Friday, February 26, 2010

Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should.

Today I found this quote and thought I would share. I have been thinking about it a lot. What does it mean to do all those things? How can you do all those things?  Some of them are hard. Forgive quickly, take chances, have no regrets. I can tell you already that the only thing I am good at in that last sentence is forgiving quickly. Everyone has regrets. But, while reading this, I was thinking, dang. I wish I didn't. I think it's almost impossible to live without regrets. You would have to be perfect. I regret every mean thing I said, every wrong turn I made, every bad grade I got... there is a lot. I would love to say I didn't have any regrets though. So, maybe at least I can try to not have any regrets. Because then, at at least, I tried.

What about taking chances? Ok, so I'm a little better at that one. Yea, I went to hair school. I took my tests for it. I got married. I sang solos. I went on spontaneous vacations. I have done lots of "chance taking" things. But- do any of those really mean taking chances? I think marriage qualified. But what about embracing my calling at church. (Picture Directory Maker. I hate this calling. SO hard and time consuming... and I have to make a new one each month.) I wish I never took that chance and accepted that calling sometimes. Haha, no, I am glad I have a calling. I just can't see why I got that. I would have much rather been in compassionate service. Infact, I wish I was. Or Activities chairman or something. That would be fun. What are some big chances you have taken? Marriage was by FAR the best chance I have taken. It has really worked out well for me and suits us well. I love it. I wonder what other chances will come our way...?

But, I think out of all of these, I have been thinking about "letting go of what you can't change." That one has got to be the hardest thing for me. Things have happened in my past. I have been sad by the choices other people make as well. My best friend's mom left the church after being the Young Womens President and sealed in the temple to her family. I was so sad. I wanted to go back in time and change how things ended up. But- we can't do that for anyone but our self. We can only let go of what happened in the past, and move on. We can only move forward. I have a hard time letting go of things sometimes. Yea, I can forgive you, but I still may not trust you. Is that bad? I don't know.

Also, "give everything" is a phrase I love right there. My older siblings are really good at giving. I know lots of people that are. Giving doesn't have to be in material or physical things, it can be emotional or friendship things, too. I do hope that however, when  get older, that Kevin and I will be well off and be able to give not only emotionally, but spiritually and materially. 

So, life is too short. And I think reading this quote, I was reminded that. To any of you whom I have offended or not given you my all, I apologize and I will try harder. I'm sorry if I didn't apologize when  I should have. I think my next craft will be to get this quote on some type of board and hang it up. What do you think?

Here's another one I like. All I can do is be me, whoever that is. I may not be perfect, and I may not be able to pretend to be someone else, but I know one thing, I am good at being myself, and that is what I will be. Infact, on Kevin and I's first blind date, he didn't talk hardly at all and was really shy so was almost 100% sure he was never going to ask me out again. He seemed dis-interested. Normally, on a first date I would be kind of fake (not really.. just try to impress and make myself look a little better than I really am haha don't we all?) but on this date, I thought there was no way in heck that he would ever ask me out again. So, I decided that I would just throw out any fakeness/trying to impress and be 100% me. So I did. And, I guess that is what attracted him to me. I was loud, laughing, having fun, smiling, and surprisingly, not nervous. So, all I can do is be me, whoever that is.

Sorry for flooding my blog lately. I just find it good therapy to write in it and share my thoughts. It's the only journal writing I am good at.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Journal Making and Cortisone Shots...

Two posts in one day from me! How lucky are you. I had a horrible day, but it ended off good. I will go backwards. So tonight our ward relief society had a journal making night and a lesson on the importance of keeping a journal. They provided paper, composition notebooks, and modpodge. I came home and embellished it with my ribbons and buttons. Want one made for your birthday? Good. Cuz that's what you're getting. I want to add a pocket on the front of this one. 

I took a ribbon and hot glue gunned some little pieces together to make a flower. I put them on top of a ribbon that was glued straight to the notebook, and added a button. This ribbon is my bookmark. I know this isnt perfect, but it's my first one. They can only get better. 

This is the back. Thanks mom for the buttons!


Got sick of my hair and cut my bangs myself. Dumb. I dont like them. Gotta change up the bangs so I dont have ally cut my hair short again. Trying to grow it out. 

Here is the brace I have been in for 3 weeks... and will now wear it ALL The time unless I am getting wet for at LEAST 5 more weeks. I hurt my wrist at work a few months ago and thought it was just a bad sprain. I dropped a heavy box on my left wrist. I was trying to hold it with both hands and it didnt have handles and I didnt get it tight enough with my right hand and it slipped right out and all the pressure went out on my left hand. I didnt want them to fall and damage the books, so I tried to just catch it with my left hand. Bad idea. It kept getting worse and worse and so I finally went into the doc. He put me in this, and then sent me to the hand specialist because my xray looked fine. After wearing it for almost 3 weeks, I went to the hand specialist today. He did a lot of tests on me. It was tingling, falling asleep, and KILLING me after he was messing around with it. Turns out I have the beginning stages of carpul tunal and I also have a pulled miniscus on the side of my wrist. (he wasnt sure if it is torn or not. I will have to get an MRI if it doesnt get better.) He said I have to come back in 5 weeks and if the shot he gave me today doesnt make it feel better, I have to get a scope. 

I got a cortisone shot in my joint by my hand. It hurt so bad. Not as bad as my feet, but still bad. I cried a little. Mostly just when I got home to Kevin and felt comfortable enough to actually cry and wail on my bad luck. It has started swelling and hurts worse now than it did before. I had a little reaction to the cortisone in my feet and I am thinking I might be a tad bit allergic to it because now my wrist hurts worse than it ever has. I am a little worried. I think if it doesnt start feeling better by tomorrow night I will call the doc. I told him about my reaction in my feet and how it got inflammed and I had to wear my feet (BOTH) up in the air for a day and ice it like crazy and he told me he didnt think the same thing would happen with my wrist. Well, doc, I think it has happened.. Then, to make things worse, because I didnt fill out workers comp when it first happened, my work will get a pentalty for letting me file now. I didnt know when it first happened that it would be something serious. I knew it hurt really bad but I usually am a baby.. so I didnt do anything about it. What have I learned from thinking I am a baby? Nothing. Broken foot for 3 months, torn miniscus in my knees for a few months, an almost burst gal bladder.. it doesnt do any good waiting till it gets worse. Now, I might be dealing with surgery. I hope not. Funny thing is, I don't think anyone believed me. It always turns out that way. I think people think I fake it because I am sick and hurt SO much that people think it's the boy called wolf until I get surgery or something major happens to make them believe me. Funny. My work was that way. They didnt believe me. So today when I went in to fill out the papers, the lady got SO mad. She was like well, no one has ever gotten hurt here before so you are going to have to wait a few days until I can get workers comp papers and I just think this is dumb because we are going to get a pentelty and its going to be on our record for 5 years.. K BLAH BLAH. It happened at work, and I don't want to pay for it. Deal with it lady. I was really embarrassed at the way she was treating me at work today and talking to me that way in front of everyone. I wanted to crawl in a hole. It's not like I did that on purpose. Oh well. At least I don't have to pay for it. 

So. My day started off bad. But journal making was fun. And Kevin is great and washed the dishes. Love him so much!

Lindsay's Baby Shower

Some of the girls in my ward decided it would be nice if we did personal Baby Showers for girls in the ward. A lot of them don't have family near and we wanted to make them feel special!

So, the first baby shower we threw was Lindsay Bauman. She is my neighbor upstairs from us- and we LOVE her and Matt! They are an amazing couple. She teaches Violin Lessons and Matt was on the BYU football team. He has now graduated and got accepted into Stanford. He is going into business. He is going to work for google for two years before he starts school to save up a little bit. They move on Saturday. :(

Anyway, here are some pictures of the shower. We had so much fun. We did it at my friend Whitney's house.. which I am IN LOVE with. I wish it was mine. A lot of girls came, but could not stay the whole time.

The set up was awesome. This is before all the food was on the table. Basically all the girls that came brought something to share and it was yummy! I took the veggie trays and crackers/cheese. The cupcake stand was made by a girl in our ward. I want to make one! It's so fun! 

Some of the gifts as girls were arriving. That's a REAL 8 track player below that! So cool.

All the food.. oh man so much! Veggies, Cupcakes, Cake, Lemonade, Cookies, Crackers, 7 layer dip, and candies! 

Some of the girls including Lindsay in the comfy chair! She always dresses and looks so cute!! I just love her.

Whitney and Becca. I have become good friends with these girls. I love them to death. Whitney is the one in the white- and this is her house that we did it at. She is a real estate agent- and she is also enlisted in the airforce! Haha. so random, but SO cool! She is tough. 

We played some games and had to tie a knot on a yarn and guess how big her belly was. one of the girls got it right on!

Lindsay got some really cute stuff. I am so glad we got to do it for her. Oh yea, she is having a girl, naming her Baily, and is due on April 10th. Ammon also has a huge crush on her. Haha. Her husband is the one that spoke at Ammon's fireside.

It was so much fun to throw on a party for her. I can't wait to keep doing them for the other girls. I really love my ward and Kev and I are starting to make good friends with the people in the ward. Kevin even went to play dodgeball with the guys and had a good time- which is a huge step for him since he doesn't like meeting new people. I am so grateful for the friendships I have made, and can't wait to make more. 

Good luck Lindsay, we will miss you so much!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

D.I. is the BOMB!

So, I dont know what it is, but I cant stop going to DI. It has so many things there that can be made into beautys. I also bought a new glue gun this week from roberts- my first one. weird. Then, I went to my moms and saw that she has like 5. Should have stolen one from her... Here is the project I did tonight.

I found this at D.I. for 50 cents. I had some ideas for it...

I painted it black with some acrylic paint

I distressed it

I added some window screen stuff on the back of it with a staple gun

and filled it with my earrings and other jewelry! Works fantastic!

I know.. I have way too much jewelry. I like the cork board spot on it because I have a few studs that work perfectly in it! 

Kevin and I just have to find a spot for my bracelets..

I finally added flowers and hung up my board. I made the flowers out of paper and put buttons in the middle of them.

I painted my M and added paper flowers. I distressed it a little too.

Put it in the office...

These are flowers that Adam and Amy gave me the night before I took my test. They are awesome! Thanks! They still look beautiful.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Blocks

I joined this craft group two months ago. We have made cute stuff! This month it was at my house, and we made spring blocks. If you would also like to make them, step by step instructions are found HERE. IT was my friends Lindsey's idea. She is so good at everything!

We were all crammed in my apartment!
My spot :)
See that? No room. 
The example blocks
My blocks I made all set up and displaying. I still need to add some buttons and more ribbon. You get the idea though! BTW this costs 10 dollars to make.
I love the paper flowers!
I am really happy with the way mine turned out.
Can you guess what I am making next?

Our Valentines Day Date and other things

Kevin and I had a good vday this year. Here are a few pictures of things we did or things that have to do with vday. Had to post them before it gets too late to talk about the holiday!

We were supposed to go out to eat with a bunch of couples in the ward at macaroni grill. We got there, and the restaurant didnt save our reservations. Some girl in the ward had made them. I guess they dont take reservations for more than 6 on vday and no one told her that.. So, Kev and I had to hurry off somewhere else because we had tickets to the young ambassador show and didnt want to be late. We ended up going to Los Hermanos. We got seated right when we walked in, got our food, paid and got out of there in 45 mins! It was awesome! I love that place.
Here are two couples that came with us. They were all dressed up because our stake had a sweethearts ball that they went to after dinner. 
Adam and Amy got a new TV so they gave us their old one! It's big and heavy! We are currently looking for a TV stand. 
On valentines Day, our friends Jon and Kenna heart attacked our house. It was at 11:30 at night, but we thought it was sweet of them! Not fun to clean up though..
More stuff to clean!
I got this cute sign at Roberts for 50% off. Cute! 
I got this big bowl for 2.50 at roberts I think.. and then bought some vday stickers and decorated it with them. We had candy sweet tarts in them but they were quickly eaten... :) Kevin wants to get a fish for it haha!
I was doing the savvy shopper thing and thought it was an amazing concept- but it takes too much time and I didnt want to pay 14 dollars a month for two papers ever sunday. So I quit.

Getting my License!

Today I took my LAST test for my Cosmetology License. It was my written- and I passed!! Wahoo! I will be getting my license soon. Can't wait. Thanks those of you for helping me study!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things I am loving right now...

I saw this idea on someone's blog and thought I would try to do it too! I want to tag all of you as well because I think you will have fun doing it too- and I want to know what you are loving right now!

Here are some things I am loving right now. (and, maybe things I will love forever.)

My ipod.
Oh. How. You. Bring. Me. Joy. 

The book "A Circle Of Souls" from Cedar Fort.
I don't usually read books like this, (it's a mystery/kinda hard to explain...) but I love the suspense.

Oh how I would love to have this craft room someday. Good thing Kevin's family has tons of construction men in it so I can have my dream room to make things for you all.

Digital Scrapbooking/Designs.
I have loved making cute things for people and for myself. I could do this for hours. I literally get lost in it.

Mac Computers.
Yes, this is exactly what my work computer looks like. But mine has a cute background. I. Am. In. Love. with this amazing computer that basically does everything. And, has like every application. Updated too.
It is so fun. It's like a free photoshop. And so fun. And I love it! I made/editied this picture with it. And, I love this man.

The idea of no more snow, really entices me. And, flowers in my yard.

Katharine Mcphee's new cd.
every song. simply amazing.

It IS the best chapstick out there. I have gone through like 3 this last few months. 
Winter Candy Apple Lotion from Bath and Body Works.
Oh my gosh. The smell.. it's amazing.
Los Hermanos.
My favorite place to eat on the earth. Yes, we get take out chips and salsa and eat them all in one day.

The show "The Bachelor".
Yes, I am ashamed, but yes, I follow it every week and love it. Vienna= THE VIXEN. I do NOT like her. She is cross eyed. But, I do love the show. :)

Beach Bikes.
I want one so bad. I love riding bikes. 

My Paddle Brush.
I really cant stand brushing my hair without a paddle brush. No other brush will do.

This pretty pretty necklace. I want it. 
It's from the place I used to work at: Icing. 


Ok. That's all for now. I want to see all yous. Do it. I promise. It's fun. :)


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