Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Valentines Day Date and other things

Kevin and I had a good vday this year. Here are a few pictures of things we did or things that have to do with vday. Had to post them before it gets too late to talk about the holiday!

We were supposed to go out to eat with a bunch of couples in the ward at macaroni grill. We got there, and the restaurant didnt save our reservations. Some girl in the ward had made them. I guess they dont take reservations for more than 6 on vday and no one told her that.. So, Kev and I had to hurry off somewhere else because we had tickets to the young ambassador show and didnt want to be late. We ended up going to Los Hermanos. We got seated right when we walked in, got our food, paid and got out of there in 45 mins! It was awesome! I love that place.
Here are two couples that came with us. They were all dressed up because our stake had a sweethearts ball that they went to after dinner. 
Adam and Amy got a new TV so they gave us their old one! It's big and heavy! We are currently looking for a TV stand. 
On valentines Day, our friends Jon and Kenna heart attacked our house. It was at 11:30 at night, but we thought it was sweet of them! Not fun to clean up though..
More stuff to clean!
I got this cute sign at Roberts for 50% off. Cute! 
I got this big bowl for 2.50 at roberts I think.. and then bought some vday stickers and decorated it with them. We had candy sweet tarts in them but they were quickly eaten... :) Kevin wants to get a fish for it haha!
I was doing the savvy shopper thing and thought it was an amazing concept- but it takes too much time and I didnt want to pay 14 dollars a month for two papers ever sunday. So I quit.

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