Friday, March 12, 2010

Call me for a hair appointment today!

Now that I have my license and junk, I am starting to accept new clients (and old ones). I will post below what I charge. I didn't want to charge a ton because I know it's tough out there right now and believe me, these prices are low compared to regular salons. These prices are as low as I can go. I have to cover cost of products and such. I will only be doing hair on these days: 

Monday's from 6:45-8:00 PM
Wednesdays from 6:00-8:00 PM
Saturdays All day

I am willing to go to your house if you live in Utah County or you can come to mine. I live in Provo- so if you want me to come to your house and it's somewhere farther than Orem, I might have to charge some gas money. (Just a few dollars.) If you live in Elk Ridge, Spanish Fork, Payson, Salem, then you can come to Elk Ridge to get your hair done at a home salon I will be working in. (Patty Ryan owns it and has been so kind to offer her space to me.) If you need an appointment, call me today! 


Here are my prices: 

Women’s Haircut: $15
Men’s Haircut: $10
Kids Haircut: $5- $7 dollars depending on child’s hair
Women’s All-Over Color: $25
Women’s Half Weave: $35
Women’s Full Weave: $45
Women’s Weave with All-Over Color: $50
Men’s Color: $15

I will also buy product for you if you pay me for it. I have access to all professional salon care products. Even if you live out of state, I will send them to you. (Mostly for my family.)


Amie and Jesse said...

so i really needed a new hairdresser! i know i live in cedar city but i come up enought that i will definantly give you a call next time i need my hair done!! yay! im excited

Amie and Jesse said...
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Melanie Fox said...

ok you are crazy i for sure think you should charge more

Lanie Ree said...

Whoa, those are really good prices. If I didn't live in Pennsylvania, I would totally take you up on this!

I'll share your info with my sisters, though. They live in Orem.


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