers.

What else is new? Not much. Kevin is working so hard and doing well in school. It's been kind of fun to help him a long in his papers. We stayed up late last night basically going through everything that happened when we were dating. We were laughing and smiling and happy to remember how it all went down. Maybe I will have to share the whole story sometime. It's rather cute if I must say... I love when we stay up late talking and sharing our dreams and thoughts. We sure do have a lot of dreams. I want a salon in our house, and he wants a theater. We want to have a small modest house and then have time shares all over the place so we can go travel. Kevin wants a boat, I want a snowboard. We want kids. We want lots of fun things that we know we wont have or dont need, but hey, it's fun to dream. Right?

Well, that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading into our life a bit.


Chelsea Hope said...

Love the suit! Way to splurge :)

Jess and Jen said...

I thought my kids would look perfect all the time too...

Bummer about the cavities. I have had so many in my life and Jess had had one...EVER!


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