Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 Months of Bliss...

Well, maybe not complete bliss... but just about!

Today Kevin and I have been married for 8 months. 8 great months! I have learned so much. When we were dating, we never EVER fought. We just didn't have anything to disagree on. I think we were just in that stage of being so in love that we just didn't have time for anything but to love eachother.

Well, after we got married, that changed. (Not a lot, but it did.)  Haha. Whoever said marriage was easy? I think it's funny when people get asked "How are you liking married life?" And they answer: "Oh my gosh, I love it we are just so happy. Couldn't be happier. It's just perfect." or something along those lines. When I first got married, I too would answer that way. But, I think when I was answering that way, It was only partly true. I am happy, and I do love being married.. but it's definitaly not perfect. Anyone who says that it's perfect is LYING haha...

But I do have to say though, that I am glad we disagree on things sometimes. It's healthy to get things out and talk about our problems. Not that we have a ton, but we do have some. Every couple does. Ours are just about dumb things like why he keeps the toilet seat up (I HATE that!) or who's turn it is to do dishes (he probably does them more than me. what a sweetheart.) or what tv show to watch, or why I am acting too sensitive or emotional. Dumb, right? But, I think it's funny now that I look back on all the dumb little things we have argued about. We consider ourselves very very lucky because we don't have any major things to fight about. For the most part, we get a long with a few occasional hurt feelings or dumb arguments. But, I am grateful that he is so good to me and patient enough to work out any problems we may have. If he does make me mad, we kiss and make up 5 minutes later.

Me being mad.

5 minutes later, we kissed and made up.

Marriage has been a huge blessing in my life. I love the fact that I can wake up to him every morning. I love the fact that if I had a bad dream at night or hear scary noises, I have someone to check the house for strangers/monsters. I love the fact that when I'm sad, he makes me happy. I love the fact that I come first to someone, not last. I love the fact that I have a best friend that I can be with all the time. I love the fact that I am taken care of before anyone else is. I love the fact that I have an eternal companion. I love the fact that I have a worthy priesthood holder at all hours of the day. I love the fact that I feel loved no matter what. I just love being married!

It sure has it's ups and downs, but the ups sure outweigh the downs. I feel very blessed to have found Kevin. What a great husband he is. He is the most patient and kind and loving person I have ever met. He is everything I needed but never knew I wanted. Now that I have him, I couldn't live without him. God sure was looking after me when he brought us together. I just want him to know how grateful I am for him and for the person he has sculpted me into. I love him so much, and couldn't have picked a better spouse!

So, done with the serious stuff, lets tell you what I have learned from being married so far:

*The toilet seat doesn't go down on it's self. And, Kevin says "If I have to put it up, you can put it down." So whatever. Just got used to it I guess. Although I hate it.
*If you bribe your husband with a massage, he will do the dishes
*Sleep talking is completely normal. People who don't do it are weird.
*Using your spouses toothbrush is ok. Because I used kevin's twice now, not noticing I was doing it, and he didn't even get mad. I'm pretty sure he used it after.
*It's not fun choosing which family to go see when it's a holiday or special occasion dinner.
*There are too many names and birthdays to remember. When I see a little kid I just say "hey you." don't worry, they know i'm talking about them. (quote from clara)
*we are bound to have at least two babies new each year.
*Love is unconditional.
*You need time apart. You really do. It makes the heart grow fonder. And keeps you sane.
*Your friends don't treat you the same way.
*You each need a hobby to do SEPARATELY and together.

And that's all for right now.

Love you Momo. You are my world. Love you to the moon and back.

Love, G.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet the New Stylist of Salon On The Avenue

WAHOO! I am the new stylist at Salon On The Avenue! I am so excited! It's booth rent, and I think it's $250 a month to rent my space. But- she wont charge me that for a few months. She is starting me at $100 a month till I get my clientele up and going again and then will gradually move it up. I can't wait! There are 3 stylists there and then the owner, who also still does hair. I will be doing manis, pedis, haircuts, scalp treatments, paraffin wax treatments, colors, highlights, waxing eyebrows, and basically anything I want. Hopefully I can get good at Acrylic Nails again and start doing that as well. The salon is huge. It has 6 stations, a massage room for a master esthetician, and an eyelash extention room for a girl who just does that. The salon has it all! I am really happy to have gotten a job there. I start on Saturday. All the girls will be out of town for Easter except for the owner so she wanted me to come in and work with her Saturday. She said she would give me all the clients till I was booked and then she would take what comes after I am booked. 

Isn't it nice in there! Wahoo! So, if you want coupons in the mail, give me your address and I will be sending you some good deals! You all better come see me! For right now, I am only working at night and on Saturdays because of my other job, but we will see how things go. The salon in right on University Avenue in Provo across from the huge new Wells Fargo Bank. So don't be shy! Come on in! Check out the website for pricing:

And- I can still give my family discounts. :) (I can charge whatever I want.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

I met the Easter Bunny.

{Before I start my post, I wanna share a few statistics! I am SO excited about this. I started this blog back about a year ago (in April of last year.. but then didn't post again until July when we got married.) I added google analytics to my blog on March 9th 2010 (so about 20 days ago.) Holy freak. Wanna know how many people have visited me?!  
1,624 people!!!
Wow. I am in like of that number. Thanks to all you readers out there. It makes me feel good to know I am not just writing to the wall. Wanna know how many comments I have had? 
202 since January of this year.
That's alot for me. I'm just happy. Blogging makes me happy. Haha, I have had more visitors to this blog in 20 days than I have had since November on my work blogs! I am just happy. And ya know what, I think I might just do a giveaway. Maybe I will make something and let you all enter to win it because you are all so great. Details to come. Anyway, on to my post.}

This last weekend was like the best weekend of my life. It was one of those weekends that I was immature. But it was so fun.

It all started on Saturday. I had to teach dance from 10-noon and then when I got home, I had a friend call me that had gone to the Festival Of Colors. She has hair that is more blonde than me- and therefore, all the colors from the festival were STUCK in her hair. Last year, I went, and got the colors all stuck in my hair. I washed it a million times, but the blue, pink, and green all stayed. Ally had to color my hair to get it out. Well, my friend Ashley, called and had a hair emergency! So, she came over and I fixed it. It was bad. You could hardly tell after all was said and done. And, it was a quick 50 bucks. It only took me an hour. But, I had to do lots of foils. And tone it.

After that, Kev and I went to one of my good friend Lizzy's wedding. I swear, it was a high school reunion. It was in Salem, and Mom and Dad came with Ammon as well. Everyone knew Ammon and was freaking out about him being there. All his old teachers and aide's were there. It was a fun reception and Lizzy looked beautiful.

After the reception, we went and got some good ol coldstone where I found out why they call it coldstone. I swear, I never knew. Crazy. When we got home after ice cream, our friends Jon and Kenna were making out in their car in front of our apartment. It was SO funny. We totally caught them. They aren't married yet. We snuck into our apartment and called them from inside with the lights off. They answered and Kevin said "Oh, sorry, am I interrupting something?" They were all embarassed and came in. It's been a long time since I have caught someone making out hahahaha. (Like I said, this was my weekend to be immature.) So, Jon told kevin he had a present for us and told him to follow him outside. I stayed inside with Kenna and heard a knock at our kitchen window. I figured it was Kevin needing something, so I opened the blinds. Lo and Behold. He was in a BUNNY OUTFIT! OHMIGOSH. I thought I was going to die of laughter. It was so funny.

He came inside and we just laughed, and laughed forever. I guess Kenna has this lady in her ward that owns a bunch of costumes and Kenna needed it for a party that she had to be the Easter Bunny for. So, she borrowed it and brought it over.

We took some easter eggs we had and went to peoples house's and gave them an egg. Of course me, jon, and kenna were hiding and Kevin didn't say a word to the people who he went to. People kept saying "Oh my heck!" or "What in the...??" It was hilarious. After he would go to their house, he would hop on down the street till they stopped laughing and shut the door. Nobody had a clue it was him! We later went to Raintree apartments and scared people there. Everybody wanted pictures with him. Haha. It was fun.

We walked down Center Street for a while too just hopping around and laughing. We got so many high fives and car honks. Gosh, really, you had to be there. It was crazy! I laughed all night long. All in all, I love my Easter bunny. Can't wait to see what he puts in my Easter basket. :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Frame

Would you believe it if I told you that the flowers on the frame below were made with toilet paper rolls? Well you better believe it! Ally and I had been saving up some toilet paper rolls so we could make this. I guess I can share the tutorial with it. :)

Save up your toilet paper rolls. Clean them off really good.

Find a frame that you like and spray paint it. I didn't do the best job spray painting it because I wanted to distress mine. If you don't want to distress yours, make sure you do it good.  I got this frame at D.I. for a dollar. I love it because it has such character and I love all the lines!! 

Cut the toilet paper rolls into even parts. (All you have to do is kind of flatten the roll and cut vertically.) Pick out some cute acrylic paints and paint the inside and outside of the parts you cut. (yep, my husband surprised this picture on me.)

My best friend Ally did the craft with me :)

After the paint dries a little, bend each one together to make them more of a pointy/oval/flower petal shape.

I used a glue gun to make a flower. You can do whatever design you want though. 

Glue on the flowers to the frame. You can add ribbons, buttons, any embelishments  you want. (Oh, you can distress the frame like I did as well.)

Then, add a picture! That's a picture of me and my two best friends at my wedding. 

I LURVE how it turned out. I want to make more! I want to experiment with sizes and designs. It was fun. Thanks Ally for the idea!

The Girl Creative

Spring/ Easter Wreath- Dollar Store Style

I should probably make a craft blog if I am going to start doing more crafts... 

Ok, so this one is not my favorite that I have done. It's the first time I have ever made a wreath- and I didn't have an idea in mind. I just kind of grabbed things from the dollar store.

I started by getting this green Styrofoam wreath. 

I bought 4 bouquets of flowers and pulled them all off of the stems. 

I hot glue gunned the greenery and flowers to the wreath.

I still added more flowers after this.. but this is just an idea of what it looked like

I added a few sparkly easter eggs and white flowers.. and hung it with sparkly yellow ribbon. I will have to take a picture during the day (this picture was at like 11 PM at night) it looks a lot cuter in the day.I dont know if I like it though. What are your thoughts? It's a little small and lopsided on the left side. It needs more flowers I think. Oh well, it was my first attempt and I think it looks ok.

I got this DARLING little basket at the dollar store and put eggs in it. I added 3 extra flowers I had to see what it looks like. 

I have one more easter project that is in the works.. I will post about it soon!


Someone e-mailed me about my blog. They said they have been reading if for a while and saw that I posted something a while back about hypoglycemia. So, she said she wanted to write an article for my blog. Well, here it is. It's pretty useful information. Enjoy.

Here’s a Quick Way to Prevent Hypoglycemia Using Fitness Exercises
What effect does exercise have on glucose levels?
Did you know that you can easily manage your diabetes just by engaging in exercise? There are exercises that have a good effect on the glucose levels of those suffering from type 2 diabetes. When you engage in exercise, you expend a lot of energy from the glucose found in your muscles. At first, the body simply uses up the glucose which is traced from your muscles’ glycogen. It is in your bloodstream where this glucose is found. Engaging in exercise means your blood glucose levels will not get lower. Additionally, your body also releases additional glucagon and hormones. These are important because they break down your liver’s stored fats, turning it into more glucose you can expend. Engaging in exercise means your body improves; it develops a better sensitivity when it comes to insulin, as well as allowing you to be more in control of your glycemic index.
Why is the effect of exercise on glucose levels important to those with type 2 diabetes?
Exercise indeed has a good effect on a patient’s glucose level. This is good news for people who have type 2 diabetes. A lot of research indicates that patients of diabetes gain more control over their glycemic as soon as they get used to a regular exercise program. On the other hand, people who do not engage in exercise find no improvement on their glycemic control. Since exercise improves your insulin sensitivity, you will also need less medicines in order to control the levels of your blood sugar.
Should patients with type 2 diabetes exercise more often or differently than otherwise healthy people?
There are, of course, people who become at risk for hypoglycemia due to the combined effects of their diabetes and engaging in high stress exercise. This happens during exercise and after it, too. If you think about it though, people can also be at risk for hyperglycemia simply for having poor control over their diabetes. Therefore, the leaders in this field recommend engaging in moderate exercise for a minimum of 2 hours and 30 minutes, or 90 minutes if they want to do vigorous exercise.
What type of exercise is best for type 2 diabetes patients?
When it comes to exercise, the kind of exercise that is used is not as important compared to the frequency of the exercise. There are also some studies showing that if you participate in both weight training and aerobic activity, you get even more benefits as a result.
When should patients be discouraged from exercising?
Of course, sometimes patients should not engage in vigorous exercise especially when they have cardiac conditions or they are more prone to developing injuries as a result. It is better if they start of slow and get used to a light intensity program instead.
How might a patient be encouraged to exercise?
You can encourage patients to exercise slowly and surely until they adapt to it.
About the Author - Su Rollins writes for hypoglycemia diet menu , her personal hobby blog focused on tips to prevent and cure hypoglycemia using the right diet and nutrition.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, no pictures this time. Just a long post with lots of words. And, if you don't want to talk about pregnancy tests and periods and being sick and birth control pills, this probably isn't the post for you... it's gonna be pretty graphic.

This has been an interesting week.  (And it's only wednesday!)

It all started off about 2 1/2 months ago. I went to the woman's doc because I had been getting extreme pain for my cysts. I have already posted about the cysts thing and that appointment so if you want to read that, it's posted somewhere in the beginning of Feb. Anyway, so when I went in, she put me on a new pill called Yaz. She told me that it would help with my migraines, and would help me loose some weight. Well, I have lost about 2 pounds, and it may have helped a little with my headaches, but it never gave me a period. When I first went in to the doctor about it, I had finished the pack of my other pill about 2 weeks before the appointment, so when I had finished the new pack of yaz, it had been about a month and a half since I had had a period. So, when it didn't come, I thought, crap. I am prego.

Kevin and I bought like 3 tests and all of them said negative. Well, I had been tired ALL the time, and really really nauseous and sick, and getting a little bit of breast pain.. (sorry, this post is going to be kinda graphic.) So, I thought I still was pregnant, but we didn't tell anyone because of what has happened in the past with people's opinions on this subject...

So, I kept taking the pill just incase I wasn't. I thought I would know if I was pregnant within a few weeks and if not, I would know by the next month when I was supposed to start. Well, I kept getting more sick- and more pain, and more tired. I thought for sure I was pregnant. I wanted to stop taking my pill because if I was pregnant, I didn't want it to cause damage to the baby, and if I wasn't, I just didn't want to be on it because of how sick I had been. I think Kevin was starting to get a little nervous about it, too.

So, Monday, I woke up and felt so sick to my stomach and decided that I just can't live with nausea. I called my doctor and asked to be seen as soon as possible. Well, they said they could get me in at 10:45 that morning. So, off I went to my appointment. They gave me a pregnancy test, and it came back negative. By this time, I had kind of convinced myself I was pregnant so I was kind of starting to get excited. She still thought I was pregnant even though the test said negative, so just to be sure, they made me get a blood test for it. Well, it came back negative too. So, she got kind of worried, and said she thinks it's my thyroid. So, I had to get 2 more blood tests (a thyroid one and a CVC one, I think that's what it's called...) Now, I am just waiting for the results. She thinks that is why I have been gaining weight and been so incredibly tired. She also said she wants to give me an ultra sound to see the lining of my uterus because they said I am not ovulating every month and they want to see if they can do something about that. She also said to stop taking that pill and she would give me a new one. UGH. I have tried 3 pills now. They have all made me sick or gain weight, and none of them have regulated me. Ever.

That means when I do want to get pregnant some day, it's going to take forever. great. So, I am going to be going through a bunch more tests. I have been pretty discouraged this week. When they called me to tell me I wasn't pregnant, I cried a little. Not alot, just a little. I guess it will happen when it happens. I think just because of the way my body had been reacting to my pill and other things, it thought it was pregnant. So, I was just kind of preparing myself to be. Oh well.

So, if I have been ignoring any of you, it's not because I don't love you. I honestly haven't felt good at all, and I have been too tired to go do anything crazy fun. Hopefully that will change soon and I can start getting more energy. I have been neglecting talking to family about this because I hate explaining the story a million times, so that's why I just posted it on here because I think most of  you read this.

I have been thinking a lot about my bodily challenges that I have gone through in my life. So many things. I can't even compare my challenges to Ammon's, but for me being non-handicapped (haha... I think) I have had a lot of problems. I have had 4 surgeries, migraines, cysts, adenitis, plantar fasciitis, broken my foot, had strep throat a million times, sinus infections, colds, and a million other things. I just don't understand why I am always sick. It's always something. Being sick has held me back in my life in so many ways. I had to quit dance because of it. I have missed work in all of my jobs because of it. In my patriarchal blessing it tells me I will live a healthy life. What does that even mean? Because obviously I don't live one right now. It's kind of discouraging. There has got to be something to learn from all of this. Although I have been sick so many times and seems to be most of my life, I am grateful that I can walk, and that I even have a body. For the most part, I am ok, and at least I am able to go through my normal day without any complications like some people do. I guess I can't complain too much.

So anyway, thats what's happening. I am ok with not being pregnant, because I know God has a plan for me, and that it will happen someday. It will happen when both Kevin and I are ready and I do have faith in that.

I have an interview with Salon On The Avenue today in Provo. Wish me luck.

To end on a happy note, here is a song for what I am feeling right now. It's called "Road To Paradise" by Jordin Sparks.

The lyrics are:
yeah yeah yeah
try to keep em steady
won't break
you been getting ready
Here we go
it's time to say goodbye (say goodbye)
You've got a lot up on your shoulders
Not quite sure just where you're going
But you know it's gone be quite a ride
You know with every twist, turn, crash and burn
that you're gonna reach the other side

You will do things you never dreamed of
You're gonna find a few new friends
Get to explore the worlds of wonder
Where the magic never ends
Time to go out and make your moment
Make a few memories on the way
Life is unfolding it's happening right before your eyes
On the road to paradise
Mmmm road to paradise
Oh yeah yeah

Inside you feel the fire blazing
Outside you are so amazing
Take a breath and soak in all the sides
Danger and fear are gonna test you
Still you are coming to the rescue
Rain or shine you won't give up the fight
It doesn't matter how long how far
there are miracles along the way

You will do things you never dreamed of
You're gonna find a few new friends
Get to explore the worlds of wonder
Where the magic never ends
Time to go out and make your moment
Make a few memories on the way
Life is unfolding it's happening right before your eyes
On the road to paradise

Might be surprised
by the strength you're gonna find
Inside your heart

You will do things you never dreamed of
You're gonna find a few new friends
Get to explore the worlds of wonder
Where the magic never ends
Time to go out and make your moment
Make a few memories on the way
Life is unfolding it's happening right before your eyes
On the road to paradise
On the road to paradise
On the road to paradise

Saturday, March 20, 2010

D.I. Is amazing and Park City Trip

This is going to be along post, with lots of pictures. Sorry. 

This week was Spring Break for Kevin. We originally planned to go down to Vegas or St. George from Wed night-Sunday but some things happened at work this week (I will not go into details.) and I had to stay. Basically they can't go a day without me because I am so good with customers on the phone and I know how to do everything that everyone else does. They cant handle the office when I am not there. Seriously. Anyway, I took a half a day off yesterday though because my boss had told me I could a few weeks ago. 

So, Kevin and I went to Park City. It was sooo much fun! When we first got up there, we went to see Aunt Liz's old house. I wanted to show Kevin where she used to live and I wanted to look at some houses. We then went and tried to find Kevin Block (sp?) house- the owner of DC shoes. We couldn't find it. Oh well. We had fun looking at houses. After that, we went to the outlets. Kevin got two new shirts- 6 dollars each. One is pale yellow and one is blue. I told him he had to get some softer colors away from his plain color scheme- black and gray. We shopped around a bit, and then walked around town. It's such a beautiful place. I love it there. I don't love the people, but I love the atmosphere and the town and the architecture. So amazing. We ate at Baja Cantina- so good!! We got a table right by the window in this little nook. It was a really fun dinner and not too expensive. Oh- and we both dressed up nice for the night. He wore a nice button up shirt and his dark pants that are way nice and fit yummy... and I wore a nice blouse with black skinny jeans and high heels. All. Night. Long. my feet were killing me. 

After that, we went out to the park city resort (which is like 10 steps from the restaurant haha) and Kevin told me stories about when him and his friends used to go every saturday morning in high school. He pointed out all his favorite hills and we played in the snow a little bit. 

He wasnt ready for the picture yet.
Then when he was, I looked retarded. 
Had to steal a kiss :)
My model pose (I had changed into boots right before this so I didnt ruin my heels in the snow.) 
Kevin doing something weird with his hand. 

After all that, we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and got a caramel apple. We got 'Apple Pie' which is a green apple dipped in caramel, white chocolate, and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Yes, it tasted like apple pie and was good.

After that, we started coming home. We needed gas, so in Heber we stopped and got some. The place we stopped at has a "Free Frazil Friday" for the month of March. So, we hit the jack pot and got free frazils! Boy what a night. When we got home, we fed our fish, put on our jammies, and stayed up till 2 watching a movie together. It was one of the best dates we have had since we got married. We got to spend almost all day together and it was so good to catch up and just talk! I love spending time with him.

On another note, we didnt have plans for anything today, so Kevin went on a bike ride, and I went to D.I. Boy did I pick a good day!! Here are my finds for the day: (oh, and keep in mind my total was $20.61.) 

I will turn the white thing into a spice rack I think.. maybe? I am painting it for sure. It has little hooks to hang up on the back. The black thing is adorable. It's a little clock that I dont think works, but I dont care. I love the nobs on it. I will clean it up and hang it in our room.

All these 4 things SO adorable! I will hang them up somewhere in the front room I think. The sign next to it sais "flowers- proof the earth laughs" and I can hang that above.

Close up of one.


I love all of this, and if I had a beach house, I wouldnt change a bit, but I am going to modpodge pictures in the middle where the painting is because It doesnt match our house. I will hang this in the bathroom.

Shirt/Dress. I will wear this with leggings most likely. Its so cute on

cutest dress ever! It fits SO cute! It goes past my knees, and the straps are removeable. I will wear a t shirt under it or a cardigan over it.

tank top. I bought this for kaitlin. It was only a dollar.

Shirt I got for myself.

Close up of the shirt.

WAY cute cardigan. It looks so cute on. 

All that for $20.61! DANG! This is a good day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking a risk...

So, today I thought I would take a risk. A lot of you haven't really heard me sing... so I thought I would post one of my videos. I have been posting videos on youtube to get feedback on my voice for a few years now. I will post a video of me singing in January of this year, and one of me singing in Jan of last year. I guess we can see how my voice has changed. I would love any feedback and whatnot.

I am getting ready to go record with someone in a few weeks. His name is Lew Wolford. He recorded all of our choir CD's and I know him really well. I have recorded solos with him before so he said he would give me a good deal. So far I decided on two songs- Many the Miles by Sara Bareilles and My Destiny by Katharine McPhee. I still haven't decided what other songs to do. Any suggestions? I have to do something that will showcase my voice. Maybe vanishing by Mariah Carey? I love that song. Anyway, I also found a writer that said she will write me a church song. If not her, I will go through Keaton Anderson, who I went to school with. He is AMAZING. You need to check out his music. He writes music for movies (like the music scores) and he is really good. His website is: Seriously. Check it out. Anyway, here are my two videos. Don't make fun of me. Haha. I know this is really funny that I post videos on there. But, I do, and thats me so get over it.

So, you think I can make it in the music world? It's my dream... someday. Wish we had lots of extra money for me to go to voice lessons..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My husband and I bought 3 goldfish last night. The goldfish are our first pet together! (Can fish really count as a pet?) I have never been able to keep goldfish alive. But- we were at Walmart last night and they were only 28 cents each! So, we got three. We have only named one so far- his name is Frampton. (I know, weird.) Well, when we got them home, we transferred them into the little fishbowl that we had. We then thought we would feed them a little. Well, they didn't eat. They just left it there. I guess they get fed at night at Walmart. So, there is all this food floating around in the fishbowl. Lovely. Along with their poop. We didn't get any rock pebbles because we thought it would be harder to clean that way. Well, I would rather it be harder to clean then to see their little poop on the bottom of the bowl. (TMI, sorry.) Anyway, I guess it's still fun that we have a pet now.

When I was younger my mom hated pets. Mostly because I had a handicapped brother that can't walk and he gets scared of pets. Regardless, my dad brought home a puppy one day. My mom was out of town for the day so my dad took advantage of it and bought the puppy. It was a half beagle/ half English pointer. (It was ADORABLE!) Us kids were in love with her- and named her Annabelle. She was so cute. We played with her all day. She was so little and wasn't potty trained so my dad made us keep her in the garage in a bed overnight. When my mom got home late that night, she was LIVID. She was so mad. She told us that we had to get rid of the dog the next day. Well, after she played with it for a little bit, she started liking it. We kept her as an outside dog- but it was winter and it was soo cold. The neighbors dog was a beagle (and a girl) so our puppy would run over there for the night and sleep with her in her dog house. If we wanted to play with her, we would call her over and she would come right back. She listened to us really well, but we could not potty train her. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't. Anytime we would let her in the house, she would poop. All of us kids were in school and my mom worked full time- so my mom wanted to get rid of the dog since she didn't think we took care of her enough. My parents sold her to some latino family and I cried and cried the day she left. Ever since then, I told my self that I would get a dog the day I moved out on my own.

Well now, I live on my own with my husband. We still don't have a dog. Reason being: we live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets. (Does that mean a fish is breaking the rules?) The day we get a house, I'm getting a puppy.

So, what's your experience with pets? Good, bad?

Anyway, I am excited about having fish. Hope I can keep them alive.

*I posted this on the mom blog for cedar fort but thought I would post it on here too. 


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