Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafting Machine!

I have to make this quick because I am SO tired! I have gotten hardly any sleep this week so here is my quick post before I go to bed. We have been babysitting for Adam and Amy quite often lately. I love babysitting for them! Kevin is so cute with them, and they love us! (yes!) I really like watching them because it gives us a chance to get to know them really well. If we happened to move after he is done with school, we wouldn't get to see them much so it's nice that we are building relationships with them now. I have yet to babysit Lance's baby John.. and I swear I will get my hands on that cute baby someday! Hahah. Here is a picture of Kev and Ella Bella last time we babysat. She just LOVES him and cuddled right up to him while we were having a bowling tournament with Henry.

Can't you feel the love? I can. And, I can only see white in my left eye. weird. Don't like it.. 

I'm a crafting machine! I made these today for about 5 dollars for the whole thing! This is just a preview of it. I got a frame from the dollar store and painted it with acrylic paint. Then I covered the cardboard in it with burlap fabric. Then, I put the glass in and the burlap behind it. Now, it's a white board. I will eventually add buttons and flowers to it and hang it with ribbon. It took me 25 minutes. EASY! The blank one is for my mommy. 
Close Up
Example of what it would look like if you wrote with white board markers on it
Our spare bedroom is now organized and CLEAN! I know it looks ghetto and really out of place but thats all we can do for now! It's nice having an office. I want to turn this into a craft room... muahhhahaha. I will.

Welp, that's it. Goodnight!


Eric Hansen said...

Love those white boards Gillian! You sure are a crafting machine. And... this is Chelsea :)

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

That's such a smart idea for "white boards!" I love dollar store frames.

Also, that reminds me that we still haven't ever cleaned up our spare bedroom. And it's been over a year. Oh goodness. The boxes in there scare me, a little.

Jess and Jen said...

We need to live closer to have you guys babysit our kids too! I love all your crafts! You need to come here sometime and we can do a craft together! -Jen

chelsey said...

It all looks great! I found a bunch of burlap a while back and didn't do anything with it. Maybe I'll steal your idea!

Cedar Fort said...

Really you should! You could find a huge frame from DI or a thrift store and make it look so cool! I loved it! I want to make more! Maybe I will just have to make all of you one and send them out. I want to make a calendar out of them. Jen, we really do need to craft together! You are so crafty! And Chels, you need a craft blog!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Woah. That picture of you and Henry...I thought it was Katy.

revamohlman said...

Gillian--I love your board!! You are so talented-- You will have to help me make one too--Love ya, your other Mom


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