Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ruined a Surprise

Oops. I may have ruined a surprise that my sweet husband was planning for me. Here's how it went down.

I told Kevin about a month ago that he better plan me the best Valentines Day EVER because I never have really had a great one. (Least year wasn't that bad because I at least got flowers from him). Told him that I deserved it :) Because, hey, who doesn't deserve to be loved on the biggest love day ever? He laughed, and really I know this sounds kind of funny and mean, but I really thought he wouldn't plan anything except for dinner maybe. I keep bugging him about it every day. I always say "Don't forget to make plans for valentines day for us! It has to be the best day ever!". Really I have just been kidding.. but kind of serious too haha.

Well, today I was checking our bank account because I had to pay my friend some money for something and it still hadn't gone through our account and she said she had cashed it, so I thought that was kind of weird. I was looking at the recent things we have purchased/bills we have paid and came upon something that I didn't know what it was. I kept thinking.. hmm.. did I purchase some tickets at BYU for something? Maybe they are my Covey Center tickets for the fireside next week. Wait, I haven't paid for those.. what is this? I kinda got worried because I didn't think Kevin would have paid for something like that. So, I was about to call the number that it said I purchased them from, but I decided I would call Kev and ask him what they were first. Well, he laughed and said.. "Um.. Yea, that may or may not be something for a special thing I was planning.. so it's nothing..." Then I was like- DUDE! He really is being a cute hubby and planning me a fun night full of surprises! (haha, lets not get in over our heads here people.) So I said "Oh no! Sorry I wont look anymore" and he just laughed and said "well now it wont be a surprise. It will just be me planning a date!" But really I don't know what it was and don't have a CLUE what he has planned for us... We made eachother a deal that I would take care of a special diner on V-day (sunday) and he would take care of the day before when we could actually go out.

All I can say is now, I am truly excited. Not only because I get to spend all day long with  my husband (something I haven't done for a LONG time) but because its full of surprises! Wahoo! Best day ever.


Amie and Jesse said...

so My name is Amie, and i am a high school friend of Kevins. but i must say i love all your blogs! and think you have some great ideas and an awesome husband, kevin is a great guy. but i will definantly keep up on your blogs you are very creative and do a great job!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Way to go Kevin. I don't have anything special planned for Valentine's Day. Maybe I should start thinking of a nice meal to make.

Lokodi said...

Well Gilly, if I were Kevin, I wouldn't dare not get/or do anything for you since you've been so persistant in reminding him about V-day! :) Try not to put too much pressure on the poor kid though. It never seems to work with my hubby. :) Have fun with whatever he's got planned.



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