Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I am loving right now...

I saw this idea on someone's blog and thought I would try to do it too! I want to tag all of you as well because I think you will have fun doing it too- and I want to know what you are loving right now!

Here are some things I am loving right now. (and, maybe things I will love forever.)

My ipod.
Oh. How. You. Bring. Me. Joy. 

The book "A Circle Of Souls" from Cedar Fort.
I don't usually read books like this, (it's a mystery/kinda hard to explain...) but I love the suspense.

Oh how I would love to have this craft room someday. Good thing Kevin's family has tons of construction men in it so I can have my dream room to make things for you all.

Digital Scrapbooking/Designs.
I have loved making cute things for people and for myself. I could do this for hours. I literally get lost in it.

Mac Computers.
Yes, this is exactly what my work computer looks like. But mine has a cute background. I. Am. In. Love. with this amazing computer that basically does everything. And, has like every application. Updated too.

It is so fun. It's like a free photoshop. And so fun. And I love it! I made/editied this picture with it. And, I love this man.

The idea of no more snow, really entices me. And, flowers in my yard.

Katharine Mcphee's new cd.
every song. simply amazing.

It IS the best chapstick out there. I have gone through like 3 this last few months. 
Winter Candy Apple Lotion from Bath and Body Works.
Oh my gosh. The smell.. it's amazing.
Los Hermanos.
My favorite place to eat on the earth. Yes, we get take out chips and salsa and eat them all in one day.

The show "The Bachelor".
Yes, I am ashamed, but yes, I follow it every week and love it. Vienna= THE VIXEN. I do NOT like her. She is cross eyed. But, I do love the show. :)

Beach Bikes.
I want one so bad. I love riding bikes. 

My Paddle Brush.
I really cant stand brushing my hair without a paddle brush. No other brush will do.

This pretty pretty necklace. I want it. 
It's from the place I used to work at: Icing. 


Ok. That's all for now. I want to see all yous. Do it. I promise. It's fun. :)


PaigeE said...

I, too am shamefully in love with "The Bachelor". The only even more shameful thing is that because I don't have TV I have to wait until the NEXT DAY to watch it on hulu or abc.com. Also, I've read that book, love chapstick, never had an IPod, love the work computers, and love that necklace. . .though I don't wear jewelry.
The end!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

Haha, I watched last week's episode on hulu too because I missed it! I love hulu. You have never had an ipod?! What? Paige. We need to get you one, and fill it with good music.

Sam said...

Hey Gillian!! I am so happy you found our blog! Its so funny cause I have thought about you several times since we moved...Im so sad that we didnt get to hang out before we left! Now we can keep in touch! Are you guys still living over thee? Hopefully no more attempted break-ins :) LOL . Well thanks for the comment Im excited to read your blog :)


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