Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Blocks

I joined this craft group two months ago. We have made cute stuff! This month it was at my house, and we made spring blocks. If you would also like to make them, step by step instructions are found HERE. IT was my friends Lindsey's idea. She is so good at everything!

We were all crammed in my apartment!
My spot :)
See that? No room. 
The example blocks
My blocks I made all set up and displaying. I still need to add some buttons and more ribbon. You get the idea though! BTW this costs 10 dollars to make.
I love the paper flowers!
I am really happy with the way mine turned out.
Can you guess what I am making next?


Michelle said...

I so wish I lived down there! I seriously LOVE crafting and you guys make the cutest things!!!!! One of these days I'm just going to say screw it and drive down there to craft my heart out! :)

Kyka and Ev said...

That is super cute!! You are so crafty. I wish I were.

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

Those are really cute! What a fun idea to have a craft group.

Amie and Jesse said...

man these are so cute! i wish i lived closer i would totally join your craft group i love crafting! maybe one day!

Dave and Tana said...

Fun! Those are so cute! I want to make it so bad now!

Jess and Jen said...

Super cute!

chelsey said...

Great idea! I love the colors! I have one for Thanksgiving that I love. I just might have to make this one now. See, you really need to come visit me and we can craft all night!

Cedar Fort said...

Amie, where do you guys live?

Chels, there is a sale going on with southwest airlines but it ends today. I really almost bought a ticket out there... but then I wouldnt be able to bring out my fun finds!



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