Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lindsay's Baby Shower

Some of the girls in my ward decided it would be nice if we did personal Baby Showers for girls in the ward. A lot of them don't have family near and we wanted to make them feel special!

So, the first baby shower we threw was Lindsay Bauman. She is my neighbor upstairs from us- and we LOVE her and Matt! They are an amazing couple. She teaches Violin Lessons and Matt was on the BYU football team. He has now graduated and got accepted into Stanford. He is going into business. He is going to work for google for two years before he starts school to save up a little bit. They move on Saturday. :(

Anyway, here are some pictures of the shower. We had so much fun. We did it at my friend Whitney's house.. which I am IN LOVE with. I wish it was mine. A lot of girls came, but could not stay the whole time.

The set up was awesome. This is before all the food was on the table. Basically all the girls that came brought something to share and it was yummy! I took the veggie trays and crackers/cheese. The cupcake stand was made by a girl in our ward. I want to make one! It's so fun! 

Some of the gifts as girls were arriving. That's a REAL 8 track player below that! So cool.

All the food.. oh man so much! Veggies, Cupcakes, Cake, Lemonade, Cookies, Crackers, 7 layer dip, and candies! 

Some of the girls including Lindsay in the comfy chair! She always dresses and looks so cute!! I just love her.

Whitney and Becca. I have become good friends with these girls. I love them to death. Whitney is the one in the white- and this is her house that we did it at. She is a real estate agent- and she is also enlisted in the airforce! Haha. so random, but SO cool! She is tough. 

We played some games and had to tie a knot on a yarn and guess how big her belly was. one of the girls got it right on!

Lindsay got some really cute stuff. I am so glad we got to do it for her. Oh yea, she is having a girl, naming her Baily, and is due on April 10th. Ammon also has a huge crush on her. Haha. Her husband is the one that spoke at Ammon's fireside.

It was so much fun to throw on a party for her. I can't wait to keep doing them for the other girls. I really love my ward and Kev and I are starting to make good friends with the people in the ward. Kevin even went to play dodgeball with the guys and had a good time- which is a huge step for him since he doesn't like meeting new people. I am so grateful for the friendships I have made, and can't wait to make more. 

Good luck Lindsay, we will miss you so much!

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