Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Does life ever slow down?

This whole month is crazy for us. Man, I tell you, I have been SOOOOO tired.

It all started off busy last week on Tuesday. I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Dayton in Payson. She is an OBGYN and a family practice doc. She is awesome. I went in to get my cysts checked up on and get on a new pill (sorry if thats tmi.) So, it went pretty good. She did say that she thinks that some day when I try to get prego that I will have a hard time because I don't ovulate every month. Weird, I know. Even on birth control, I am never right on schedule like I should be. So, yea, hopefully I got that worked out. Kevin had school that night and I sat home cleaning and making dinner.

On Thursday night after work, we babysat for Steve and Sharese (Kevin's brother) We just had two of their kids (they have 3), Clara, and Olivia. It was a lot of fun and they were really good for us. They dropped off the kids around 5:30 and came back at 8:45-9. While I was babysitting the kids, Kevin had school until 7. when he got home, some guy came to talk to him about switching his investments over to him. He was there for a bout an hour. Around 9 Steve and Sharese came over and we ate ice cream sandwhiches and talked for a while. My dad stopped by to drop off some chocolate from their 10 pound chocolate bar Ammon got for Christmas.. haha. It was a busy night, but fun.

Friday we ate dinner at home, and then went to Los Hermanos to buy their amazing chips and Salsa. We then took a stroll down center street and talked. It was nice to just talk and be by ourselves. Then, we went to our friends apartment to hang out for a while. Once we got home around 11, we turned on a movie and fell asleep.

Saturday, was kinda lazy for me. I went to lunch with Ally, we got a bridal shower gift for Nicole Dunaway, and then we went to Nicole's shower from 3-5. After that, Kevin came and got me from Ally's and we went home. Kev and I were literally so tired that we just plopped on a movie, and fell asleep at 7:30. I was out the rest of the night.

Sunday we went to church, finished our "Picture Directory" for our calling, and went to a super bowl party.

Monday (yesterday) I worked and then had a docs appointment at 2:50 for an xray on my arm. A while back, I hurt it at work when I picked up a box that was super heavy full of books and didn't quite get a good hold of it and it landed on one hand, my left one. My wrist has been hurting me forever now and I thought it was just a sprain. I have been super super careful with it but It has started tingling and sending pain up my arm. So, I decided I better check it out. It's not broken, but it was a bad sprain and he thinks I might have Carpel Tunnel.(however you spell it.) So, I have to wear a brace for two weeks and then I will go back again and if it isnt better, I have to go to a hand specialist. Does the injuries or sickness EVER end in my life? No. I then had to go teach dance and that was fun. I got a lot done. I came home and Ally came over and practiced nails on me. Someone doorbell ditched some amazing yummy cookies on our doorstep with treats as well. Man. I LOVE my neighbors! Always doin nice stuff for us.

Today, I had an other doc appointment. I got an ultra sound on my cysts. It looks like they have burst, and there is fluid just hangin out in there. The left side looks good, but the right side still has fluid. So, I am just waiting for the doctor to call me back to see what we can do. Tonight, I have to go get a baby shower present for my friend here at work. We are all throwing her a party tomorrow during lunch. Kevin has school till 7.

Thursday is the Lifehouse Dance Fireside at the Covey Center. We will be going to that, and I CANT WAIT!! It's going to be so good. I really cant wait.

Friday is Nicole Dunaways wedding. Gotta go to that.

Saturday we are getting our taxes done for free through the vita program by our house, and then we are going to dinner at 5 with a bunch of couples from our ward. (I am so excited.) The surprise kevin had for me was actually Young Ambassadors tickets, WAHOO!! I cant wait!! He is the best. Man though, what a busy two weeks. I just want to go to sleep!


Dave and Tana said...

sounds busy but im pretty sure when you have multiple kids life will be even busier so i would say relish your "care-free" newlywed life while you can... I know I am.

Lanie Ree said...

Talk about busy. But dang, Young Ambassadors tickets? Lucky!

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

I know!!! I can't wait! I love the Young Ambassadors. Have you seen them in concert before?


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