Monday, February 15, 2010

My Love Notes

Every year on Valentines Day, my mom either writes a little "love" note to us kids, or would make a candy poster for us. I always looked forward to it. This year, she wrote it on the family blog: (she happened to leave out my brother Jess and his wife Jen by accident hahaha.. Never gonna live that one down!) Anyway, so I wanted to do a little "love" note to my friends and family as well. If I don't get all of you, I'm sorry! I still love ya!

Starting with my siblings&their spouses:

Jason: You are extremely smart. I always have an intelligent conversation with you, and I like that.
Michelle: You are a great cook and work hard for your family.
Adam: You are always letting Kevin and I come crash your party at your house. We love that you are so accepting of others and always welcoming is freely into your home.
Amy: You are one of the most loving people I know. You would do anything for anyone and you are such a good mother. I enjoy visiting with you when we come over. 
Chelsey: You are such a good homemaker and I love seeing all your cute crafts! You are always happy too. I don't think I have ever seen you down. 
Brent: You are soft spoken and kind- and I love the way you make my sister so happy. You have always been kind to me. 
JESS: (didn't forget you haha jk mom!) You are always willing to help me out with any project I need help with even if you don't have time to do it. You call sometimes just to talk and check up on me. I like that. 
Jen: You are SO crafty and creative. I also love that you are outgoing and that you still call me "gilly". Please don't ever stop! Haha. 
Adrianne: You are the BEST listener, and advice giver. I love that you will call me to talk to me for hours until one of us HAS to hang up. I love that you always are helping me out with my job and in my normal life. 
Mike: I love that I can call you for help with Math, well, any homework for that matter! You are so smart and not only with the book smarts stuff, but with everything like money, life, spiritual things.. and you are good to my sister. 
Lindsey: You never cease to make me laugh. You are fun to sit around the piano with and sing and I miss doing that. Your laugh is contagious. 
Hans: You mumble sometimes, and I love that about you because it makes me laugh!!! Like my mom said as well, I love that you were willing to seek the truth and that you are a convert to this church. 
Lance: I love love love your silly little voices you speak in when you are trying to be funny or clever. You always know how to have a good time, but you also have a soft side. 
Nancy: I love your little voices too! So funny. You are a good mom to John and You are so easy to get a long with. 
Dave: You have such good taste in music. You also work really hard and are ambitious. Even though you joke around with me a lot, you are still a good brother and I love when you call me to talk. I also love the photobooth!
Tana: I can talk with you so easily! You are so so so kind to everyone in the family and so accepting of all of my faults. You are always calling or texting to check up on me. I also miss doing your hair.. :(
Kaitlin: I am so glad I moved out so we could finally get a long!!! Hahaha. You are one of the most talented, hard working, smart, and spiritual people I know. I love you so much katy cakes! You are the one I want to call when I want to cry sometimes because you always know what to say to make me feel better. 
Ammon: You are full of faith and strength- strength that I wish I had. I wish I could be as tough as you and I am so happy you are still around. I cant wait till we are all in Heaven and I get to see you walk. It will be the best day ever. 
Mom: You are wise, and kind, and ALWAYS put others above you. You are the hardest worker I have ever met in my life. Who knows how you put up with me for all these years. Thanks for always supporting me in my dreams and life- and always being at every performance.
Dad: Despite what I may say or act like sometimes, I do love you. Really, I do. You have gone through a lot in your life and I think you are a hard worker as well. You are so smart- sometimes too smart for me to understand. And- you ALWAYS made sure we said family prayer, had family night, and read scriptures together as a family. 

Kevin's Family&Spouses:

Dale & Kathy: You guys have such well behaved children and I can tell it's because you guys are such great parents! You guys are so kind every time I see you and accepted me in the family from the start.
Russ and Les: I love that Russ and the boys came out for the wedding even though Les couldn't come! Les you gave me the prettiest bracelet ever that I wore on my wedding day and will take to my grave. I wish I knew you guys more!
"Wendell" and Sean: I can't even tell you I love you enough because you set me up with my HUSBAND!! You guys have always been fun and spunky and easy to talk to. Sean is so forgiving and I love that. 
Jen and Hyrum: You are the couple I want me and Kevin to be when we get older. You guys act so in love still and I love that. I love your beautiful children that treat me so kindly. Jen, you truly are my sister in disguise.. we are so much a like in some ways. Hyrum, you have ALWAYS been SO nice to me.You both are so talented.
Lisa and Chris: You guys are some of the most giving people in the world- even if at times you don't have much to give. I hope to be as giving as you guys. 
Steve and Shar: We love hanging out with you guys. Shar, you are such a good listener, and Steve, I am glad Kevin has someone to snowboard with! Shar I love how creative and talented you are!!!
Reva & Carl: You guys always take such good care of us. Thank you for being so kind and welcoming me in your home from the very first time I met you. I love being in your home!

My close friends: 
Ally: I can't even describe how I feel about you. You will always be my best friend! You are the most giving, kind, creative, and had working friend I have ever had. You have been there for me ALWAYS. You are strong- and help me be strong. I love you so much cousin! ;)
Camilla: I loved having our summers together when we were in high school. Whenever I see you it's like we never had any time apart. You are so much fun and are always happy! 
Kilee: You are such a forgiving and loving person. I am so excited for you to get married this June! You are a really really good friend. I love you!
Chelsea "salcido" hansen: I would not have made it through dance without you! You always make me laugh. We have so many inside jokes and I love that we continue to still call people our little pet names like "Syd" and "Do it again". Haha... You are strong as well and I love your tiny self! 

And last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: My husband.

Kev. I love you so much! I wont write everything here because I have already told you and I even gave you a letter for vday.. but I want everyone to know how great you are. You are so supportive and great for me. Thank you for putting up with all my sickness and crazy self! I really love spending time with you as much as I can. I am so excited for our life ahead of us. I am so proud of you and love that you are such a hard worker to support us. I know that I will never lack righteous companionship with you. Thank you for not ever yelling at me, and helping me get out of my yelling habit haha. You are the best! I love you babe. 

Overall, I guess I love everyone! Really, I was truly blessed with good family and friends. Weird to think I hand picked you all before this life.. :) Hope you all had a good Valentines Day.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Ah, that's sweet. Love you too.

Tana said...

thanks gillian! i miss you coloring and cutting my hair actually really needs some color now..

Lokodi said...

I miss playing the piano with you too girl. Lots of fun!


The Duke said...

Thanks, Gillian, for your beautiful post. You have lots of people that love you back, including me!

Team Clark said...

Wow, Gillian - you are so sweet and thoughtful - this post must have taken you a long time. Thank you for the compliment - it made my day.
You're great!
Good luck on your test tomorrow morning!


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